X Factor UK Season 10: Episode 8 – Auditions

Final episode of arena auditions.

8pm BST/3pm ET, ITV1

Keep your eyes on the spoilers. I will update both posts this week.

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Ryan Mathie
Plays acoustic guitar, covers Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. The crowd goes crazy. The judges loved him too. We saw his room audition in week 2, I think.

Tenors of Rock
Rock (boy)band? 6 guys. Sharon said no after their room audition. They sing Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”. Uggh, this is rough. After a slowed-down start, they are just screaming. Nicole and Louis are rocking out … The judges say it was great? Oookay. 4x YES

Hannah Shears
Auditioned as a part of Daisy Chains, now she is doing it on her own. Sings Demi Lovato’s “Skyscrapper”. Pretty good. She is through.

Code 4
Sing “Like I Love You” by Justin Timberlake. 4X YES

Sing “Earthquake” by Labrinth. 4X YES

Brick City
“No More Pain” by Mary J Blige 4X YES

2 white guys and 1 black female singer in a group. She has a small daughter. She is fantastic, but the guys are pointless addition. They judges want her to go to the girls category as a solo singer. She doesn’t want to. Nicole says no, the other three put the group through. From what I’ve heard, this group will be broken up in bootcamp and Shereece (SeSe) will join Jeanette Akua and Rielle Carrington in a new girlband. It will be a great looking girlband for Gary Barlow.

Older guy with a tamburine. Walks around on stage. Wow, this is funny. 4 Nos.

Sam Callahan, 18
Sings “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” by Ed Sheeran. Bootcamp. Apparently this guy was invited to audition for X Factor and was groomed for stardom by Idol creator Simon Fuller. Spoilers say he is through to TOP 12. Not surprising.

Zoe Devlin
Sings “God Bless the Child”. Bootcamp.

Joseph Whelan
Sings “Sweet Child of Mine”. Bootcamp.

Crissie Rhodes, 25
A wedding singer. 4 x YES from the room audition. Sings a beautiful ballad about babies. The judges love her, 4 X YES.

Giles Potter, 16
Messes up the audition, but the judges let him through. Gary wants him to get serious.

Next, some more guys that can’t handle the pressure. All going home.

Paul Akister, 24
Paul worked on his stage presence since his room audition. Sings “A Song For You”, stage presence doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. The judges love his singing. Standing ovation. 4x YES

And that’s it. The auditions are over. The lights go out, judges leave the arena and are driven away …

And now … trailer for the next week!

Musical chairs!
Gary: “I have 6 chairs over there. Why should I give you one?”

No one is safe until every act has sung!

OMG the drama! This will be THRILLING TELEVISION! Bloody Brilliant!

TELLYMIX has a great post of all hopefuls that made it to bootcamp and were featured on the show.

‘We haven’t really spoken since’: X Factor’s Hannah Shears admits her two friends have shunned her since going solo
It was a painful decision to make in the tough world of showbiz, but only now is Hannah Shears starting to pay the price.

The 17 year-old singer from Birmingham returned to the stage for the first today time since she was forced to leave the band she fronted with her two pals: Daisy Chain.

Admitting that she still felt ‘guilty’ by the decision to go solo, she also confessed that the friends haven’t spoken since they disbanded.
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It’s all about the boys: Is Ryan Mathie X Factor’s equivalent to Susan Boyle? ‘Mr Bin Juice’ is the show’s most unlikely star…while Paul Akister and Tenors of Rock also sail through to bootcamp
Every season The X Factor has a wildcard contestant – and, just like Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent, Ryan Mathie might just be it.

The 18 year-old local government employee looked an unlikely star-in-the-making, but stunned the judges with his acoustic rendition of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

Not least because he strummed the chords on his guitar while he flawlessly delivered the smash-hit song to thousands of live audience members.
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The final X Factor audition before Boot Camp had everything except an outstanding talent good enough to win, writes Jim Shelley
The last remaining places at Boot Camp were up for grabs on The X Factor.

In many ways it was the ultimate, but not to say classic, episode with all the ingredients that have become the show’s trademarks:

– the young vocalist who had been pressurised by the judges into dumping her band mates and was then praised for going solo for a chance at fame (Hannah Sheares).

– the vocalist of a band pressurised by the judges into dumping her band mates and was then praised for refusing to go solo for a chance at fame (SeeSee).

– the singer who totally flunked his audition but still went through (Giles Potter).

– the singer who totally flunked his audition but went out (Jack Jacob).
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