Britney Spears Says She’ll Return To X Factor Season 3

Will Britney Spears Return to “X Factor” Next Season? She Says … – Actually, she says YES. (If you can’t hear the question, the very last one is “Do you think you’ll be back for another season?”)

With the X Factor live shows barely begun, Britney may change her mind by the end of Season 2. And if the ratings don’t improve, FOX many not want to pay the $15 million a year they are shelling out for her either.

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m not sure that FOX would want Britney back. Her 24 million + twitter followers haven’t positively impacted the ratings in the 18-49 demographic of the show and she offers little beyond bland platitudes as a judge/mentor. I’m sympathetic towards Britney for her problems, but I don’t think that she’s a good fit for the X-Factor.

  • Listening

    It’s one thing to say you want to come back it’s another to actually be asked to come back. If Britney does come back it’s either b/c the first contract she signed said she’d get multiple years or she took a massive pay cut. And let me tell you, to be honest if I was X-Factor I wouldn’t resign her even if it was for 5 million. I’ve seen her interject/add that little to the show, sweet girl but she’s adding nothing. She’s had a couple of moments like when she was screaming at the lightening that was funny but it’s too little and few  in between. I’d rather take the 5 million and pick another up and coming star like Demi or a past their prime star who has some personality and get them on the show. Get someone the public can invest in and enjoy their actions.

    And I’d like to add I think Britney’s poor performance as a judge has nothing to do w/ her past break down. I believe this is just her true personality she’s just sweet, somewhat meek/ quite character. Those type of people do exist and it’s not only down to some mental issues that’s just them. I myself was mistaken when I believed Britney’s stage persona which is fierce, confident was her true charter. It’s not, that’s just her acting or an alternate ego that comes out but only when performing. I’ve heard of other performers doing that, claiming that they become someone else on stage, For instance Beyonce. Flipping a switch and becoming someone different is  a more common ability for performers than some might think. Some people don’t have the personality for being a great t.v. judge. Anybody can do it the question is can you do it well.

    I was wrong right along w/ X-Factor w/ the amount of fans we thought Britney would draw. Eh it happens can’t be right all the time.

  • fantoo1

    This announcement is amazing. :D

  • OffLeash

    Yeah, I don’t see what’s in it for XF unless her contract calls for another year. It’s obvious she didn’t help the ratings. I stopped watching the show, but from people’s comments here, she’s been disappointing as a judge.
    The whole situation makes me feel bad for her because I’m not convinced it was her decision to do the XF in the first place. I hope I’m wrong, but she appears to me more like a victim than like a woman in charge of her own life. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yes, it’s hard to know these days how much of what Britney does is due to those in charge of her “conservatorship” or her own decisions. It’s sad because it seems to me that there are few people in Britney’s life who are genuinely concerned and caring for her as a person, rather than as a meal ticket.

  • Emily Osment

    Who will replace her?

    They will also ask for millions of dollars.

  • Soakey

    Xfactor’s 3rd season will have 1/8th of its original budget and will be used mainly to place make-good advertising for sponsors that had guarantees on ratings that XF wound up failing to meet.  

    Britney will not be back even if her conservators try and force her back out into the spotlight.   She is a boring lump that has all the charisma and wit of someone sleeping on a city bus.  She was brought on only for her name value to stir up buzz 6 months before the first episode aired.  That was her entire expected use and she is proving it each week.  She will not be back because that same news would now generate zero buzz and advertiser excitement.

    Fox will wriggle out of this failed deal like molted snakeskin as soon as the original contract is discharged after season 3 ends.  The show is going to get slaughtered by The Voice tonight.  Funny how a washed up burnt-blonde and a never-auditioned Kardashian couldnt hold the viewers attention.  Back to blighty with you ol’ Simon.

  • Listening

    Britney isn’t washed up her album and her tour did real well. I watched some clips of her tour on youtube it was massive and packed.