AUDIO SNIPPETS: Scotty McCreery’s “See You Tonight” (16 New Album Clips)!

Scotty-See You Tonight-album cover

Amazon in France has released 30 second clips from American Idol Season 10 champ and rising country star Scotty McCreery’s sophomore album See You Tonight, due out 10/15! Check them out here:

Click HERE to listen to 30 second clips from Scotty’s sophomore album “See You Tonight”

We’ve already released a lyric per song on the album. Some of the lyrics appear in the clips, some don’t! We’ll post our review of the album once we get clearance to. In the meantime here’s a rundown of lyrics revealed along with the tracklisting of the album:

1. “Now” – Written by McCreery, busbee and Frank Rogers
“Grab your girl, grab your phone, tap those fingers, ring those ringers, let everybody know”
2. “See You Tonight” – Written by Scotty McCreery, Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell
Lead single, so the whole song is already out.
3. “Get Gone With You” – Written by Ross Copperman, Lynn Hutton and Tammi Kidd Hutton
“We can rock it out or we can lay low, get caught up in the night and the kissin’ slow.”
4. “Feelin’ It” – Written by Frank Rogers and Matthew West
“Pop tops poppin’, flip flops floppin’, drop tops droppin’ down”
5. “Feel Good Summer Song” – Written by J. T. Harding, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne
“The beat is fast, the bass is loud, I could disappear into the crowd but I think that I’ll just stay out here.”
6. “Buzzin’” – Written by busbee and Frank Rogers
“Friends are laughing, howling at the moon, we start sneaking off behind the dunes.”
7. “Can You Feel It” – Written by Scotty McCreery, Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell
“Hey girl, whatcha think about that cool green grass, that lake lake lookin’ like glass, that morning comin’ too fast?”
8. “The Dash” – Written by Kyle Jacobs and Preston Brust
“It’s always too soon, it’s always too fast, there’ll never come a day you won’t want him back”
9. “Blue Jean Baby” – Written by Matt Ramsey, Trevor Rosen and Matt Jenkins
“Other girls rockin’ them miniskirts but they can’t hold a candle to her”
10. “Forget To Forget You” – Written by Casey Beathard and Michael Dulaney
“”I wish you would’ve caught me out rockin’ last night, instead of catchin’ sittin’ through this green light.”
11. “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” – Written by Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers and David Fanning
“You got the tanktop, and I got the jeep. We got an open road and a radio, with no place to be.”
12. “Carolina Moon” – Written by Jon Randall Stewart and Ronnie Stewart
Check out cowriter Jon Randall’s version of this beautiful song here.
13. “Something More” – Written by Scotty McCreery and Frank Rogers
“By now I think I’ve heard every line there is to hear about a truck”

Which are your favorite clips, and what do you think of the sound of Scotty’s album?

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  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Plenty of tracks I can imagine growing on me if I heard them in full a few times on the radio…

    It sounds like the aim was a fun, catchy album with strong country roots but some nods to the current “party time!” radio craze, and it seems nicely done in that vein.

    While the snippets don’t suggest OMG!musicallygroundbreaking, I also don’t get the “fire up the Clicheomatic 5600 XL!” feel that I got from poor ol’ Tate Stevens’ album — which suggests the songwriting team was thinking about what phrasing and sentiments sound natural from McCreery.

  • Kenna899

    Wow I’m really loving what I am hearing! It makes me want to hear more. The songs are catchy. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think ‘Feelin’ It’ is my favorite so far.

    I love ‘Clear As Day’ but this is still a huge improvement. Didn’t know that was possible!

  • Darko_5

    I know it is hard to tell from snipets but other then a few songs the lyrics seem trite and cliche. I also thought that the sound doesn’t play to Scotty’s voice very well. On the few songs I liked one being Carolina Moon you can hear his rich deep voice which is totally lost on much of the album at least in my opinion.

  • Nana/Sami

    The snippets are just not enough!!! Every song makes me want to hear more. I love Clear As Day but, as Scotty has promised, See You Tonight really shows how much he has grown up. There are so many of the songs I can imagine hearing on radio right now!! Scotty has a home run with this one!

  • AnnG

    I think it sounds like a fun album. Scotty has the difficult job trying to put his deep old fashioned voice into a current sounding record. His major audience is teen girls, he has to keep them happy. He sounds good on the songs with the rock beat, i like “Can You Feel It” and “Now.” But Feelin’ It” may be the hit he’s looking for.

  • CanadianLady

    I hate snippets because you just get a hint, but it sounds good to me so far.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Can’t wait to hear the whole songs. Every time I hear “Feel Good Summer Song,” I’m blown away. I’m trying not to listen to all of them, love the waiting, but couldn’t help but listen to that one again. And, to me, from just that one song–it’s a definite twist on what you’d expect, so not trite.

    I can’t wait to hear the whole album.:))

  • dd999

    This is a good album and I know I’ll enjoy listening to it…the snippets just beg for more! One song, right from the beginning of the song, where, for me Scotty’s voice is very captivating is, yes, his favorite, “Carolina Moon” and the harmony that accompanies him makes this song and his voice even more beautiful. I’ve always loved all the songs Scotty sang where he had back up singers!

  • Chrissie

    As a life long fan of course I´ve preordered the album and listening to the snippets just made me more impatient to get it. That´s a very good sign. I always find it difficult to really be able to judge whether or how much I like a song but I can say that my overal impression is satisfaction and curiosity and craving for more. And based on snippets I´ve chosen many favorites with preference of “Feelin It – Carolina Moon – Feel Good Summer Song and Forget to Forget You”. Sooo looking forward to get this CD

  • keware

    Windmills was certainly correct in her late August post when she thought that ‘Feel Good Summer Song’ might be an ironic title based on one of the writers. It’s one of my favorite song snippets.

  • Ann Stark

    i highly disagree

  • Darko_5


  • Lexie O’Neill

    Love this tweet.:)
    I must say, having listened to @ScottyMcCreery’s upcoming album in the Car today, it is ready to unleash hit after hit. #SeeYouTonight

  • Sue tiedemann

    I have pre-ordered Scotty’s album and after listening to the snippets I know I will not be disappointed. I love every single song. I did like his Clear as Day album but after hearing this I know I will love this one even better. This album seems to have more current music which hopefully should sell well.

  • SaSa8

    Really loved hearing the snippets from Scotty’s album today. It made me want to hear more and am anxiously waiting for the album next month. From the short snippets, I feel like there is a variety of songs. My favorites so far are Feel Good Summer Song, Carolina Moon, Now and Feelin It but I’m still listening to all of them. Folks have to remember Scotty is 19, alomost 20 years old, and there will be lots of songs that fit that age of a young man.
    My hope is that AI fans who maybe aren’t Scotty fans and judged him as a young, somewhat shy kid while on Idol will take a fresh listen to his sophomore release. I personally think it is gonna be great and show his growth and maturity. But hey, I am already a fan so what can I say.

  • mchcat

    My favorite on CAD was and is Back on the Ground – I think Something More will be my favorite on this one but I am really anxious to hear all of them. Have preordered 3 different versions of the CD

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Just in case anyone here doesn’t know…Scotty will be on HLN’s (a tv network) Morning Express in the morning. DVR alert:)

  • ?Marie Theresse??

    I have a couple of Songs that I Like but 1 of my top pick is “Forget to Forget You” This is sad because his album will not be available in the Philippines..I really want his Album..

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Give them time…I bet that it will be available in the Phillipines.:))

  • L. R. M. L.

    From the snippets, it’s so hard to tell which one is my favourite song. One thing I know is that Carolina Moon, Feel Good Summer Song and Carolina Eyes will be in the Top Tier.
    I just love Scotty’s deep voice on those songs.

  • Happyhexer

    I’m hoping the album sells well and sticks a thumb in the eye of radio. I heard “See You Tonight” on the radio locally for the first time the other night — but it was late at night. Which is sad. Because the song sounded great. Very energetic and earworm-y. It is as good (and better) than most of the songs I’m hearing on my radio right now. I’m not specifically a Scotty fan — I’m neutral — but a good song is a good song. Oh, and he sounds great on it.

  • Happyhexer

    Well, I am one AI fan who is not a Scotty fan but who plans to buy the album . . . Now let’s hope Scotty reaches non-AI country fans with this release . . .

  • Happyhexer

    That may be true IF country radio will give Scotty another chance. I worry about what Windmills has said about the prior poor choice of singles. I know you’re a fan, Lexie, and I don’t want to rain on your parade, but I think this new album will be far superior to Scotty’s debut. I just hope country radio recognizes and rewards that.