The Voice UK – Jaz Ellington, Indie & Pixie (VIDEO)


The VoiceUK week 4 marks the end of the blind auditions. This final week of auditions includes the teenaged twins, Indie and Pixie, whose version of P!nk’s Perfect had all 4 coaches turning their chairs. Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

Jaz Ellington’s performance of “The A-Train” impressed Will.i.Am enough to turn his chair.

Idol Headlines for 04/14/12


Colton Dixon tweets, “Reunited with @EVanPeltAI11 @BrackensickAI11 and @HHanAI11 !:-). Tour photoshoot!”

A slew of Idols will play at the Andy Williams Theater in Branson, MO this summer. The first crop begins on May 15 and includes Lee DeWyze, Blake Lewis, Elliott Yamin, Kim Caldwell and Thia Megia. Click for More Info.

Weekend Countdown Shows – 04/14/12


Every weekend, there are countless countdown shows. VH1’s top 20 videos. Ryan’s American Top 40. Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40 and many more. If you find an Idol on one of these shows, please post it here! (all countdown stats collected by tripp_ncwy. Thanks!)Weekend Countdown Shows MuchMusic Top20 Video Countdown (04.12.2012) #02 The Wanted “Glad […]