American Idol Auditions End This Week? (Schedule Change!)

Heads up. American Idol auditions from Portland air tonight. Tomorrow it’s St. Louis and then…that’s it people! The auditions are done!  At least, according to the FOX Schedule, the Hollywood rounds begin on February 8. YAY.

Originally, there was an 8th audition episode airing on the 8th, with Hollywood beginning on the 9th.  But, it appears that 8th episode has been  scrapped.  Hooray for Hollywood, I say!

According to Idol Maniac of The Idol Pad, the hastily scheduled cattle call,  in Rutherford New Jersey–which was to be the 8th city–stopped at the producer’s round.  Not sure what happened to those hopefuls. Perhaps they were farmed out to other cities to sing in front of the judges.   What didn’t happen for sure, according to IM, the judges  did not see hopefuls on location in NJ/NY.

They might have been planning to air a “best of the rest” episode next  Wednesday, but then decided to skip ahead to the next phase.  It’s not like the audition episodes have had stellar ratings.

Not sure what the elimination of the audition episode means for the next few weeks leading up to the live shows, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

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  • Mateja Praznik


  • ginger

    YAY indeed!

  • Whiteshirt

    Maybe they are going to extend the Hollywood rounds by a week because, to quote Ms. Lopez, “it was a bloodbath!”

    p.s. love, love, love the Hollywood rounds so this works for me.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness.  For some reason it’s felt like this phase has lasted longer than it has during previous seasons.  

  • Pam

    I agree mj.  Yay indeed!  Bring on the drama!  ;)

  • Kylee

    Bring on Hollywood! A source who went there says there were some fantastic performances :)

  • Brittany Keener

    It appears they were “shipped” off to one of the remainder cities. Alex Wong’s ‘Road to Hollywood’ was posted along with the San Diego auditioners (he does not have a picture tho), and I believe someone reported seeing him there…however, even he states in his R2H video that he auditioned for Idol “here in Jersey.” 

    The day Nigel tweeted about him auditioning corresponds with the NJ “judges/producer” round, which was the same weekend as the iheartradio concert. 

    Either that or they had the producers decide who would make HW, but they couldn’t show footage bc there were no judges or Ryan present. I find it hard to believe Nigel would not make sure Alex’s audition was shown for the free SYTYCD promo…..

  • chessguy99

    I just think Simon Fuller and Nigel wanted to get the show out of Ken Warwick’s hands, he directs the audition shows. The audition shows have been so under-whelming, un-shown Top 24 contestants who have good HW, can vault right over the ones with audition exposure.

  • luci

    But I wished we got to see more of the top 24 audition. I feel like I have not seen some of my favorites audition yet.

  • BigNLiddle

    Fantastic! Love Hollywood rounds the most, anyway

  • Lexie

    Wait–is my memory going–or what happened to Charleston?  They were here…

  • Kesia Monteith

    Thank God, this show is going to get more interesting.

  • Kylee

    They went to Charleston for Cattle calls then Savannah for judges call backs.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness!  There have been too many auditions already. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Ken directs the audition shows?  No wonder they are so bad.  lol

  • Anonymous

    have they been reading the blogs? less auditions for more hollywood? i hope so!!

  • Anonymous

    Charlston was melded with Savannah.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the show should start with Hollywood rounds next season and just show flashback audition clips for those who have interesting backstories.

    I got bored after the second audition episode this year…

  • Lexie

    Thank you–I had no idea…too bad, they missed showing a beautiful city:)))

  • Sharon Ulrich Davis

    My guess is it’s because the ratings haven’t been good at all.  I heard The Big Bang beat them last week.

  • Anonymous

    SWEET HALLELUJAH! Any chance we can skip this last pair of auditions too and start HW tonight?

  • Kariann Hart

    I personally enjoyed the first two audition cities.  Lots of good talent was presented.  However, the last three shows have been a bit of a let down with only two people going into the TOP 24.  Also, we missed several auditions that should have been seen.

    So onward and upward…

  • larc

    TV Guide has picked up the change and is showing Hollywood Round Part 1 for next Wednesday night.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Hurray for Hollywood!  Soooo glad audition phase end tomorrow. :)

  • Anonymous

    YAY! Can’t wait to see who shines during Hollywood Week.

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo!  Can’t wait for Hollywood week!

  • Anonymous

    Ooh does that mean we get a Hollywood Week Commercial/Preview tomorrow to hold us through the weekend?! That would be all kinds of awesomeness! The HW commercial after the last audition episode gets me fired up for sure. I always think…”Oh no! My favorite just bombed on day one!” (flash back to Ace Young dramatically stopping the music during his performance, Brook White killing it on the piano, and who can forget…”I DON’T DO GROUPS!” from the twins)…The preview commercial is always so dramatic, lol. 

  • Tinawina

    **happy dance**

  • Kesia Monteith

    At least I was hoping we can move on to Hollywood week tomorrow. I guess we can’t have everything *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    woohooo!!! yes please.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, these audition shows have been a massive FAIL. And we still havn’t seen over half of the Top 24! Bring on Hollywood, I say

  • Anonymous

    Oh and fire Ken Warwick. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Last year’s Hollywood round seemed almost perfect. They seriously should cut the annoying people out of the episode, though. I’d rather have a boring group round of fuzzy rainbows and unicorns and cake for everybody than to see bitching from people who seem to want to be pushed down an up escalator.

    The drama in group round is usually really irritating. The announcement of the Top 24 episode is interesting though.

  • Kariann Hart

    The thing is TPTB think the overly dramatic, manipulated situations bring on great ratings.  It also gives them a chance to “control” who they would like to see in the TOP 12.

  • Allison

    good call

  • Tess

    I think its kind of ironic that the bubble got its wish and the audition episodes turned into milk toast as they “highlighted” singers rather than personalities…the casual fan watched these because they were funny and shocking and controversial and water cooler buzzy.  Now the auditions have lost their pizazz and because you don’t see the good vs. the bad everyone just seems mediocre. If anything ends up killing Idol I think it will be the bubble who thinks it knows best but doesn’t really have a clue.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, the auditions are over.   I hate the auditions, I am a “cut to the chase” type of person.   I usually start watching when we get to the top 24/36.   I’ try to watch the auditions, but can’t sit through them.   Hollwyood week is ok, but the audtions are just tedious.