American Idol 12 Spoilers: Semi Final Round Details! Who Performs When!

Here are the Top 40 spoilers! As you already know, the Girls Hollywood round airs on Wednesday, at which point, the Top 40–both boys and girls will be revealed. And then we move into the 1st part of the semi finals. The Girls and Guys will remain split up as they perform in front of the judges 10 at a time. Five contestants will be cut at the end of each show, leaving a Top 20–10 guys and 10 girls–when it’s all over.

The following week, on March 5 and 6, The Top 10 Guys and Girls will perform on separate days. Viewers will be able to vote for their favs for the first time. On Thursday March 7, the Top 10 will be unveiled.

It appears that the Idol producers don’t care about spoilers leaking out, unless the Top 40 results are taped seperately! You can attend the live Top 40 shows in Vegas. Sign up here.

Las Vegas Round Details:

  • The Top 40 will perform at the Mirage in Vegas
  • Girls shows air Wednesdays. The Guys air Thursdays. 
  • The episodes will be taped the day before. Eliminations will take place at the end of each episode.
  • There are no rumors of wildcards (yet).
  • Each contestant got to submit ANY 5 songs to sing. Producers will pick one. 
  • Live Top 20 show location is still unknown. 

Girls: Air Wednesday February 20th

Adriana Lotonio
Angela Miller
Brandy Hotard
Isabel Pasqualone
Jenny  Beth Willis
Kamaira Ousley
Kree Harrison
Shubha Vedula
Tina Torres

Guys: Air Thursday 21st

Charlie Askew
Chris Watson
CurtisFinch jr
Devin Velez
Elijah Liu
Jimmy Smith
Johnny Keyser
Josh Davila (JDA)
Paul Jolley

Girls: Air Wednesday 27th

Aubrey Cleland
Breanna Steer
Candice Glover
Cristabel Clack
Janelle Arthur
Jett Hermano
Juliana Chahayed
Melinda Ademi
Rachel Hale
Zoanette Johnson

Guys Thursday Air February 28th

Bryant Tadeo
Burnell Taylor
Cortez Shaw
David Willis
Gurpreet Singh
Josh Holiday
Lazaro Arbos
Mathenee Treco
Nick Boddington
Vincent Powell

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  • Wally.

    Looking forward to seeing Jett/Kree/Angela/Juliana

  • No Thanks

    Is that how they’re being grouped for sure?

  • mjsbigblog

    Yes. Unless something changes between now and when the shows tape.

  • CarlyRoseFanclub

    Wow Angie got the better draw then Candice and Hale and Ademi Angie easy makes the cut but Candice and Janelle i think are locks in the 2nd group then the rest fight it out.I think group 2 girls is over stacked and group 1 is a Angie Miller Show

  • Damien Roberts

    I actually think the guys are the most stacked with favorites (albeit we’ve only seen them in Hollywood); but I find it hard to believe Charlie Askew, Johnny Keyser, Curtis Finch Jr, or the combination of Paul Jolley/Jimmy Smith possibly both making it through round one. Then you have the guys second round with Lazaro, Burnell, Gurpreet, and Nick Boddington. Point is, there are a lot of guys who didn’t get much screen time.

  • genius13

    I’m having a hard time picking the top 5 from the first group of guys…Ali his food David leathers not make the top 20? Does that mean that the talent this year is much stronger?

  • genius13

    It might be the first signs of the pimping of Angela Miller….this is my own theory and I know it’s VERY early in the season but I just have the slight feeling that Angela is the girl that TPTB wants to win..she’s pretty in a way that won’t scare off other girls…she has the girl next door thing going on and she can sing her ass off…again I could be totally wrong but that’s just what I think at this point.

  • Xentusk

    Besides his ‘looks’…how is Johnny Keyser even still in the running?  His edits have been negative to disastrous, his horrible group round last year wasn’t even aired, he’s forgotten his words and it seems more than I have a weird vibe from this year’s incarnation (he looks somehow, ‘different’….more ‘worn down’ or defeated)…  Are all his good edits being saved?

    Nothing I’ve seen of him would have me believe he’s one of the best of 40, let alone have a shot at winning….  ????

  • buffynut2001
  • James M.

    Pimping Angela is something I can be down with, but overall this format sucks to me. I liked having Top 12 Guys, Top 12 Girls, voting night and so on. I didn’t like Top 24 contestants, voters put through 10, there are 3 wild cards very much.

    I’m beginning to think I preferred how it was in S7 and S9, especially considering the Guys Group 1 has 4 guys I really want in the Top 10 guys. I find it hard to believe all 4 of Charlie Askew, Devin Velez, Paul Jolley (who noticed a tweet I made about my favorite guys and favorited it! I’M FAMOUS!!!), and Jimmy Smith will make it through, but I wanna see those guys on the tour.

    Guys Group 2 has Nick Boddington, who is the only one I care about strongly. I do like Gurpreet Singh Sarin (I love that name) and Lazaro Arbos to a lesser extent.

    I’d take these on tour:

    1) Charlie Askew
    2) Paul Jolley
    3) Jimmy Smith
    4) Devin Velez
    5) Nick Boddington
    6) Angela Miller
    7) Isabel Pasqualone
    8) Shubha Vedula
    9) Candice Glover
    10) Zoanette Johnson (partially for the lulz)

  • Jonathan Frahm

    Oh, look, they pushed all of the so-called “WGWG” types into the same group. I surmise that Charlie and one of Paul and Jimmy make it, whereas Johnny gets the shaft (in favor of Josh Holiday) alongside the other country boy. Just a hunch. 

  • escape

    Angie Miller is a very close friend of Colton Dixon’s.  This is what she has on her Twitter page. 

    Through music I aim to show that loving God and being a good influence to others is my goal!!

  • Incipit

    …overall this format sucks to me. I liked having Top 12 Guys, Top 12
    Girls, voting night and so on. I didn’t like Top 24 contestants, voters
    put through 10, there are 3 wild cards very much.

    I’m beginning to think I preferred how it was in S7 and S9…

    Yep, James M., This new ‘twist’ bites, IMO. And there is always a twist. So Twist it back, Idol – if you please. None of the approaches are gonna be entirely equitable, TPTB couldn’t stand that. Heh. (and IDK how it worked in Season 9 – didn’t watch) IMO the Season 7 twist has been the most reasonable…so I guess that means it didn’t give TPTB the level of control they wanted, since they don’t do it that way anymore.

    We are expected to vote “without having a look at about HALF of these contestants. Which means two things:

    1) People I know crap about will be going further than people I’ve already liked2) These people will have lacked exposure, which sucks for them.”

    What happens when they do that is a lot of people don’t watch til the voting rounds, (I’m one of them) because there is no point. Idol is pimping a few people and ignoring the rest, which already is an attempt to influence the voting – and why invest in watching hamsters who are going to *poof* with no explanation? It’s just a time suck, with very few performances, and they are not even ‘that’ interesting. Yet.

    IMO. Of Course.

  • Eilonwy

    Another thing I do not like at all is how this is without having a look at about HALF of these contestants.

    But it isn’t. We’ll get to see all of the top 40 perform, in groups of 10, before the judges cut them to the top 20.

    Then the voting starts with the top 20 being cut to the top 10. This year’s format is actually the fairest distribution of exposure we’ve ever gotten, as every singer will be seen at least once in a non-voting round. 

    If this doesn’t work for people who categorically refuse to watch any non-voting round, I’m not sure that’s the show’s fault. Since ratings typically dip during the season from the (non-voting) audition rounds, I’m not confident that large numbers of viewers tune in only for the voting rounds. (That’s my personal preference — but if I want to see everybody once first, I will watch the episodes that helpfully provide me with that information.)

  • kcostell

    The guys with guitars should be very careful what five songs they put…given the editing they received last week, I suspect the producers may jump on any chance to give them a song that’s a bad fit for them.

  • standtotheright

    Each contestant got to submit ANY 5 songs to sing. Producers will pick one.

    This is much more promising than the storied “pick from a list of 20 or fewer songs and duel if someone else wants the same selection” scenario that so often limits the contestants. Not to say that producers still won’t manipulate the choice among the five songs to further preferred storylines, and not to say that wildly truncated cleared lists won’t surface again for the live voting rounds, but at least the contestants have some control over their fate when it’s early and they need to establish themselves.

  • Sassycatz

    I follow Crystal Bowersox, and I’ve noticed that Nick Boddington and Crystal have been promoting each other. His fans asked for her support and she’s been retweeting him a few times and he’s been retweeting her tweets about her new music. Just an observation. Have no idea if they’ve ever met.

    As for the structure of the voting rounds, the reason I don’t like getting rid of 5 people — half of those up for a vote — all in one night is that, if you like more than one from that group, it’s not wise to spread out your votes for fear that you’ll lose them all. It’s better to choose the one you like the best and place all your chips on their number. That’s why I’ve always liked the more gradual voting process in which you would only lose the two contestants who got the lowest percentage of votes and everybody else got another chance or two to impress the audience before heading to the big stage. This more drastic process will, I know, be more likely to leave us with a less than optimal group. It’s not that that can’t happen anyway but it’s less likely with a gradual voting system and the latter also gives contestants time to build up a fanbase … but maybe that’s what they don’t want. ;-)

  • James M.

    But it isn’t. We’ll get to see all of the top 40 perform, in groups of 10, before the judges cut them to the top 20.

    Technically, it really is as I’ve stated. I made my top 10 list without seeing a crapload of the girls and without knowing who some of the guys in the Top 40 even are. What we will get to see isn’t relevant to my list. Not right now, anyway. Maybe I’m being a bit hasty, though. It does sound fairly distributed, but it’s still obnoxiously uneven. We still know a lot more about the voices/talents of some guys than we do about others. I know that’s typical, but it’s still annoying.

    Oh, and Incipit, I think S7 and S9 used the same format aside from S9 also using the group round. As Sassycatz said, I liked the more gradual whittling down of contestants. I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers saw the horrible Top 16 elimination and decided that they would be taking away some of America’s power for a while, though. Which sucks. **** you, S9.

    I hate the S10 and S11 format because, as we’ve seen, a ton of contestants get ONE shot at the voting rounds, and if you screw up or America doesn’t like you for some reason, you’re gone. BYE. Granted, America did get the voting right for most of the contestants, but others got really robbed. The judges did give some people second chances, but it didn’t always work out. Brett Loewenstern, Lauren Turner, Kendra Chantelle, Jen Hirsh, Aaron Marcellus, anyone? Hell, Julie Zorilla and Rachel Zevita both had one awful night and were toast because of it.

    I just think that they really didn’t need to add the second Hollywood round (Las Vegas). If they cut out some of the drama from the Hollywood episodes, they could fit in whatever people got no exposure even just in snippets of solos.

    Each contestant got to submit ANY 5 songs to sing. Producers will pick one.

    Now this is awesome.

  • Eilonwy

    I made my top 10 list without seeing a crapload of the girls and without knowing who some of the guys in the Top 40 even are. 

    Ummm… midway through the Hollywood section has been too early to make a top 10 list in every format the show’s ever had. 

    If people watch the entire show, every singer who makes the top 20 will be seen TWICE by the time they’re voted on for top 10. That’s more than the first two eliminees per gender were guaranteed in the old 24/20/16 system.

  • James M.

    I did address that I did come up with the list pretty quickly.

    Even if they are seen at least twice, there will be a handful of contestants we know more about than any of them. Still, exposure has never been one of Idol’s strongest points. Ever.

    I think I have more issue with the lot of contestants being eliminated than I do with the exposure. I’d rather have us go from 20 to 16 to 12 to 8 + 2 Wild Cards or something like that.

    I also just do not really like the Hollywood episodes in general aside from Round 3.

  • MellyPer1692

    Another pic of Adam with a contestant in the top 20.

    Rachel Hale

    “@RachelHaleMusic: Nice to meet you @Adamlambert ! Be watching for me at “Hollywood Week” tomorrow!! #americanidol #happygirl

  • Kesia Monteith

    Does anybody know, because there is no public vote for this round, if for the people not picked for top 20 get to come back in the future?

  • Mafalda Abreu

    First group between the guys and second group between the girls are the strongest.

  • Sultana Saritas

    So, I live in Sacramento, and decided to make a trip with my BF to see the taping for my favorite, Johnny Keyser on Wednesday the  20th in VEGAS(driving all the way), I am a huge supporter(I designed his first album cover and other parts) and think this will be an amazing opportunity to see into IDOL and my favorite live. I hope this list is actually right! ;)

  • Sean DeFrancesco

    You can also have a fantastic time watching him cry when he get’s eliminated that night. EVerybody know’s Johnny went from being arrogant, to cocky, to being humble and greatful, to insecure, to scared shitless where even he knows he could be eliminated. That mind set, will make him defeat himself. He need’s to pull out of the spots regardless of where they put him… or he truly will have a story of appraisal “you know you’re going to be a star”, to eliminated back home to youtube, watching people who overcame what he couldn’t continue to shine….. all in just 1 year time spam. 

  • maymirabella

    True Scotty did but Colton could not even get to Top 5 and i would think he would have gotten those votes too? Looks like some of the southern religious con vote splits or Colt would have finished higher…but then Angela seems to far stronger singer than Colton

  • Tom22

    Darn.  I don’t think that the line up of which girls perform on which nights doesn’t favor Rachel Hale at all.  : (   It seems like they’ll choose just one country(ish) singer and that second list is packed with more singers that the judges have fallen all over about  that the first girls night.  I’m sad about that.

  • Robert

    The 2nd group of girls is really strong, there is no way that Zoanette should get out of that group.

  • LeahKittyS

    Not if the people running the show have any brains in their heads. My Top 5 from that group are Candice, Cristabel, Janelle, Melinda, and Rachel.

  • Kerri

     I hope your hunch is right.  I am a family member of Josh Holiday and disappointed for the lack of screen time for him.  I understand it is all part of the game, but most people don’t even know if they like him or not because of all the air time given to the same contestants most nights.  I, however, believe that God is in control so, I will just pray for the best. 

  • Kerri

     I hope your hunch is correct.  As a family member of Josh Holiday, I am a little disappointed in the lack of screen time.  However, I realize that God is in control and it is what it is because it is a television show. 

  • Kerri

    I think what a lot of people are saying is that from the start of seeing a person at the beginning audition to the second time they get to sing, can sometimes be weeks and weeks.  In the meantime, people are falling in love with the singers that have the best stories, most air time, etc.  There are probably many wonderful singers that may not be shown much after their audition until the top 40 round.  Just my opinion, though, and I am biased due to my family being involved.  But, it is my opinion, nonetheless… :-)

  • Kerri

     sorry…It looked like I lost this comment and then both showed up.  I don’t know how to delete so both are still here.  Again, sorry for the duplicate.