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Ha ha…the judges so want Mary Byrne eliminated tonight.  They pimped everyone into the final, but her. And then after her second song, Simon gave her the big kiss off speech.  She’s a dull, old-fashioned singer, but she’s better than One Direction, who can’t even stay in unison, let alone harmonize like most boy bands.

One Direction did have a tough time this week–Zayne had a family emergency so he didn’t rehearse with the boys until the end. Simon was sick too. But the band’s level of suckitude was on par with every other week in the competition. I don’t think their trials made much of a difference.

And Cher Lloyd is kind of a trainwreck.  In fact, it’s possible she could be the shock elimination tomorrow, which could be rather entertaining. I feel sorta bad saying that about a 17 year old girl…but not too bad.

Matt Cardle was like death warmed over tonight. The judges reminded us over and over again that he was sick. Even took the cameras into his mum’s house to show her nursing him back to health.  Matt’s fan base will see him through.

I liked Rebecca Ferguson’s disco song better than the cliched “Amazing Grace” if I’m being honest.  She’s a lock for the final as well.

This week it’s the X Factor UK semi-finals! The Top 5 will fight for their spot in next week’s FINAL ROUND to decide who will be the winner of X Factor! The contestants sing two songs this week. One round is “Club Classics” and the other is “Get Me To The Final Songs”.

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Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Show Me Love” by Steve Angelo – Well, this is better than I thought it would be. But, come to think of it, her dispassionate vocals are kinda perfect for a techno club mix. Louis says, “What a start to the show. It think that’s your best so far in the show. You have got everything” Dannii says, “The mood in here is just electric. Brilliant.” Simon says, “I was nervous about this song, but I was wrong. This was a side of you I’ve never seen before. You’re showing me you want to win this show.” Cheryl says, “It worked people!”

Mary Byrne – (Louis – Over 28s) – “Never Can Say Goodbye” by Gloria Gaynor – Did you know that Ethel Merman recorded a disco album back in the late 70’s? Well, she did. That’s what this reminds me of. This is not Mary’s genre. Dannii says, “I loved it. This is you at your best.” Cheryl says, “I love to see you out of your comfort zone.” Simon says, “It was fun. I would have liked something a little more contemporary.” Simon and Louis argue endlessly. Louis says, “Mary has had flu. She’s singing her heart out.”

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – “You’ve Got the Love” by Florence and The Machine – Matt is really sick, but he’s singing anyway. He went home so his parents could take care of him. He’s playing guitar. Ohh. This is a little rough. He looks all sweaty. Poor dude should probably be in bed. All things considered, this is pretty good and a really interesting song pick. I like Matt doing the alt rock thing. Louis says, “You’re a true professional and consistent every week. I think you could take the competition.” Cheryl says, “You came out here and still delivered a great performance.” Simon says, “It was a brilliant choice of song. You put your own spin on it. I had a cold this week as well, but I don’t mention it. You are a very sincere, cool contestant.” Dannii says, “Thank you for not letting me down. Brilliant.”

Cher Lloyd – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Nothin’ On You” by Bruno Mars and B.o.B – She’s singing both parts and the transition between the two is kind of awkward. I really don’t like her rapping much. Louis says, “I love the song choice. I can’t see anything wrong with it.” Dannii says, “It’s been an incredible journey for you. I don’t think it hit the mark every single time, but you are so watchable. Great performer.” Simon says, “You’ve come back really strong. You are fearless. I’m always going to stand up for you. You represent every teenager who’s got a dream. If you don’t make the final it would be a travesty.” Cheryl says, “Your performances have a lot attitude. I would love to see you in that final.” It was reported that Cher through a tantrum at rehearsals this week.

One Direction – (Simon – Groups) – “Only Girl In The World” by Rihanna – Simon ditched them because they were sick. So what was all that blather with Louis about showing up, even though he had a cold? Wow. This is terrible. Dudes cannot sing together. And they barely harmonize! The reverb on their vocals don’t make up for the lame singing. Louis says, “You deserve to be in the final” Dannii says, “I really want to see you guys be the next big boy band. You really stepped it up.” Cheryl says, “I love you guys. That song was a little bit dangerous because it is so current. It didn’t quite work for me.” Simon says, “Someone’s being tactical! I thought the song was absolutely perfect for you. They had the guts to do it. You guys are fantastic to work with.”

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – “Always a Woman to Me” by Billy Joel – That was sort of an odd choice of song. It’s a very heartfelt performance, but he still looks like he’s going to faint at any minute. Louis says, “You are so going through to the finals. A brilliant song choice.” Cheryl says, “You feel so ill, you’ve got the the support. See you in the final.” Simon says, “You’ve got all the support, You’re not that sort of safe artist. I think it was a safe option.” Dannii says, “I think that’s what we call tactics. We went with your strength tonight. The notes that he pulled out were so high.” Matt doesn’t think it was his best performance.

Mary Byrne – “The Way We Were” by Barbara Streisand – This is the right kind of song for Mary, but her rendition is oh so boring. Notice that the judges are pimping everyone into the final but Mary? I’m not surprised. Simon says, “It was a much better song than the first song. I think whatever happens, you’re going to sell records. You’re going to have concerts. You are not going back to the check out.” Louis says, “You’re living your dream.” Ha ha. Mary gets the big kiss-off from the judges!

Cher Lloyd – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminiem – Hello? Cher? Uhm. NOOOOOO. Ugh. She’s so off key. Louis says, “A really clever song choice. I love the staging.” Dannii says, “It was such a tricky song choice. The singing…you hit your stride at the end. I would have loved a ballad.” Simon says, “It was a risk, but for me it worked. You stuck to the kind of music you believe in. I’m a huge fan.” Cheryl says, “It’s not a competition, It was about showing the kind of artist you’re going to be.” Not a competition? What? So, it’s fine that she sucked, because she sang a song in her wheelhouse? Alrighty then.

Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Amazing Grace” – Oh geez…VOTE BAIT. She’s got the BIG GOSPEL CHOIR behind her. This is just OK. Nothing special. I would have preferred something quirky and contemporary. This type of song reveals all of her vocal flaws. Louis says, “For some reason you stand out to me. You are my favorite contestant ever. You sang that so effortless. You so deserve to be in the final.” Dannii says, “That was pure class. You’re a girl that you want good things to happen. You deserve to be in the finals.” Simon says, “That was absolutely stunning. You haven’t come in with a game. No tricks. Pure sincerity. Beautifully sung.” Cheryl says, “You are such a sincere beautiful person. You are amazing.”

One Direction – (Simon – Groups) – “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. That was truly horrible. The lead singing was awful. But, in the end, how they sing doesn’t really matter. Simon will squeeze a couple of years out of these guys before the teens lose interest. Louis says, “I love the song choice, I love the whole styling. You deserve to be in the final.” Dannii says, “You’ve had a really tough week. That was a really classy performance.” Cheryl says, “Everybody has grown so fond of you guys. You didn’t have Zayn, you showed a real level of maturity. You deserve a place in the finals.” Simon says, “You came in at 8 am this morning to give yourself more rehearsal time. That’s what it’s all about. That was a great performance.”

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