X Factor UK S13E11 – Judges’ Houses

One week until the live shows.

How to watch X Factor UK from outside the UK?

You can watch X Factor live, online. ITV streams the show through the ITV Player. However, ITV blocks viewers from outside of the UK. To get around that, you need to use VPN connection. If Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, install Hola extension and set them to UK server. Then open the ITV Player, make a free acounnt and pick the right channel. The player will ask you for a ZIP code Find an active UK ZIP code HERE. Make sure you have the cookies enabled. You can also try to find a working ITV stream on MyiPlayer.com, TVPC.com or FilmON.com.

The X Factor airs tonight at 8:00pm BST (9:00pm CEST, 3:00pm EDT, 12:00am PDT) on ITV 1 (110min).

The live shows are just one week away and this means the judges will be finalizing their teams this weekend. Usually the judges halve their teams from 6 or 8 down to 3 or 4. This year each judge picked their TOP 6 acts at the 6 Chair Challenge and a wildcard twist added one act to each of the 4 categories. 28 acts will be fighting for 3 spots in each category. They will be performing for their mentors and their guest(s). Each mentor will then have to pick the three acts with the best potential do do well in the live shows and after the show.

Nicole and Calvin Harris will be in the south of France with the boys, Simon, Emma Bunton and Mel B will be in Malibu with the girls, Sharon and Robbie Williams will be with the Overs in Los Angeles and Louis, Alesha Dixon and Fleur East will be with the groups in Ibiza, Spain.

Honey G is replacing Ivy Grace Paredes in the Overs category and there are 4 wildcards added to the lineup.

The groups flew to Ibiza, global capital of dance music. We see the groups and Louis partying. The next day, Louis and the groups meet Fleur East and Alesha Dixon at the villa. Both guest judges have experience – they both spent some time in girlbands.

5am are up first. They claim they rehearsed a lot. They are singing R. Kelly’s “She’s Got That Vibe”. They are the total package – definitely ready for the lives. They can sing, rap and dance. The judges think they have massive potential.

Tom and Laura and Yes Lad are next. This grouping says these two acts are fodder.

Tom and Laura sing “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes. They sound okay, but a bit dated. Louis says they are “real”.

Yes Lad perform Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”. The acoustic arrangement isn’t really working for this song. Alesha thinks they are corny. Louis says he honestly doesn’t know … WHAT?

Ottavio and Bradley tell us they met each other 3 years ago and thought they sounded good together. We see the story of undercooked chicken again. They are wearing terrible, homemade outfits again. They are singing Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman”. Alexandra Burke did a great job with this song in season 5. The boys can’t challenge Christina’s vocals, but they are relatively decent. Ottavio pushes Bradley in the pool in the end. Fleur thinks they have a lot of potential for the live shows with all the production. But they are not winning material.

The Brooks and Scarl3t are next.

Scarl3t sing Outcast’s “Hey Ya!”. The song is not a good fit for them, but they sure are trying. Louis likes their attitude and look.

The Brooks made it to this stage two years ago. They are performing Nelly’s “Just a Dream”. Fleur thinks their comeback shows how much they want this. Louis thinks they have the popstar look.

4 of Diamonds are the last group to perform. Alesha asks them what will make them standout in the crowded market. Girls perform Lorde’s “Royals”. What a weird song choice. The girls say this was their own re-arrangement and Louis says this performance proved they can sing.

In the evening, the three judges sit by the pool and deliberate while the groups await their fate. Louis promises to do the right thing. Whatever that is.

After the break it’s time for the reveal.

Scarl3t will get the news first. Louis says he loves their attitude and personality. He thinks with more work and time they could be great. It’s bad news for the girls. Louis thinks they need more time.

Yes Lad were sent home at the 6 Chair Challenge and don’t want another rejection. 4 of Diamonds and 5am want good news, too. Louis talks and talks to all three acts separately. 4 of Diamonds are out. Yes Lad are out. 5am are Louis’ first pick!

The Brooks are next to see Louis. They don’t want to go home again. Louis thinks they have a great image and attitude but thinks their vocals aren’t the best. Louis decides to take the risk … The Brooks are the second group chosen for the live shows.

Bradley and Ottavio and Tom and Laura are the last two groups still waiting for their fate. Bradley and Ottavio wear Roman costumes. Louis is puzzled by their outfits. Anyway … Louis decided to drop Tom and Laura and bring Ottavio and Bradley to the live shows. So predictable it’s not even funny.

Louis’s groups: 5am, The Brooks, Ottavio and Bradley

We are moving on to Malibu in California. The seven girls enjoy some time on the beach. They go to a big mansion the next day where they meet Simon. He introduces Mel B and Emma Bunton to the girls.

Soheila Clifford is determined to make it to the lives. So much ambition. She is performing Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in the Bottle”. The song is too big for her. Emma admires her confidence and points out she only looked at Simon. Simon thinks she is memorable.

Kayleigh Marie Morgan and Olivia Garcia are next.

Olivia Garcia is performing Britney Spears’ “Sometimes”. It’s 90’s night. Simon thinks the song really suited her. Emma thinks Olivia would be able to deal with any song.

Kayleigh Marie Morgan is so grateful to be here. She is performing Jessie J’s “Who You Are”. She sounds nice and Mel B points that out during the performance. Emma Bunton agrees. I just don’t see think working in the current music industry. Emma loves her tone. Simon thinks she would appeal to older audience. Yup, the record label executive only cares about the record selling potential.

Samantha Lavery is performing next. She is Louis’s wildcard. He didn’t like her song and her styling at the 6 Chair Challenge. He finds her “distant”. She turned 17 last week. Simon doesn’t like her popstar image and asks her to leave and remove her “look”.

Caitlyn Vanbeck is next. She is very nervous. She is singing George Michael’s “Praying for Time”. She forgets the lyrics. Aww. She continues after a few moments. She definitely has the best voice of the girls that performed so far.

Emily Middlemas is performing with her acoustic guitar again. She is doing Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s”. She is good at what she does. Simon likes that she isn’t hiding behind the guitar.

Gifty Louise performs “This Girl” by Kungs. Simon thinks she doesn’t have a huge voice, but Mel B and Emma love her.

Samantha Lavery returns without make up and in a new outfit. She sings Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain”. She delivers a solid vocal performance. I’m not sure the lack of make up helped her singing skills, but it seems it made all the difference for Simon.

Later in the evening, Simon wants to put through 5 girls instead of 3.

Soheila Clifford is the first to go see Simon. She is out. Simon says there were better singers than her. To any long time X Factor viewer this girl was always just fodder. Decent voice, but not good enough and too much confidence in her talent. She came across as off putting from the moment she first appeared on TV.

Gifty Louise, Olivia Garcia and Kayleigh Marie Morgan are next. Olivia and Kayleigh are out. Gifty Louise is the first girl chosen for the live shows. Simon is trying to be truthful and kind with every reject.

Samantha Lavery is getting the news next. Simon says he really got to know her the day before. She is through to the live shows.

Emily Middlemas and Caitlyn Vanbeck are the last girls remaining and Simon has only one place left. Caitlyn Vanbeck is going home. Emily Middlemas takes the last place in Simon’s category.

Simon’s girls: Gifty Louise, Samantha Lavery, Emily Middlemas

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