X Factor UK Season 9: Third Live Show

CLUB CLASSICS! Double elimination?

It’s still hard to believe that we said goodbye to Melanie Masson last week. Two contestants from the overs category left the show in the first two weeks of the live shows. And this is supposed to be a year of strong older talent? Gary Barlow only has Kye Sones and wildcard Christopher Maloney left. Chris can sing, but is boring, dated and cheesy. Kye’s vocal abilities are more questionable and while he can be quite current, I just don’t see him as a potential winner. Melanie Masson was definitely the best contestant in this category. As a over 40 years old female rocker, she was a bit dated, but at least she performed well. I expected her to go far. Last week, she had a pimp spot, ended up in the bottom 2 and was eliminated after judges’ vote went to deadlock. As good as Melanie was, TPTB felt that a young boyband was a more valuable asset to the show than Melanie.

Tonight, the contestants sing CLUB CLASSICS. I expect TPTB will do anything to keep this year’s only joke act, Rylan Clark, in the competition for a few more weeks. During the week I read somewhere that two acts will leave the competition this weekend. So good luck Rylan!

According to TV Guide, tonight’s show airs at 8:20pm BST (3:20pm EDT, 12:20pm PDT) on ITV1 (120min). The Xtra Factor airs at 10:20pm BST (60min) on ITV2.

Where to watch the show? If you are in the UK or can get UK IP, watch on ITV.com. Possible alternatives: TV Nutters, TVPC.com.

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The show starts with a short recap of last week’s events. The introduction of the remaining acts and judges. Louis says District3 are like a new boyband. And Lucy apologises for bad behaviour. She and Rylan got kicked out of the Corinthia hotel this past week.

Dermot O’Leary dances into the stage. Voice-over guy introduces the 4 judges.

Dermot and judges discuss this week’s theme, Club classics. Louis says, acts are now falling out of clubs, it’s terrible.

The voting lines are now open.

Christopher Maloney – “Waiting For A Star To Fall” by Boy Meets Girl

Chris and Brian Friedman in dance studio. Oh my. Chris starts the performance on a platform, dancers show up on stage. He is singing “Waiting For A Star To Fall”. Sounds dated and the whole performance seems a bit karaoke or um, “cruise ship”. His vocals are stellar.
Nicole: Who doesn’t love a warm cheese toastie? You are so lovable.
Louis: You hit every note. I remember buying this record in 1988. I think Tulisa wasn’t even born then.
Tulisa: I don’t get it, it’s too cheesy for me. Rylan is at least fun.
Gary: You are public’s choice!

Commercial break.

MK1 – “Crystal Waters”/”Pass Out”

They are doing a mash up this week. It’s Gypsy Woman’s “Crystal Waters” Tinie Tempah’s “Pass Out”
Tulisa: Perfect song choice. Amazing rap, but next time, do you, your own rap.
Gary: The first part was exceptional, the second was your worst performance ever.
Nicole: I thought that was freaking amazing.
Louis: I let them pick their songs this week, amazing performance!

Jahmene Douglas – “Say a Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin

Had an emotional week. His sob story came out in the papers. His father abused both him and his mother. Music was his sanctuary. He’s singing ‘Say A Little Prayer’ in natty turquoise trousers and matching bow tie. Good vocals, but he looks uncomfortable on stage.
Louis: Every week you continue to amaze me. You are little Ray Charles.
Tulisa: You are absolutely adorable.
Gary: You look clumsy on stage, you don’t need to move.
Nicole: You have “bigger balls” than anyone I’ve ever met.

Jade Ellis – “Free” by Ultranate

We see Jade with X Factor’s vocal coach. She is losing her voice. Next, we see her at the doctor’s office. When she arrives at Brian Friedman’s dance studio, she is on 48-hours long vocal rest.
Jade’s song this week is Ultranate’s “Free”. It’s … just there. I’m not feeling it.
Gary: Well done. Nice safe performance.
Nicole: You look like a million bucks, I just want you to own it more.
Louis: I love you, but you didn’t sing like a superstar. You need to give more. It wasn’t enough. I want more energy.
Tulisa: She had a rough week.

James Arthur – “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO

He had an anxiety attack last Saturday night.
Oh look, WGWG re-doing a pop song! The stage looks like a stripper club. Sexy dancers on stage. James’ version of this classic is interesting.
Louis: What a brilliant interpretation! You deserve a record deal.
Tulisa: Great rendition of that song!
Gary: Amazing, amazing, amazing. I think those guys took about 5 minutes to write those stupid lyrics, but that was the performance of the series.
Nicole: You are a revelation.

Union J – “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta/Kelly Rowland

Girls are going crazy for Union J. Louis still thinks they need to stay focused. Oh, they are doing a song originally sung by former X Factor UK judge Kelly Rowland. Not the greatest song choice for a boyband, I think. Okay performance.
Tulisa: You are finally finding your feet in this competition. You are getting better and better and better.
Gary: We are witnesing a birth of a brand new boyband right here.
Nicole: I would have liked a bit more harmony and energy.

Rylan Clark – “On The Floor” by Jennifer Lopez/”Please Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna

Wow, Rylan is going through a major makeover this week. Goodbye beard!
And now it’s time to malign a hit by former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. Oh my God. Terrible outfit, terrible singing, terrible dancing, terrible everything.
Louis: We know you are not the best singer in this competition, but you are the best entertainer. We need you in the competition!
Tulisa: Rusty vocals, but entertainment was still there.
Gary: We have 10 very talented contestants in the competition, and every week you stay in the competition, somebody better goes home.
Nicole: He has the XWZ Factor.

Lucy Spraggan – “Titanium” by David Guetta/Sia

She went out with Rylan. They got thrown out of the Corinthia hotel.
Lucy is doing “Titanium” is a style of .fun? WGWG is strumming her guitar, she sounds quite good. I think there are some original lyrics between.
Gary: Lucy, well done!
Nicole: Brilliant job, your lyrics are so honest.
Louis: You are a brilliant story teller.
Tulisa: You are 21, you can go out as long as you are at work on time.

Kye Sones – “Save The World” by Swedish House Mafia

Oh, Kye gets a honest critique from Gary Barlow backstage. 33 flat notes in last week’s performance.
He is on a high perform, playing piano and singing a ballad version of “Save The World”. It’s a bit boring. Better vocal performance than last week.
Nicole: I wanted so badly that performance to be epic. And it was.
Louis: It was so much better than last week.
Tulisa: Kye that we saw at the auditions is back!
Gary: Well done, you are truly back tonight.

District3 – “Beggin” by Madcon/”Turn Up The Music” by Chris Brown

They show Brian Friedman their dance moves. The look on Brian’s face is priceless.
That Chris Brown song seemed a bit random, but “Beggin” was great.
Tulisa: Bottom 2 gave you a kick in the bottom that you needed!
Gary: You are the revelation of tonight! Bottom 2 was the best thing that happened to you!
Nicole: Tulisa is right, it’s all about the confidence.
Louis: You worked your ass off the whole week. We have two great boybands in the competition.

Ella Henderson – “You Got The Love” by The Source/Candi Staton

Adele tweeted about AdElla last week. And this week, AdElla is going to bust out some moves! Another great vocal performance.
Gary: Another great vocal performance. But 90’s dance moves cheapen your act. You are the Adele of the competition.
Nicole: If anyone is going to judge you on dance moves, It’s going to be me. There is nothing to critique you.
Louis: She’s got the X Factor! She’s going to be an international star in a few years!
Tulisa: Who knew you could do uptempo! You are only 16 years old!


Tomorrow, JLS and Labrinth & Emeli Sande perform.

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