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Simon Cowell’s hyperbolic spin after his group’s performances were the comedy highlight of the night. Wagner is so bad he’s not even funny He’s got to go tomorrow night. I hope voters don’t forget Treyc Cohen’s performance–she was one of the best of the night. John Adeleye was really good this week. Aiden Grimshaw blew it. Is he a flash in the pan? I’m not getting the judges’ love for Rebecca Ferguson. She’s been underwhelming in the live shows. Katie Waissel is actually improving.

Did you watch the X Factor tonight? If not, check out the videos after the jump. What did you think?

We’re watchting the X Factor LIVE today! It begins at 2:30 ET. Check out the live stream after the jump. I’ll be live blogging as we go.

This week’s theme is “Heroes”. David Bowie’s song, “Heroes” will be released as a single for charity by the Top 14. There will be another double elimination tomorrow night. Diana Vickers and Katy Perrry will perform tomorrow night.

UPDATED WITH FULL VIDEOS (Video package-song-judges comments)

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OMG the Star Wars theme plays as the judges make their entrance. LULZ.

Storm Lee – (Louis – Over 28s) – “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen – Storm tones down the theatrics this week, and he’s not nearly as entertaining. He’s an average singer, and not nearly as charismatic as he seems to think. But, I suppose self-belief can go a long way. The pryo and dancers are totally lulzy. He’s sitting on a motorcycle. Pretty ridic. Dannii says, “You sing very well. I’m loving the whole presentation of it. You had the audience in the palm of your hand.”, Cheryl says, “I’m not completely sold on the fact that this is you. I’d like to see you just stand there and sing for a minute. Next week, lose the craziness.” Simon says, “Your like a singing fly. You’re all over the place. It’s distracting. I think this is Louis vision of what a rockstar should be like. It’s so crazy I can’t take it seriously. Your vocal is OK. I like the fact that you are a trier.” Louis says, “You are so in tune, you put on quite a show. Storm, you were born to sing.”

Treyc Cohen – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Purple Rain” by Prince – Wow. Treyc is KILLING it again this week. Powerful. She’s going to go deep. Still can’t believe Cheryl didn’t pick her initially. Louis says, “When I heard you last week, I didn’t think you could do better, but this week you are much better. You remind me of Tina Turner, Dannii says, “You are this little petite pop star. It’s a hard song to put your stamp on, but the audience here loved it.” Simon says, “That was incredible. It wasn’t perfect, you lost the melody in parts, your styling isn’t right yet, but you over weeks could be a little dark horse. Absolutely stunning.” Cheryl says, “You are the least assming person, your confidence is so little. That’s something we have to work on over the weeks.”


Paije Richardson – (Dannii – Boys) – “If I An’t Got You” by Alicia Keys – Good song pick for Paije. He’s totally got that smooth Urban AC sound. He sounds a little strangled on the high notes. He does seems to run out of air. Louis says, “that was such a big improvement on last week. You’re a soulful little man and got great likability.” Cheryl says, “Towards the end, you convinced everyone. Well done.” Simon says, “You’re like sunshine when you walk out on the stage. The only issue I have, it looks like the dancers walked out on the wrong song. Brian Friedman doesn’t look happy! He says Dannie ‘slightly screwed up.’ Dannii thinks it worked. She says, “It did get hotter and hotter towards the end.”

One Direction, – (Simon – Groups) – “My Life Would Suck Without U” by Kelly Clarkson – Oh geez. Uhm. Not a song I would have picked for these kids. Simon’s slapped together boy band really lacks cohesiveness. They’re all cute, I’ll give them that. Louis says, “You seem to be having fun on stage, every school girl is going to like them. Kelly Clarkson a hero? I think Simon could have picked a better song.” Dannii says, “You’re 5 heart throbs. You look great together. The true measure will be when you sing your big ballad.” Cheryl says, “I can’t even cope with how cute you are. You’re so sweet. I want to say ‘this is the new big boy band.’ that will come in time.” Simon days, “You are the most exciting pop band in the country today.” Oh Simon…SERIOUSLY? LMAO.

Cher Lloyd – (Cheryl – Girls) – “It’s a Hard Luck Life” from the musical Annie – So…Little Orphan Annie is her hero? She’s rapping parts of this song. Erm. Uh. WTF??? LULZ. I love the X Factor. It’s so absolutely RIDICULOUS. Louis says, “Really big risk, but it so worked, it’s so you, you’re like a little mini Cheryl. You look like a pop star.” Dannii says “I love every risk you’ve taken, but it didn’t really work for me.” Simon says, “I absolutely loved it. As far as I’m concerned, you can sing the phone book. I see the future here.” Cheryl says, “You look like a pop star….you are a pop star.”

John Adeleye – (Louis – Over 28s) – “Song For You” by Donnie Hathaway – This is way better than last week. He’s really connecting this week. Nice vocal. Dannii says, “It just radiates from you when you sing. You have such a natural voice.” Cheryl says, “You can put that real emotion in a song. I really felt it from you tonight.” Simon says, “That was a fantastic choice of song. I can see that meant a lot to you. A great performance.” Louis says, “You just came alive singing that song. Powerful, emotional, soulful.”

Diva Fever (Simon – Groups) – “Gotta Go Home” by Boney M – This isn’t quite as hilarious as last week, but they’re still fun. Barbara Streisand! Louis says, “You always put a smile on everybody’s face. Boys I like you an awful lot.” Dannii says, “That song is on my Christmas party playlist. I just like you guys. It did it for me.” Cheryl says, “You seem like you’re having the time of your life.” Simon says, “That is exactly the kind of record you would have a hit with. You guys are fun.”

Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Feeling Good” – Hm. I’m not sure I’m liking Rebecca on this. She sounds better with contemporary material. She’s got a chipmunk quality I haven’t noticed so far. Not one of her better performances, for sure. Louis says, “You are what we’re looking for, someone with an amazing recording voice…so elegant…Rebecca you have so much star quality. I an see you going all the way.” Dannii says, “That song was a risk, but you made it so new and so fresh. You look beautiful.” Simon says, “I absolutely love you. You’ve got it just right at them moment. Your voice is on the money. That was genius.” Cheryl says, “You make retro stunning. I would buy your album tomorrow. Your so comfortable and easy to listen to. You represent Liverpool very very well.”

Aiden Grimshaw – (Dannii – Boys) – “Jealous Guy” – by John Lennon – Holy shit. He’s going for a really stylized version of this song, but it sounds out of his range, so it’s not working. Really off pitch in spots. Louis says, “You picked a really classic song and gave it your on stamp.” Cheryl says, “You could be a credible artist, but that performance was shakey…I think you know that yourself. You have potential.” Simon says, “I’m going to agree with Cheryl. There were too many times, where it went out of control. Your nerves got the best of you. I think you are potentially brilliant. You’ve got to find a song you’ve got to control.” Dannii says, “It was a good performance, but I can see by the look on your fact that you did not enjoy it.” Aiden thought his performance was “a bit rubbish.”

Wagner – (Louis – Over 28s) – “Help Yourself” by Tom Jones – Wagner was worried about keeping time during his song? He’s not. This is pretty much a mess. Wagner can’t last one more week, he’s worse than a bad Idol audition. Cheryl says, “I didn’t understand all of it. I felt like I was thrown back to the 60s” “It was like being on planet venus in the 1960s.” Simon asks him if he’s “getting it on with Mary.” Wagner doesn’t really answer. Louis calls him “A breath of fresh air.” Louis says they have something really special planned for next week. Oh boy.

Katie Waissel – (Cheryl – Girls) – I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James – I think they’ve found a niche for Katie with the retro soul songs. She’s actually really good when she calms down, ditches the artifice and just sings. Louis says, “I’m so glad I saved you last week, you’re a hard worker, and very emotional. I want people to give you another chance.” Dannii says, “You sang with every bit of effort. I like when it’s stripped back. We need to show who you are.” Simon says, “It’s all about being potentially a star. There’s something about you Katie that I really like. I thought that was terrific.” Cheryl says, “You are such a great girl. I really enjoy everything about you.”

Belle Amie – (Simon – Groups) – “You Really Got Me” by the Kinks – Uh. Simon. Your song choices? Really blow. So, who exactly is the girls’ hero? Or did the Spice Girls do a version of this song. Ugh. Butchering the Kinks. Awesome. Not. Louis, “So much better than last week. You look like the next big girls band. Love it.” Dannii says, “The styling didn’t work for me. Loved the dancing.” Cheryl says, “I really enjoyed it. I loved the look. It’s nice to see you do an upbeat song.” I guess they were fighting over who sang lead. Simon says, “Based on the performance tonight, every vote was the right vote. You turned into a group. There aren’t that many girl groups in this country that are as good as you.” OMG.

Mary Byrne – (Louis – Over 28s) – “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield – I’m not liking this as much as her song last week, but it’s still a solid effort. She’s very old-fashioned. The audience loves it. Mary is crying now. Dannii says, “That was priceless, so beautiful.” Cheryl says, “I’m covered in goosebumps. I respect you as a woman, as an artist, I believe every word you sing.” Simon says, “This is why I would never put an age limit on one of these shows. Just do what your doing. You’re getting this 100% right.” Louis says, “You are the heart and the soul of the X Factor. Every woman watching this show identifies with you.

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars – Matt is still my favorite. He’s got a really unique style and a versatile voice. He was worried about hitting the high notes, but he pretty much nailed them. Very nice. “I think you stole the show. That’s what I call pop music. You remind me a little of Bono.” Cheryl says, “Great song choice and you delivered it really well.” Simon says, “I absolutely loved the production on that. There were two or 3 moments that you fell off, but it doesn’t matter. It was a genius version of that song. With confidence, you are going to be a brilliant pop star.” Dannii says, “Matt that was amazing, I don’t think you fell off that performance anywhere. You absolutely nailed. it.”

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