American Idol 12 NYC Audition Spoilers! Judges Demeanor and MORE.

As you all know, the American Idol judges panel has FINALLY been announced, and the New York City judges round began yesterday and continue today.

Here are a few bits I got from yesterday’s inaugural round of hopefuls.

  • Like I mentioned yesterday, there were around 30 hopefuls who auditioned.
  • The seating order is just like the lineup above.
  • The last contestant didn’t finish until about 9:15 or 9:30 pm.
  • The new judges  let thru a lot. Only  5-10 people didn’t get through.
  • The judges were really nice. Nicki made some “weird ass faces” but was down to earth.
  • Keith seemed really comfortable on the panel.
  • Thirty three contestants are on dock for today’s round.

ETA: Yesterday, 31 auditioned 25 got through. As of 12:08 pm, the judges are just about to come out!

ETA: Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick made too many cuts in their round, so producers had to call people who were eliminated  to come in today. There were too many empty seats in the holding room!


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  • fuzzywuzzy

    “The new judges  let thru a lot. Only  5-10 people didn’t get through.”

    It sounds like they are going to use Hollywood auditions to do the major culling.

  • TheGreatXL

    How nice? Ugh, please don’t let it be like JLo and Steven where everyone gets a gold star. That’s not real life and not how the music industry works.

  • SullyD

    Yeah, this whole “really nice” concerned me also. If this was before Jlo and Steven I’d probably be ok, but after what happened in S10 and S11 I’m suspicious about everything.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “The judges were really nice. Nicki made some “weird ass faces” but was down to earth.”

    Where does this information come from? A person who auditioned and that’s how the judges behaved to them, personally? How do they know how the judges behaved, generally? From what other auditioners said? What does “nice” really mean? Does it mean not nasty and ridiculing like Simon, or does it mean uncritical?

  • lukien

    Why randy is still there? Where’s my enrique? Arrrrgggg anyway if the contestants are good enough or showing potential they should at least get another chance to prove their worth in hollywood. Perhaps the prods cut the filler contestants to the minimal. Still not happy with randy, but at least it’s not jason brock’s soulmate hehehe

  • Jordana33

    Yeah, Idol needs tougher judges, and I would hate a repeat of last season’s panel. However, since it’s their first day, I’ll cut them some slack and hope that after the 100th contestant they’ll realize that they have to be tougher. 

    But this is why I wish that one of the new judges had been a record producer or manager, like Simon….someone tough who doesn’t have to worry about pleasing people in order to keep selling records. Randy doesn’t count.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The first audition can be a red herring because those songs have been practiced to death by the contestants. Hollywood can be a better challenge to culling out the outstanding contestants from those who are limited.

  • dabney c

    They always do a major culling in Hollywood. Remember, the judges go to how many cities – like, 5 or 6? And we generally end up with around 150-ish hopefuls at the start of Hollywood (don’t we?). If the judges only see 30 contestants per day, then they have let most of them through in order to end up with the numbers we have in Hollywood.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yes, I know, but in the past (before JLo and Steven), they didn’t give so many people gold tickets. I actually think that this may be better because sometimes, a potential contestant can sing one or two songs really well, but when faced with the challenges of Hollywood, they reveal their weaknesses.

  • Li Wright

    What do you expect from the judges?  They’ve been there too.  They were struggling tryin to get ahead and they don’t want to crush anybody’s dreams.  That’s why it’s better to have non-industry, or non-Singer judges….maybe a music publisher…a music writer….a producer…but other singers will not be “mean” to up and coming singers.  You never know where you will see them again.

  • Li Wright

    Actually I think Jlo did a great job.  She will be missed….but I predicted this a few weeks ago…no matter who the judges are, the AI audience and critics WILL NOT BE SATISFIED.  They can put Mother Mary on the judges’ table and people would still not like her.

  • lukien

    Just wondering with that country girl, last name wolfe i think from two or three seasons ago, she’s from a small town and in her video she jumped from the bridge into the river, never been in an airplane before, mom was teary eyes in airport. She got cut in first round of hollywood i think. I hope she decided to fo audition again coz i like her like i like hollie last year.

  • Leandro

    Nigel is telling something different to TMZ. 

  • Chris Corey

     Well it was the first day as judges so it will take them awhile to get comfortable. I hope their nice is being critical as well.I hope its not a repeat of the gush fest blowing smoke up everyone. Jennifer Lopez/Steven Tyler were nice there first season but JLO was always nitpicking at girl contestants. JLO would always give the harshest critques to Pia/Haley. The second season of Steven-JLO-Randy they were a bit tougher but this panel needs to be more critical. Hey I will give them a pass it was their first day and I remember JLO’s first day she had a hard tme saying no. This panel is very electic and I hope they really end up having tons of chemistry and are good. Also everyone keeps dissing Randy Jackson, I think Randy staying was smart to keep the continuity for the show.

  • Eilonwy

    Nigel is telling something different to TMZ.

    Well, it’s not a shocker that Lythgoe’s pushing the “cat-fighting divas” storyline, regardless of its match with observable facts. His grasp of human motivations usually appears to be cribbed from the livelier episodes of Dynasty.

    Anyway, pandering to the segment of the audience who believes all successful women hate each other is pretty consistent with TPTB’s known patterns of:
    –Being extremely selective with the “facts” about people’s back stories.
    –Giving male contestants the “artist” edit, while packing gals who are songwriters into sparkles and stilt-like heels, presumably because TPTB assume viewers won’t accept women as “artists.”

    I’m still hoping that, while Fox has left Lythgoe his red phone to TMZ, they’ve otherwise taken away some of his power to enforce his antediluvian views about women. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Totally agree with everything that you wrote. Nigel is REALLY bugging me with his antiquated, anachronistic views of women, and how he portrays them on the show. I noticed that Ken Warwick was in the pic of the judges that Ryan first posted (it was a shot of who went for dinner, according to Mariah), and I’m wondering with the 11th hour signing of Nigel, whether he’s lost some influence as a producer.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Yeah, the letting 5-10 through crap kind of brought alarm bells in my head. I truly hope they are going to actually be interesting in their critiques. But maybe I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt as they may be nervous or just getting their feet wet.

  • SullyD

    Being critical does not mean being “mean”. One can say what they honestly think about the performance without everything being all rainbows and lollypops.
    For instance: They can say the performance was bland without saying “it was like ordering ice for lunch”.
    And being a singer has nothing to do with it. I think both Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole were critical and they weren’t mean to anybody. I’m sure Nicki, Keith and Mariah  already heard a “no” before in their lifes.

    But we don’t know a thing yet. Maybe the “nice” means they were good at what they were doing. Or maybe it means they were fun. We were just saying that we don’t want another year of “that was beatiful”, or “I had goosies”.

  • ptebwwong

    Jordana33: But this is why I wish that one of the new judges had been a record producer or manager, like Simon….someone tough who doesn’t have to worry about pleasing people in order to keep selling records. 

    I loved the idea of a record producer or manager on the judging panel. But it has to be the right person. Not all record producers or managers are truthful especially when on live tv. For example, Clive Davis when he was guest judging for the first few years wasn’t honest at all. Clive said good things to most of the contestants including Jasmine Trias & Vonzell. He also thought Bo would be a big artist to come from the show. IMO Bo was a talented contestant, but I knew his music didn’t fit with what was popular in the industry. Pharrell was being considered as an Idol judge. But from watching him mentor the XF contestants he didn’t really offer much help unless he was edited that way.

    Jimmy Iovine’s honest right now because it’s taped. IMO if Jimmy was live he would be much nicer, too. Not all record producers would work just like not all judges would be the same personality they portray themselves in the media.

    I think people act very differently on live tv than on taped segments. I doubt Nicki’s crazy in real life or is brutally honest like on Twitter as she will be on the judging panel or in person.

  • girlygirltoo

    Who knows what “nice” means? You can be critical and still be nice. You can say “no” and still be nice. Hopefully it doesn’t mean they thought everyone was “fantastic, beautiful, going to be a star”.

    If they only saw 30 people yesterday and 33 today, it sounds like very few people got through the initial rounds from the NYC stop. In the past, it seems like 30-40 people are the most who ever get sent through to Hollywood from any one particular site, so it doesn’t sound like this is going to be really any different (unless they put all 33 people from today through…lol)

  • ptebwwong

    I don’t know what “nice” means. It could mean everything was “beautiful” to them. It could mean everyone that auditioned was a good singer so they wanted to at least give them a chance in Hollywood. It could mean they all will be judges who can’t be truthful.

    We don’t know. “Nice” is a very vague description. Who knows? Maybe the judges will start being more honest once they’re comfortable. We don’t know. 

    Also, I think live shows tell the truth. For example Britney is honest on XF now. But it’s possible once the live shows start she will be nice. Steven was crazy & funny during his 1st year of auditions. But he was too nice & in some ways a different personality once the live shows started.

  • wkstrack

    They let through “a lot of people” and were “really NICE” lolol Oh, yes. We are looking at Nigel’ puppets again.

  • mileyfan123

    If ten people didn’t get through….and there were 30 people…that means they cut a third of the auditioners.  That seems pretty good to me..

  • Emmuzka

    As at this stage in front of the cameras end up only (supposedly) really good and really bad, less then ten bad/joke auditions of 30 is pretty good. Why waste time for mediocre or blah contestants? 

    On the other hand, the “nice” and “I don’t wan to be a judge, I see myself as guide” crap bodes another J.Lo-Steven-Ellen crapshoot. 

  • Sue Ann Yero

    Keith will please a lot of people!  Us fans already know how wonderful he is!  Everyone is in for a treat!  Cannot wait to see this show!

  • durbesque

    I don’t expect the new puppets to behave any differently from former puppets.  The hands up their asses are the same.

  • elliegrll

    I don’t mind if Randy is a puppet.  It’s pretty much what he does, and what he has been doing since at least season 2.  Besides, sometimes the producers might be right.  Louis Walsh has held the same position on the UK X Factor.  I do have a problem with the others being nothing more than puppets, and not having their own opinions, like we saw with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

  • mileyfan123

    You must have a really good source. 

  • julesb2183

    I always thought more people got to see the judges- like 100-150 hopefuls each city. If there is only 30 or so people seeing the judges, they are going to have to pass most of them. I wonder if those numbers will go up in the next cities.

  • fantoo1

    TMZ always over exaggerates.

  • elliegrll

    I’m sure that the producers already gave some people tickets to Hollywood. They are just picking the ones who they want the judges to see, and who may appear on tv during the first round.

  • fantoo1

    They could just mean “nice” in that they were friendly with the contestants. It’s very vague.

  • No Thanks

     Yeah, it’s usually about 100 per city.  50 each day.

  • lovesickheroine

    If the report from TMZ is true we’ll be expecting a new rap song from Nicki Minaj called Stupid Hoe 2.0

  • Taylor

    Nice? Just what this show needs.

  • Christian

    Ryan Seacrest shared some insights on how the judges did the first day. He had some very encouraging things to say about Mariah’s judging style:
    “I’ve already heard her sing to a contestant so far today which is kind of cool because she says ‘try it like this’ and then she sings, and thats a very cool thing to hear”.
    …And this was during an AUDITION! 

  • bannanafish

    Usually during the initial cattle-call auditions many talented people get turned away because there are only so many spots available and they have to save spots for the “joke” and “interesting-TV” contestants. Many potential winners get dismissed on the 30-second judgement of a producer. Maybe this year they were instructed to put more talented people and Idol will be cutting back on the joke auditions.

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t think they can give people tickets to Hollywood without the judges seeing them. 

  • blackberryharvest

     Interesting. Hopefully she keeps it up!

  • elliegrll

    Like I mentioned yesterday, someone from season ten said that Michael Orland gave her her contract.  In the end, the producers have the final say on who goes through to the next round, that’s spelled out in the contract that the contestants sign, so I think that they can bypass that round if they want to.