X Factor UK S12 – TOP 24 – SPOILERS

X Factor UK 12 TOP 24 SPOILERS

The 6 chair challenge was shot this past week.

The 4 judges were handed their categories on Tuesday and then the two day filming of the 6 chair challenge started. The audience brought the spoilers to various message boards. Below is what we have. It looks like the Overs are Over 28s this year. Also, the boys are apparently terrible this year. These 24 made it to the judges’ houses.

1. Louisa Johnson
2. Chloe Paige
3. Monica Michael
4. Havva Rebke
5. Kiera Weathers
6. Lauren Murray

1. Tom Bleasby
2. Seann Miley Moore
3. Josh Daniel
4. Che Chesterman
5. Simon Lynch
6. Ben Clark

1. Jennifer Phillips
2. Nicola Bupsi Brown
3. Ebru
4. Anton Stephans
5. Kerri-Anne Phillips
6. Max Stone

1. The First Kings
2. 4th Power
3. Silver Tone
4. Alien
5. Men on Point

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