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The best acts this week were Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson. Aiden Grimshaw was interesting, but he choked. Wagner was his usual clueless trainwreck self, but that’s what his fans love about him. He may still stick around. When I comes to One Direction, I must be living on planet opposite. They are cute boys, but are average vocally. I don’t see much charisma, but then I’m not a 12 year old girl.

Formula 1 2018 - Season Highlights
Formula 1 2018 - Season Highlights

Cheryl gave Katie a terrible song. Her vocals just weren’t up to the task of rocking it hard. Dannii’s choice for Paije was beyond ridiculous. That, coupled with singing first could put him in the bottom 2 tomorrow. Is Dannii trying to sabatoge him? Mary and Cher? Zzzzzz. I think either Paige or Katie will go home tomorrow.


Here’s today’s X Factor UK post! The Top 9 will murder sing the songs of the legendary ELTON JOHN Who has said terrible things about the X Factor, but does not mind taking their money. Check out this week’s song spoilers HERE.

Stay tuned for a recap and videos.

Single elimination tomorrow night! Shouldn’t they be doubling up for a couple of weeks?

VIDEOS and live recap after the JUMP…

Dermot introduces the judges to the strains of “The Bitch is Back” Lulz.

Paije Richardson – (Danni – Boys) – “Crocodile Rock” – OMG Harry Potter is visiting! Simon wonders who he’ll be taken seriously with the lyric. Simon is remember John Stevens “classic” take on the song. Ahem. This is OK, but it was a dumb song choice. Elton has an incredible catalog, why pick one of his throw away novelty songs? The performance isn’t a joke, but it does not highlight Paije’s voice in any way. Louis says, “Tonight, Dannii that was such a wrong song choice. You turned into a karaoke singer…you are so much better than this.” Cheryl says she’s not familiar with the song (!!!) and thinks he made the song his own. Simon says, “It was fun. I would put your chances at winning after that at zero. I think Dannii has put more work in with the other singers.” Dannii says, “That was one of my favorite performances.” She does the yappy fingers thing to Louis, then covers his mouth. Dannii thinks the song has soul. Paije says he enjoyed singing the song. I wonder if Dannii is sabotaging Paige to save her other boys.

Aiden Grimshaw – (Dannii – Boys) – “Rocket Man” – Aiden is standing on a table between double pianos.Dannii picked MUCH BETTER for Aiden. This is a great choice for his wacked out intensity. I’d love to see him take on some Bowie. Unfortunately, he kinda loses it half way through. I’m not sure what happened there. Louis says, “You’re always different, but you changed it from the original melody, If Elton was watching the show he’d love it.” Cheryl says, “You’re really consistently good. Well done.” Simon says, “You can’t change someone for changing the melody. I honestly think it’s Louis wrong time of the month. It’s not the best you’ve sounded vocally, but you have great presence. I think you’re going to be fine for next week. Well done.” Danni says, “It’s a fantastic iconic song, loved that performance of it.”

Mary Byrne – (Louis – Over 28s) – “Can you feel the love tonight” – This is better than last week. Song’s in her wheelhouse, but it’s one of Elton’s dreckier songs, so I can’t get too excited about it. She’s doing well enough to stay in it another week. Dannii says, You are getting your mojo back tonight. Parts of that were a little bit shaky, but the end note was spectacular.” Cheryl says, “You’re back Mary, You can feel it in the room. It’s nice to have that twinkle back in your eye.” Simon says, “Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t like a version of a song like that, but because you have a heart, it worked.” Louis says, “The only thing that was shaky about it was your nerves. You deserve to be in this competition.” Mary says she was more confident this week and “she’s here to stay.” Her daughter is in the audience.

Katie Waissel – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” – Katie does NOT have the grit needed to make this song work. You’re not a rocker Katie! She’s having trouble keeping time with the music. I think she’ll end up in the bottom 2 again. “It was a controversial save….and then you pick this song, it was a throwaway performance. You’re better than this. It was the wrong song.” Louis is pissy tonight. Dannii says, “Credit for giving it your all. For me, you sounded good on the chorus, but the track ate you up a little bit.” Simon says, “In terms of sheer entertainment, my favorite song of the night. This song could not have been more appropriate. I’m 100 percent happy I kept you. You’re not boring or predictable and have a fighters instinct.” Cheryl says, “I admire your resilience.” But…she sucked. Simon is threatening to have Louis removed from the building. Katie met some sick kids who made her see what a fighter really is.

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – This is a really hard song to sing, and I don’t think Matt is quite pulling it off. But as the song goes along, he becomes more confident, so I think I take that back. Nice finish. That was a challenge, he DID pull it off. Louis says, “You never let me down. You are the one everybody has to beat in the competition.” Cheryl says, “Beautiful song choice, another fantastic performance.” Simon says, “I was worried about this song, I could feel your nerves at the beginning, but you went up a gear in the middle. I could have listened to another verse.” Dannii says, “You made it personal. It was just…you nailed it.” Helen Bonham Carter loves him.

Cher Lloyd – (Cheryl – Girls) – Mashup of “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word and Mockingbird” – She needs to open her eyes when she sings. UGH. She’s rapping again. Her rapping is not good. Cher has her moments, but this is a bit of a hot mess. Louis says, “It was very clever, it was absolutely brilliant.” “I think you’ve hit your stride now. I wish there was more singing and less rapping.” “I think after that, you are 100% back in the game. I loved the middle of the song. It made it less karaoke. You take crticicism and handle it well.”.”You are a little star in the making.” Cher says she feels amazing now.

Wagner – (Louis – Over 28s) – Mashup of “I’m Still Standing and Circle Of Life” – LOL. Wagner missed his cue. Wagner is worse than William Hung. Again, Wagner is off-key and not keeping up with the band. Dannii’s covering her face with her hands. Oh the horror. Dannii says, “It was very camp. It’s more joking than singing. There was a wedding last week, was this the reception?” Cheryl says, “I enjoy everything that goes on around you. You gave it your all.” Simon says, “Ive seen some strange things in my life, but that tops it. Louis is turning you into a singing robot. None of it made sense. You haven’t got a clue what’s going on.” Louis says, “You are still standing because people still like you. You remind me of a young Elton John.” Louis is on drugs.

One Direction – (Simon – Groups) – “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” – Simon apologizes to Elton John before he introduces his group. Wow. This is super-terrible tonight. Nobody sounds good on lead, and they sound terrible singing together. I know Simon is going to sign them. He’s going to have a lot to fix in the studio. Simon is giving them a standing O. PLEASE. Louis says, “I think you’re only going in one direction–the final.” Dannii says, “You are so consistent it’s scary” Consistently crappy. Cheryl, who can barely be heard above the screaming says, “You are definitely headed in the right direction.” Simon “This is the first time in all my time in X Factor that I genuinely believe a group will win X Factor. Everything that happened tonight…it was all down to you. Congratulations.”

Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Candle In The Wind” – Really nice phrasing on this song. She’s making it sound really fresh. This is one of my favorite performances from Rebecca. I would not be mad if she won the whole thing. Louis says, “We saved the best for last tonight. You made it your own. You’re a brilliant role model.” Dannii says, “That was so damn classy.” Simon says, “It doesn’t matter how old a song is, and somebody like you sings it, it becomes relevant again. Stunning.” Cheryl says, “You’re a true inspiration to all the young mothers out there.”

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