X Factor UK Season 10: Jukebox Week

2 songs / finalist.

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That “Firework” instrumental intro at the beginning was really fabulous. Dermot and the judges arrived as usual.

Nicholas McDonald – Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars)

Nick has a cute little sister. He is trying to find his identity, so he is watching Justin Bieber’s music videos from a few years ago. LOL.
Nick starts singing … and I still see 12 year old styles as 50 year old, singing in a style 30 years out of date. The vocal is fine, pretty close to the original.
Sharon: 17, as usual, you sang brilliantly, but not it’s the time to fight. Move those little legs up and down, own it, you need to perform more.
Gary: Risk is the key part of this part, Too middle of the road for me. You sing beautifully, so well done.
Nicole: I loved it. Song choice is everything and the public picked the perfect song for you.
Louis: It’s very simple, he has a God given gift! And he is gonna be in the final!

Sam Bailey – How Will I Know? (Whitney Houston)

Sam sums up the schedule during the week. She went to Royal Variety Performance Show this week.
The performance: The vocal kinda reminds me of Whitney’s version. Good karaoke. Solid vocals, but not much identity. Good karaoke.
Gary: Well done! I always had you penciled down as a ballad singer, but that was solid …
Nicole: I loved this song growing up! You sang the heck out of this song, but I kinda feel like the production was like a cruise ship version …
Louis: Effortless! There is a space in the UK market for a girl like you!
Sharon: You went out of your comfort zone …

Tamera Foster – We Found Love (Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris)

Tamera gets some help from hypnotherapist. Poor girl.
OMG! She made it through the song!
Louis: Well done, you came back fighting. I love the whole image, I love the dancing, you are only 16!
Sharon: Great song choice! You need to move! Throw those legs around!
Gary: You look like you are having fun! That song is right in your lane!
Sharon: You look like a popstar, you sound like a popstar, you are a ready made popstar!

Luke Friend – Skinny Love (Bon Iver)

His female friend moved to Australia. Louis hates the song.
Luke plays guitar and songs. Solid vocal performance.
Sharon: That was big juicy love! You up your game every single week!
Gary: Good job, Luke!
Nicole: This is by far my favorite performance of yours!
Louis: You stand out from the crowd! Vote for Luke! (He hates the song because 3 years ago at the auditions everyone was singing it.)

Rough Copy – Every Little Step / She’s Got That Vibe (Bobby Brown / R. Kelly & Public Announcement)

So, Bobby Brown and R. Kelly are their musical heroes? Hmmm.
Now this looks and sounds like a proper X Factor production!
Nicole: You make it look so easy, but I know how hard it is to sing and dance like that! On a serious note, I don’t want to see you in the bottom 2 again!
Louis: I think it was good, I don’t think it was great. the vocals were a bit weak!
Sharon: Work on the vocals, save the skipping and hopping!
Gary: Boys, you did great!

Lines are now open!

After the commercial break, Caroline Flack is interviewing Rough Copy backstage.

Nicholas McDonald – Greatest Day (Take That)

Nicholas had his 17-th birthday last week and this week he had his first driving lesson.
Nick is struggling with the song in rehearsals. He doesn’t want to go home!
So, Umm. Some wonky notes. Cheesy song. Cringe-worthy mannerisms from Nick. Ugh.
Sharon: Well done Nicholas! I could feel and see the passion!
Gary: Well done! You definitely took a risk!
Nicole: That’s a really big song and you were bigger than ever on that stage!
Louis: You can sing anything! Young Gary Barlow!

Sam Bailey – Clown (Emeli Sandé)

This song reminds her of her children. Oh. Okay. She misses her kids a lot.
Her staging and styling for this song remind me of Adele. The dress is unfortunate. Big key change! Light show!
Gary: Well done Sam, absolutely beautiful!
Nicole: Outstanding!
Louis: You are what this show is all about!
Sharon: Your vocal range never ceases to maze me!

Luke Friend – I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons)

Running order change. Luke is trying to change up the song. Ugh, I don’t know which Luke’s song choice tonight is worse. He does his thing with this one. Some pitch problems.
Sharon: That was your best performance in this contest!
Gary: You are it! A little bit pitchy, but the vibe as fantastic!
Nicole: When you perform you are unapologetic and unafraid. This is your week!
Louis: The final is in sight!

Tamera Foster – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack)

She sang this song in her first talent contest two years ago. Good performance. The best part? She makes it through without messing up. Hypnotherapy worked!
Louis: That was so convincing and so emotional! You’ve got it all!
Sharon: Well, welcome to the race! You are blossoming right before our eyes!
Gary: I think a few people are having good nights and you are one of them! I think you are going to have a massive career.
Nicole: That tone, those notes, everything!

Rough Copy – I Believe I Can Fly (R. Kelly)

And now, another R. Kelly classic … you know which one. The public picked it out of the three choices. Tells us something about the tastes of the public. The boys promise to make us feel every word.
I think … if they win, this will be their winner’s single. Wait, they are in white and sing with a choir. Is this a preview of what’s to come?
Nicole: Thank you so much for that uplifting performance! Your are the best group the show has ever seen!
Louis: I loved the performance!
Sharon: That was spiritual! You flew like eagles!
Gary: Killer performance! People need to pick up a phone and vote for you guys!

Recap. And we are out.

‘I predict big things’: Gary Barlow says Tamera Foster will be the most successful of this year’s X Factor contestants
In a wild twist, Gary Barlow told Tamera Foster on Saturday’s X Factor that he thought she would be the most successful out of all this year’s contestants.

The troubled teen forgot her words two weeks in a row, but this week proved to the judges she had what it takes to be in the competition – prompting judge Gary to speak about his premonitions for her career.

He said: ‘I think a few people are having good nights tonight and you are one. I think, if we look forward five years, you may possibly be the most successful contestant from this year. I predict big things.’
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‘It was like a cruise ship version’: Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne clash over Sam Bailey’s X Factor performance
While they might be friends off-screen, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger appeared to fall out during Saturday night’s X Factor over the former Pussycat Doll singer’s comments about Sam Bailey’s performance.

Sam, 35, performed second on the show and belted out a version Whitney Houston’s classic How Will I Know, which all the judges but Nicole appeared to enjoy.

The Hawaiian singer said: ‘I loved this song growing up. You just sang the heck out of that song, but I feel like the production was like a cruise ship version.’
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Nicole Scherzinger turns on the retro glamour for The X Factor with a faux bob hairstyle and a slinky sequin gown… while Sharon Osbourne dazzles in sheer lace
She’s rarely put a sartorial foot out of place when it comes to her impeccable X Factor wardrobe.

And Nicole Scherzinger scored a style success yet again on Saturday night’s show as she turned on the retro glamour in a slinky floor-length sequin gown.

Forgoing her usual flowing raven locks, the 35-year-old singer spiced up her stage ensemble by teasing her mane into a Hollywood siren-inspired voluminous faux bob hairstyle.
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