X Factor UK – THE FINAL!

Cher Lloyd has been eliminated

Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction and Matt Cardle compete in the Finale tomorrow.

No big surprises tonight. Once Matt Cardle and Cher Lloyd were left, it was pretty obvious Cher would be hitting the road. She barely squeaked through last week.

Matt had the best performances of the night, despite not being at his best. I think either Matt or One Direction will take it all. It depends on who commands the phone lines most successfully–the Moms or their Daughters.

In America, I always hand it to the Moms, who are the most organized, determined and tenacious when voting for their favs. But I can’t really predict for Britain. Their deal is a little different–considering the phone calls are not free. We’ll see. I hope Matt wins.

VIDEOS and Live Blog after the JUMP…

Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and One Direction BATTLE IT OUT today for the X Factor crown.  Tomorrow, one of the Top 4 will be announced as the winner of X Factor.

Check out the song spoilers HERE.  The contestants are rumored to sing a judges’ choice and a duet with a huge popstar- Matt with Rihanna, Rebecca with Christina Aguilera, One Direction with Robbie Williams and Cher with Will.i.am.

“I think there’s going to be a shock tonight, ” says Simon. Do tell!

Hometown visits this weekend! One act leaves tonight at the end of the show, via YOUR VOTES.

The Final 16 come back for a group number – OMG the theme from “Flashdance”, complete with “rapping” from Cher. Oohhh. Matt sounds awful. Good to see Wagner again.


Hm. Hometown visits airing BEFORE and DURING the voting. Idol purposely waits until results day so they don’t sway the vote.

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – “Here With Me” by Dido – Matt sounds a lot healthier than last week. Good song pick. Matt + falsetto + emotion = WIN. This is pretty awesome. He’s got his acoustic guitar too. Louis says, “You’re in the final because you deserve it. You’re a very ordinary guy with a very extraordinary voice.” Cheryl says, “You have incredible support from the public. You deserve to be there.” Simon says, “That was a fantastic first song. I hope I see you tomorrow night.” Dannii says, “Thank you for the work you’ve done these past few weeks. You deserve this.” Matt says he feels good.

Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Just Like a Star” by Corinne Bailey Rae – Rebecca goes home to Liverpool. More crying! The Corrine Bailey Rae vibe is where Rebecca’s unique, but limited vocals work best. This is a great song pick for her. She looks beautiful. OMG. Could have done without the dancer dudes turning her around on a big platform. What’s wrong with just singing a pretty song? Louis says, “I believe in you so much, as a person, as a recording artist. You still have the likability factor.” Dannii says, “You are an absolute beauty. You deserve to be in the final.” Simon says, “You look absolutely beautiful. I thought that was magical. There’s something about you. You are one of the nicest contestants we’ve ever had. You have one heck of a recording voice.” Cheryl says, “You are an amazing girl. I have so much respect for your dignity, class. I have so much belief in you.”

One Direction – “Your Song” by Elton John – The boys have a lot of hometowns to visit! Changing the melody to Your Song? Why? Sing it in unison boys! Zzzzz. They seem like sweet lads, but NO. None of them are really strong singers. But, Harry sounds better than he usually does. REVERB REVERB REVERB. Louis says, “You have an amazing future.” Dannii says, “You’ve worked so hard, you deserve to be here.” Cheryl says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed you guys every week.” Simon says, “After hearing the first two performances tonight, you came up on stage and each of you proved you should be there as individual singers.” So, are the judges going to tell each act they are awesome and deserve to be in the final? I want to see the knives come out!

Cher Lloyd – “The Clapping Song” – MORE CRYING as Cher visits her hometown. Wow. OFF KEY SINGING YIKES. Pretty awkward mashup going on right here. Weird monkey scream at the end scared me. Louis says, “I love the song choices. Brilliant job on the staging.” Dannii says, “Your music is definitely niche. This is an amazing springboard.” Simon says, “You smashed that. This is why I am happy that we put you through. You are fearless you are my favorite little brat. My favorite performance of yours so far.” Cheryl says, “I saw something the second you walked into that audition.” Dannii didn’t sound very enthusiastic.

Matt Cardle and Rihanna – “Unfaithful” – Matt’s got the flames of pimpage! This is pretty good. They’re getting all cozy as they sing. That was kinda hot. Rihanna says Matt is amazing and adorable.

Rebecca Ferguson and Christina Aguilera – “Beautiful” – Will Rebecca’s thin vocals be at match for the powerhouse that is Xtina? Yeah. Christina is outsinging Rebecca, majorly. Why not pair Rebecca up with somebody like Sade or Corrine Baily Rae? Even Duffy would have been a better pick. A single tear rolled down Rebecca’s face. Christina says Rebecca is incredible and a very unique talent.

One Direction and Robbie Williams – “She’s the One” – I like the boys’ multi-colored suits. It distracts me from their horrible singing. Simon looks so proud! 1D’s attempt at harmony? #fail. Stick to singing in unison kid. Even Robbie doesn’t sound that great. GROUP HUG. Who is the Robbie of the band? So much screaming!

Cher Lloyd and Will.i.am – “Where Is The Love/ I Gotta Feeling” – Cher raps and raps. Her singing is better on this number, though. She’s no Fergie, however. Actually, Will sounds like crap. I think they forgot to turn on autotune. Cher is outsinging him. This is a very odd pairing. Will thinks Cher is a star and a true talent.

Last minute pitches from the judges…

Rihanna takes the stage to sing “What’s My Name” – Rihanna must have undressed quickly, because she forgot to put on her outfit.


Christina Aguilera sings “Express” from Burlesque.


Which 3 acts goes through to tomorrows finale?

  • Rebecca Ferguson
  • One Direction
  • Matt Cardle

Oh geez! Matt and Cher are the last two standing? Cher is toast. Or she better be. AND SHE IS. Cher Lloyd is eliminated. We see her goodbye package, and then the voting for the remaining 3 contestants open.

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