American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #19- Brandy Hotard

I’m bringing you a double feature of contestants today, in celebration of the premiere of Idol tonight. Our first is Brandy Hotard, who is another country singer. You can bet with Keith Urban on the panel that some of these country singers will make the voting stages.

This one, however, is a pageant girl. Those don’t seem to make it very far. HOWEVER, she is from Louisiana. That’s deep south. That’s voting territory. The only better place to come from is Birmingham, Alabama. She competed for Miss Louisiana and lost. Her talent was singing.

She’s also a Registered Nurse, so when the kids start collapsing during Hollywood Week, Brandy can jump in and save them. Maybe she’s good to have around.

Listen to the two videos below and sound off in the comments below.

Am I The Only One

The National Anthem (Of Course)


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  • EliteHalien

    So much for diversity…

    I have nothing against country singers, but it honestly seems as if half of this year’s cast is country.

    This isn’t Nashville Star or Country Idol UGHH.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Another country singer? UGH. Enough is enough!

    Judging by all the previews so far, this will be a pretty boring season. 

  • Ronnie D

    The first song is “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Etheridge. Not really country.  She does sound country when singing the Star Spangled Banner though.

  • Incipit

    Okay. Double whammy. Pageant Singer and Country Singer, and the first is the serious deal breaker for me, the second is just a preference. Not interested.

  • Jason Scott

    You can’t really judge until the show starts. Many of these preview videos are a few years old.

    I’m reserving judgement until I see them in action during Hollywood week. :)

  • Willis Dunlow

    …and whats so bad about a ” pageant girl”?…I don’t get all this label to singers?…I mean- isn’t American Idol a sort of pageant in itself?……AI will stereotype singers by looking for “non-stereotypes”?…kinda “deep” but if you are a thinker you know what I mean!…the NON-stereotype become the NEW stereotype in itself by the nature of what it demands to be called a “real artist”….laughable, the boxes people make folks fit into and which boxes are acceptable boxes and which ones are not!!!…THE BOX becomes acceptable if certain amount of people “say” the wrapping is right and it looks appealing to them and others jump in and agree-then the other boxes get rejected as a select mindset is established!…just saying-“HIGH SCHOOL”  still exist in all forms through selective labeling with a certain thumbs down if you don’t “fit”  OUR decision of whats “good” and “right” for what WE think it should be!…….AND who is giving some to decide the OUR and WE?…Shakespeare said ” A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

  • Incipit

    …and whats so bad about a ” pageant girl”?.

    Shall I take that as a serious, looking for information question, and pretend you haven’t already supplied a rebuttal from your opinion, Willis Dunlow?

    Because I can answer with my opinion, on the off chance you actually want to know. *wink*

    A “Pageant Singer” has a specific sort of musical training, what they sing and how they sing it is designed to appeal to the criteria of people who judge pageants…and designed to win them. They will probably have pretty good breath control, but they may never have learned about phrasing, they will probably be able to hit a money note or two, but they may never have learned about conveying emotion through the tone of their voice, or the way they chose to sing a particular word. If they are lucky, they have a nice natural vibrato – but they are more likely to have one they were taught to use, and it will be distracting. OTOH, if ever they had a tendency to sing nasally, that was probably also trained out of them…which is a good thing. If they use dynamics in a song (which they may not know how to do very well), it will be by the numbers, ‘sing this part loud, sing this part softly’. It’s almost a checklist.

     Jimmy Iovine calls the songs they pick “Performance Songs”. They will be songs people already know and have heard many, many times, by well-known singers, and they will often be decorated within an inch of their lives with Melisma and maybe chord changes, vibrato, or other vocal tricks, and whatever else the Pageant Singer was trained to do to show off their skills. The singer doesn’t actually have to know what the song is about, and doesn’t need any life experience to ‘sell’ the emotion that is supposed to be behind it – because that’s not what Pageant Singing is about…all the youngsters have to do is fake the sincerity the best they can, and pile on the vocal tricks. There is no penalty for doing an exact copy, for a Pageant Singer.

    But the TV audience has different criteria than a bunch of Pageant judges. Surprise – some of the main things the voters like is freshness in song choice and believability of the emotions conveyed, to go along with vocal skills and a pleasing tone. I don’t ‘think’ a Pageant Singer has ever won Idol, someone correct me if I am in error here –  – though plenty have competed, and the style is recognizable no matter what one may choose to call it – That ‘Rose by any other name’ is still a hothouse flower, with no specific scent. IMO.

  • irockhard

    Yup and the other half is old school R&B, so far only 2 of the judges interest me.

  • irockhard

    “…and whats so bad about a ” pageant girl”?”

    They’re boring as f*ck. AI is first and foremost a TV show for entertainment.

  • fantoo1

    She seems fodderish, but I also think she could be a rocker girl-I have seen other videos where she sings rock.

  • Kariann Hart

    She is talented, but personality has some influence as we get to know the TOP 40 better.  I still have high hopes for the season.