X Factor UK – Week 5 Auditions – Part 2

This is the last episode of this year’s X Factor UK auditions.

Tonight’s highlights:

Neil and Margaret Sinclair, 55 and 52
They’ve been married for 3 years. They found each other on a dating website. Oh. They audition as solo singers.

Margaret auditions with “Superstar” by The Carpenters. And she sucks. I really feel for the judges. Their faces say it all.
Neil sings “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John. Ha Ha Ha. This is hilarious. Hilariously bad. These two are seriously deluded. 2x 4 NOs.

Bradley Johnson, 16
He has been expelled from no less than 3 schools and has been in trouble with the police on various occasions.
He sings “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran. Great song choice. Ed Sheeran‘s album was released last week and is #1 album in the UK as of today. Bradley does well and gets 4 yeses.

Terry Winstanley, 51
He sings “To Love Somebody” by Michael Bolton. He certainly is a competent singer, but I don’t see the brilliance that the judges claim to see. Obviously, he is good enough for the bootcamp.

Deep Dhillon, 52
He is a big fan of Take That and he massacres the bands “Back For Good“. Poor Gary Barlow. This guy is just as bad as the Sinclairs. Gary isn’t happy, but Louis wants the other three to give the guy a chance and says yes. No wonder why Louis always gets stuck with the WTF group.

Ceri Rees, 54
This is her 4th attempt at getting through to the bootcamp. She blames Simon for her previous failed attempts and brings flowers for Louis. Oooooohhhh. She attempts to sing “I Dreamed A Dream” and “I Will Always Love You”. She is just as bad as the Sinclairs and gets 4 Nos. The flowers and Simon’s absence from the panel didn’t help.

I expected more from the last audition episode. So, this is it? It looks like Louis will have several WTF contestants in his group this year. I only remember 1 good group (The Keys), so I think we can expect the judges to create a few manufactured groups at the bootcamp. The girls are strong and the boys are decent.

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