X Factor UK S11E09 – Boot Camp


Sarah - Wexford Has Talent
Sarah - Wexford Has Talent

Tonight’s episode starts at 9pm BST, 10pm CEST, 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT.

XF UK S11E09 Previews:

Boot Camp Promo

Get Ready for Boot Camp

Monica Michael Boot Camp Preview

Chloe O’Gorman and Chloe Jasmine Boot Camp Preview





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The auditions are over and it’s time for boot camp. The judges were assigned their categories to mentor. Check out the video below.

Tonight’s episode starts with the first boot camp challenge that will be only briefly shown. 114 acts made it from the arena auditions to boot camp, but only 57 will pass the first round of boot camp and will get to meet their mentors. The second round of boot camp is a 6 chair challenge. Tonight we will see Cheryl Fernandez-Versini make some tough decisions as she picks her TOP 6 girls.

In other news, the latest spoilers say we will have wildcards again this year. The judges will each pick 3 acts for the live shows at the judges’ houses round and then each judge will pick a wildcard (presumably from the remaining three acts that didn’t get chosen), but not for their own category. Cheryl (mentors the girls) will pick an extra boy, Mel B (mentors the boys) will pick another group, Louis (mentors the groups) will pick and extra Over, and Simon (mentors the Overs) will pick an extra girl. This means the live shows will start with 16 acts.

Th 6 chairs are ready. The arena is full of people.

Lola Saunders – Finally (Cece Peniston)

A mess. But the crowd seems to be animated. Mel says she could have done a lot better. Louis agrees. Simon says he liked the first part of the song, but not the second part when she started screaming. The crowd doesn’t agree. Cheryl agrees with Mel. The crowd demands a seat for Lola and she is given the first seat.

Chloe Jasmine – I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)

She is wearing a nice dress in bronze/nude color. Interesting song choice, but the performance wasn’t that great. Cheryl gives her a seat.

Shanay Holmes – Read All About It (Emeli Sande)

Vocally she is better than the previous two girls, but boring. She gets a seat.

Stephanie Nala – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)

Everyone loves her. Gets a seat.

Orla Keogh – Just Be Good To Me (S.O.S. Band)

She has purple hair. Simon says it was a bit indulgent, but Cheryl gives her a seat.

Monica Michael – Troublemaker (Olly Murs)

She had a great room audition with an original song. I don’t think song choice is good for her, but from the technical standpoint it’s not too bad. The audience enjoys it. Louis says the standard is high this year. Mel like it. Simon says it was a good audition, but not fantastic. Cheryl is also puzzled by the song choice. The crowd demands a seat, but Cheryl decides against it. The crows boos.

Kayleigh Manners – Ho Hey (The Lumineers)
Cheryl decides not to give her a seat.

Ten Senah – Love On Top (Beyonce)
Pales in comparison to the original. Cheryl decides not to give her a seat.

Emily Middlemas – Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding)

She is the youngest in the competition. The producers reminds Cheryl that if she gives a seat to anyone under 16, Cheryl can’t swap that contestant for another one. Emily finally ditches her guitar. Looks like she also has some stage presence. The crowd loves her. They demand a seat for Emily and Simon agrees with them. She gets the 6th chair.

Chloe O’Gorman – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength (Whitney Houston)

Pretty good, not karaoke. The crowd demands a seat. Mel B says the song was too big for her, Simon thinks she has massive potential and can’t leave the competition. Cheryl decides to swap Chloe O’Gorman and eliminates Chloe Jasmine. Simon wants Cheryl to change her mind?

Lauren Platt – Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson)

Nice vocal. The crowd demands a seat. Cheryl decides to give her a chair and eliminates Chloe O’Gorman. Wow. Chloe Jasmine hugs her backstage.

Kerrianne Covell – Gravity (Sara Bareilles)

She sounds good, but the song choice could be better. Louis thinks she has to get a seat. Simon expected a bit more in the end. Crowd demands a swap. Cheryl gives her a seat and eliminates Shanay Holmes.

The crowd isn’t happy. Cheryl is telling them that’s her choice. There are no more girls left and Cheryl feels like she made a mistake. She wants to bring back Chloe Jasmine. Cheryl says she wants versatility in her group. She decides to eliminate Orla Keogh.


Tomorrow, we will see the boys and overs fight for chairs.

‘We’re going to have a riot on our hands’: X Factor’s Cheryl Fernandez-Versini shields ears from boos after controversial Boot Camp decision
She made her return earlier this year after four series away from The X Factor, however Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s popularity with viewers may only be short-lived if a new trailer is anything to go by.

The newly-married judge receives a chorus of boos and has the audience up on their feet at Boot Camp, which kicks off on Friday and sees the competitors face the dramatic Six Chair Challenge.

The 31-year-old is forced to cover her ears after her seemingly controversial decision, before telling fellow judges Simon Cowell, Mel B and Louis Walsh: ‘I’ve made such a big mistake’.
Read more: Daily Mail

Chloe-Jasmin Whichello given another helping hand to narrowly secure X Factor spot… despite being caught up in fix row
Chloe-Jasmine Whichello made it through to the next round of the X Factor this weekend but it wasn’t an easy fight.

It was revealed on Thursday that Chloe was forced to make another attempt at her Wembley stage performance last week after she fluffed her lines and it seemed like the model had been given another helping hand on Friday.

Clad in a slinky gold dress for the bootcamp performance in front of Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Mel B and Louis Walsh, the style-styled retro blonde stole another person’s place at the Judges’ Houses with her performance.
Read more: Daily Mail

The X Factor’s youngest girl Emily Middlemas, 15, stuns judges and sails through to next round in tutu and trainers
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was forced to eat humble pie on Friday night’s X Factor after she instantly put a 15-year-old contestant through to Judges’ Houses, despite saying Under 16s shouldn’t be in the competition.

Emily Middlemas – the youngest girl in the competition at 15 – gave an explosion rendition of Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen, for which Cheryl gave up her sixth seat in the six-chair challenge.

The bubbly brunette oozed confidence on stage as she danced around in a white tutu and trainers and finish to the sound of a standing ovation.
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‘BIG mistake’: Mel B makes dramatic exit as she slams Cheryl Fernandez-Versini for unpopular X Factor decisions
They’ve been given directly conflicting categories, and Mel B was definitely having her say when it came to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s decisions on Friday night.

The singer formerly known as Scary Spice stormed off the stage in the evening episode after Cheryl repeatedly swapped singers in her female category, even after all of them had performed.

Mel, who has the Boys category while Cheryl will mentor the Girls, said that the 31-year-old had made a ‘big mistake’ and that she would have done things very differently when she selected Stephanie Nala, Lola Saunders, Kerrianne Covell, Chloe Jasmin, Emily Middlemas and Lauren Platt.
Read more: Daily Mail

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  1. Wow, the girls are tragic. Yet, the best one in Monica didn’t get a seat? LOL. This show. You can’t take it too seriously honestly.

  2. Ugh Cheryl I liked her but plz fire her now for sending Monica home!

  3. Lola wasn’t as terrible as the judges made it seem. I still think that she could turn it around with a killer performance at Judges houses.

  4. Well, since the chicks this season are pretty bad, it shouldn’t be that hard for one of the only two girls to sing on key like Lola to out-sing the rest. LOL. :P

  5. Excited for the boys though. Andrea and Paul are by far my favs on this season so far.

  6. Why would they pretend that an audience would support Lola’s performance?

  7. My Top 3 Girls are Emily, Kerrianne and Chloe. I bet it was set up to make Chloe look like crap last night, her audition was brilliant but her song choice for this round was terrible and boring. I’m glad Cheryl brought her back.

  8. Agreed. She should leave this show if she doesn’t want to mentor Overs & Groups. So tired of her getting the boys and girls every year.

  9. I like Lola, the second part was like oohhh noooo but overall i like it, like the tone of her voice. Run Lola Run !!!

  10. Monica was robbed.

    Anyone named Chloe did terribly tonight.
    Lola’s performance made me uncomfortable and Kerrianne was good if not a
    bit pedestrian.

    Emily, Lauren, and Steph are my favorties so far.

  11. They mostly made my ears bleed. This is the best they have??? WOW!!!!

  12. I’ll add upon watching all of the performances that Emily was easily in the top 3 last night. She is the quirky voiced singer but the difference between her and Abi, Janet, etc. is that she has personality and could handle up-tempo. I wouldn’t mind if she made live shows and I think she almost certainly will after that performance.

  13. Umm this has got to be the worst bunch of girls i’ve every seen. I kept thinking this is the best of the best how is that even possible. I mean that’s NOT possible why didn’t they pick better people. When I was listening to the girls fight for a chair at first I felt sorry for Cheryl but then thought hold up she’s responsible for putting them through this far so it’s her own fault that’s all she got. Oh and the first two girls were horrible I thought they were gonna be the first ones she switched but nope. Are you kidding me were their auditions just that good or is Cheryl stupid.

    When at the end Cheryl had gotten rid of Chloe I thought well at least she got rid of one but then she brought her back in a dramatic return. I threw my hands up in the air and said are you kidding me. Oh and Chloe looked terrible in that dress, it didn’t flatter her stomach area and she comes off as fake to me.

    Oh and almost forgot Steph’s voice is irks me. I don’t even know how to describe how annoying it was. How does she do that, the tone was like whine-y, baby trying to be sultry, just uh uh.Nope

    The girls were just bad all of them all 12. You had contestants that were either bad, annoying, boring or just okay. Some were better than others but the bar was just so low, big whoop.

    If a girl wins this competition i’d be Shocked.

  14. I wonder if I’m the tone-deaf one, because Chloe Jasmine hasn’t got a song right since her first audition. Her singing’s all over the place. Maybe LolaLaurenKerianne are just plain good singers, but at least they can actually sing. I’m not very familiar with X Factor UK but if they like producing auto-tuned machine, I’d be very disappointed.

  15. Kerrianne is one of the best female vocalist on the show this year

  16. Did you listen to their first auditions and their Arena Auditions to really ear their voices? Have you heard of nerves getting in the way? Their nerves for most of them had affected their performances but some did sound better who were sent home than some that got a seat

  17. I guess you’ve never heard of letting nerves get in the way of their performances. Many of the girls up there do have good voices based of their performances before the 6 chair challenge. Their issues for the most part was not handling their nerves and giving okay performances because of that or chosing the wrong song even though they have a good voice

  18. That was a mistake by Cheryl and we all make mistakes, but Lauren and Kerrianne have good voices

  19. She was one of the few. Lauren sounded good also. The girls just have to work on dealing with their nerves and not let them affect their performances

  20. Just because they mess up some words or let their nerves get the best of them does not mean that they don’t have a singing voice people

  21. Emily and Lauren are the only ones that imo are talented and not dull… The others are either a bit dull or not very talented. I guess CJ could be an interesting “character” and Lola has the potential to give good performances. Kerriane has a nice singing voice but she seems so plain and ordinary. I don’t know, the girls are usually the most talented category but this year… yikes!

    We’ll still have to wait for JH but so far my Top 3 would be: Lauren, Emily (obvious ones) and either Chloe for controversy or Lola because she seems to have potential.

  22. Monica was by far the best of this group. If CHeryl truly was pained, she got what she deserved for putting mediocre talent through. The 6 she ends up with are not close to the best. Nothing close to a winner in the group. I hated that they skipped the entire first part of boot camp. I hate that Cheryl was too soft at the beginning, which forced her to toughen up at the end. It influenced her decisions in a bad way. In the end, we dont get Monica, which is tragic. The show was terrible. All the X factors could learn from New Zealands version. They showed much of the boot camp singing. They had judges that were brutally honest, but knew what they were doing. Hence we got honest criticism throughout. We got the best singers to start. I wont last the year, if it keeps going like this. Extremely disappointing.

  23. Agree. also sick of all the crying and what was with the excessive, gaudy lipstick. It is a singing competition, or it at least pretends to be.

  24. Why is Lola such a wreck!? Such a pity she has so much potential…if she is going to go up on stage and have a panic attack every time, then she’s not ready. They shouldn’t have put her through until next year. Just cos she has a potentially Adele-like sounding voice doesn’t mean she will put on a good show. And Chloe-Jasmine should stick to singing old school jazz songs and not wear tight dresses that doesn’t flatter her tummy area.
    The only girl worth listening to in this group is Lauren.

  25. So it turns out that Chloe Jasmine botched her first 6 chair song. She attempted the jazz standard Misty and botched it, forgetting the words, ultimately breaking down in tears. Her 2nd audition was terrible too, yet here they are, trotting her back on to the show. For some reason, they are desperate to have her on live shows. Personally, I have no clue why. She looks ridiculous, She cant sing. She is not even likable. Ugh.

  26. But ultimately you have to sing on National Tv. You can not have nervous people botching lyrics and breaking down at a live show. It is not good television. It is not fair to the contestant. Also, I think you are giving the singers a bit too much credit. Nerves can get in the way, but not so much that they sound just plain bad. This lot was terrible. The best singer, Monica, was sent home. Sad.
    Also, that was Chloes 2nd attempt. She botched the lyrics to Misty, broke down crying and was brought back. We saw her 2nd audition, which was not very good. They are desperate to have her on the live show. Lord knows why.

  27. Cheryl only wants skinny girls so she got rid of Monica. Also why does she always get girls category?? It’s like in XFUS when Demi always got girls (I know she got young adults but it was all girls)

  28. you must have not heard them sing before bootcamp then. Many could hear that they have good voices and could sing. kerrianne has a very good voice, so does Laureen Platt and Emily. Nerves can affect people more than you think. It can make some people forget the words for sure

  29. I agree about Chloe jasmine, in regards to for some reason they have to have her on the show. But some of the girls do have real good singing voices. Working on dealing with the nerves and in front of crowds is a process. It takes time. They have to work at that just like singing

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