American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #8- CJ Finch

Going for this years “Joshua Ledet” spot is CJ Finch, who is so church most of his videos involve him being in a churcch. It’s hard to imagine his voice in the competition when all he sings are praise songs that require little to no vocal restraint. He could be doing vocal olympics every week like Jacob Lusk, or he might know restraint and be a bit more successful like Joshua. Who knows.

There’s definitely an instrument there. He’s a returnee with little to no screentime. Maybe this is his year? He’s from St Louis, and attended the University of Missouri. He can also sing “classical”, which makes me believe he has a degree in music. He won a NATS competition (National Association of Teachers of Singing), in which you would need to sing classical arias and art songs. Hearing him pull out his classical voice could create a moment for him on the show. No one has really tried to do that on the show.

Listen to his videos below, and sound off in the comments below. Is he your cup of tea?

His Eye Is On The Sparrow


The National Anthem

I Call You Faithful

No Weapon


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  • Ann Gardner

    I am surprised that C.J. wasn’t out of breath after the NA with all the “running” he did in that version. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. He may however do well if he goes the CC route like Mandisa. 

  • Francisco Rapalo

    Another Jacob…

  • Ronnie D

    Please no. Just, please no lol. If I wanted to be taken to church vocally I would go. 

  • Mateja Praznik

    Might as well just invite Joshua Ledet back for another season?

  • WestiesRule

    Someone needs to remind the world Leon Russel and Bonnie Bramblett wrote Superstar and it’s been done by a number of artists! I didn’t care for Joshua and what is this dude going to do?

  • irockhard

    More Lusk than Ledet, I couldn’t stand Lusk but sorta liked Ledet cause he was more soul than gospel, whilst Lusk and this dude are totally gospel. Ugh, DO.NOT.WANT!

  • lovetheusa1776

    Decent voice, but can’t see this going anywhere.

  • chessguy99

    There is a sizable number of Idol voters who vote exclusively for the Gospel singer type. Enough that if there is only one, he/she is pretty much sure to make Top 6, higher if they are actually good. This guy strikes me as a top 4/5 candidate.

  • Leandro

    WHOA! It’s a killer mix between Jacob Lusk, Joshua, Stacy Francis and Trevin Hunte. I bet he’ll finish something between 3rd and 6th but he’ll never get a record deal. lol

  • Anny_nanny

    Thank you, I’m in  church can’t go a year now – limit.

  • Jenny Williams

    I love Already! WOW. He’s nothing like Joshua. In fact he reminds me of DeAndre. Even the falsetto. Especially in the ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’ video. WOW! I think i just found me a Favorite.

  • Dennis

    He’s actually really good and considering how far Joshua got this guy has a chance although Joshua was great, now Jacob was a different story and he got pretty far. There’s still audiences who vote for these type of singers.

  • Kariann Hart

    CJ is a good singer and if the judges are selecting the TOP 10/12, he’ll probably make it.  Personality counts, too.