X Factor UK Season 10: ’80s Week

“Deadlock” is history?


Check out the this week’s song spoilers HERE.

Tonight’s show starts at 8:00pm GMT/3:00pm ET.

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X Factor UK debuts new voting system tonight!

The Live Shows are coming… and there’s a twist!

Ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get DRAMATIC.

Next Saturday 12 October, The X Factor goes live – and the 12 surviving contestants from this weekend’s Judges’ Houses will be singing for YOUR vote.

But, it’s not going to be that straight-forward. This year, we’re introducing the brand new Flash Vote, which will take place on Saturdays at the end of each show. When all the acts have performed, the voting lines will open for a short amount of time – and every vote made in that time is crucial.

Why? Because once the lines close and the calls have been counted, the act with the lowest number of votes will be revealed – and will automatically be in the sing-off on Sunday’s show.

Once the contestant with the lowest vote has been announced, lines will then reopen for the remaining acts – and will stay open until Sunday’s show, when the next person with the lowest number of votes will be revealed.

Basically, your vote has never been so important – and it’s up to you, our fantastic viewers, to save your favourite act from facing the sing-off.

Dramatic? We told you so.

X Factor 2013 will have NO deadlock, to Dermot O’Leary’s relief

The X Factor 2013 live shows won’t see a deadlock this year, thanks to the new flash vote system.

Tonight will see the final 12 perform live for the first time, and the first half of the bottom two decided.

A new ‘Flash Vote’ will see a 200 second voting period at the end of Saturday’s show, with the contestant who receives the fewest votes being put into the bottom two.

Dermot explained: “There is an interesting thing this year where we have a flash vote. We open the phonelines at the end of the show for about ten minutes and people vote. Then, whoever finishes bottom of that is guaranteed a place – I say that like it’s a good thing but it’s not! – in tomorrow night’s song off, so no matter what happens they’ll be one member of the bottom two.”

The lines will then reopen for the public to vote on the remaining contestants overnight, with the results being revealed in Sunday’s show.

The act who receives the fewest votes in that poll will become the second singer in the bottom two.

“They’ll have to sing for survival tomorrow night and there is no deadlock, which as you can imagine, I am over the moon about!” Dermot declared. “Deadlock is very much the bane of my life.”

The X Factor UK live shows start tonight from 8PM on ITV.

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So, the new “FLASH VOTE” at the end of the performance show will determine the first act in the bottom 2. The result of the flash vote will be revealed immediately and then the voting will re-start for the remaining acts. The second act in the bottom 2 will be revealed during the results show.

The sing-off will happen and then I presume the judges will vote, as usual. But with 4 judges, 2-2 result (deadlock) is still a possibility. Unless the 5th judge (the public) gets involved. With 5 judges, deadlock is history.

The only question now is, will the public get to vote in a flash vote once again after the sing-off? Or will they use the results of the flash vote from the night before and automatically eliminate the loser of the flash vote? The loser of the flash vote won’t be included in the regular post-performance show voting, so those results won’t be used. In my opinion, it’s more likely that they will simply use the results of the flash vote from the performance show. Doing three separate votes is just too much.

The first live show of season 10 and it’s ’80s week. Awful theme, but not really surprising. X Factor UK is trying to steal some older viewers from Strictly Come Dancing. And to do that, current music must go. :(

Anyway, the show stars as usually. Intro, Dermot O’ Leary, judges. “Flash vote” is the new thing. 10 minutes.

Hannah Barrett – What’s Love Got To Do With It (Tina Turner)

Week 1 and she is already on voice rest.
The performance is stellar vocal-wise, but I’m bored. The show isn’t going all out production-wise yet.
Louis: Only 16: Amazing! If you want to see her next week, vote for Hannah!
Sharon: Fabulous, only 16.
Gary: Well done, you raised the bar …
Sharon: That is the way you open the live show!

Nicholas McDonald – True (Spandau Ballet)

Poor Nicholas, born in 1996, has never heard of Spandau Ballet before now. Spandex Belly, LOL!
The performance … vocally okay, but the song is boring. It really looks like the show is just warming up this week. Commercial break before comments? Not that I don’t know what the judges will say! Only 16, blah, blah, blah!
Sharon: How old are you? 16? Almost 16? You are such a darling. I’m glad you are here! Sweet 16 …
Gary: You completely nailed it tonight!
Nicole: I’ve always loved you … But tonight I noticed those baby blue eyes …
Louis: I’m so proud to be your mentor! Only 16 …

My God, what are those judges on?

Miss Dynamix – Jump (Pointer Sisters)

Gary: I think I’ve created something special with those girls! Well done me!
SeSe is having a baby!
Huge production, but this still lacks energy …
Nicole: You came a very long way, you sounded very good. Great song choice, but I just want you to have even more fun!
Louis: It was a brilliant idea, I kinda agree with Nicole …
Sharon: Your chemistry is definitely there. I have to agree with Nicole and Lu-Lu.
Gary: I want you to have more fun …

Sam Bailey – Power of Love (Jennifer Rush)

Works with a choreographer, practices wearing heels …
Great vocal. Is this really live?
Gary: That was totally off the clock! Perfect song choice, what a performance!
Nicole: I am speechless right now …
Louis: I love the makeover, I love the staging. You hit every single note!
Sharon: You nailed it!

Caroline Flack is backstage interviewing Sam Bailey and Sam Callahan.

Sam Callahan – Summer of ‘69 (Bryan Adams)

Oh look, boybander pretending to be a rock star? Not working.
Sharon: Were you happy with your performance (Yes). You’ve got the whole package for me, I love you!
Gary: I do get you, you look like a popstar. Tonight the vocals were quite poor …
Nicole: It comes down to vocals. But you have determination, you try and care, you have the 80’s vibe going…
Louis: Nobody worked harder than Sam … The girls love you and they are going to vote for Sam!

Kingsland Road – I’m Your Man (Wham!)

Strong performance. That one guy in the middle has a strong vocal. Lot’s of potential. They still need some help from stylists, tho.
Nicole: I’m not gonna lie, I was very impressed …
Louis: I loved you from your very first audition …
Sharon: Great energy, great atmosphere! Really well done!
Gary: I’m so pleased your hard work paid off …

Shelley Smith – Alone (Heart)

Shaky start, the chorus went great. Shaky verses, again … Basically, the woman can belt, but the verses were just too low for her.
Gary: You are a character. I feel like you are stuck in the ’80s. We need to modernize you …
Nicole: You have made a total transformation … You are such a character …
Louis: Shelly gave a whelley! You really took off with the performance! It was cheesy.
Sharon: You owned it, it was brilliant!

Abi Alton – Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)

Plays piano. Well, at least this will be “original”. Weak vocals, as expected. This just isn’t working. The energy of the original is completely lost.
Louis: What an amazing interpretation! You are a great musician!
Sharon: That song was unrecognizable, it was fantastic! You are multitalented!
Gary: Well done! It was amazing! Good luck!
Nicole: You are the only contestant tonight that took the song and made it their own …


Lorna Simpson – So Emotional (Whitney Houston)

Strong vocal performance, but dated song and arrangement. Good karaoke performance! Comments after the commercial break.
Gary: The first 30s your pitch was all over the place, but then the beat kicked in …
Nicole: Watch your pitch. I didn’t really remember you from before, but tonight …
Louis: You hit every single note!
Sharon: You were really really great …

Tamera Foster – Ain’t Nobody (Rufus & Chaka Khan)

Another contestant born yesterday!
Vocally pretty strong performance, but the choreography sucks. Really sucks.
Louis: We are looking at an amazing popstar with amazing image!
Sharon: Exotic name, you look exotic and you sing great.
Gary: We are looking for an international star … It’s you.
Nicole: You are a force to be reckoned with …

Luke Friend – Every Breath You Take (The Police)

Luke’s hair has it’s own Twitter account. He is friends with Rough Copy.
Sounds okay, I guess. Struggles on some high notes.
Sharon: You gave it your all. Your voice isn’t the greatest, but you don’t need it with that face …
Gary: Your voice is an acquired taste …
Nicole: Every your performance has so much sincerity…
Louis: I don’t care about your hair …

The judges really are on something tonight, right?

Rough Copy – In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)

Well, this is really good. Some vocal/technical problems, but this group really seems strong.
Nicole: I don’t know how to say this, but you might be the best band I’ve ever seen. Don’t make me regret that … I’m talking international…
Louis: There has to be a gap in the market for a band like this!
Sharon: You just delivered, it was a perfect performance!
Gary: Well done! I’m so glad my last year on the show I get to mentor you guys!


The contestants and their mentors are on stage, waiting for the results.

The girls are safe!
The groups are safe!
The boys are safe!


Telephone lines are now re-opened, voting continues for the other 11 acts.

Cher and Ellie Goulding perform tomorrow night.

It wasn’t a great performance show. Boring theme, boring songs, mostly dated arrangements and nervous contestants.  The stage production is still warming up. Watching the recap of all the performances, I think the groups had the strongest night overall. Abi Alton was awful. All three boys were average, but no one really terrible. The flash vote got it right tonight and we will likely say goodbye to Shelley Smith tomorrow night. She is a fodder, likely right at the bottom of the producer’s preference list.

Not a dry ice in the house: Shelley Smith is first contestant to sing for survival as The X Factor ‘flash vote’ comes into play on 80s night
Just like that, we’re back – and the heat is already on as the controversial ‘flash vote’ came into play on Saturday evening.

It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since James Arthur won the ninth series of The X Factor, but in the blink of an eye the Teesider is on the verge of releasing his first album and the show is back for the tenth consecutive year.

However, after an eighties night complete with shoulder pads, dry ice and obligatory power ballads it was van driver Shelley Smith named as the first contestant to perform for survival on Sunday’s show.
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