X Factor UK S11E08 – Arena Auditions

The last episode of auditions! The first of the three Boot Camp episodes airs on FRIDAY!

New Trailer Released for West End&#...
New Trailer Released for West End's X Factor Musical, I CAN'T SING!

Tonight’s episode starts at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT.

XF UK S11E08 Previews:

Helen Fulthorpe sings Try A Little Tenderness

Michael Marouli | Arena Auditions Wk 2





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YAY, the auditions come to a close tonight! Boot Camp airs next weekend. Don’t forget, the first episode airs on FRIDAY. It’s a three-episode weekend.

Charlie Martinez – You & I (One Direction)

He works for US Air Force. He calls Simon “sir” and Simon keeps correcting him “Simon”. It’s a pretty straight up cover. He gets positive comments from everyone but Mel B. Charlie advances on 3 YESes and a NO from Mel.

Ten Senah – Mamma Knows Best (Jessie J)

She tries to get the audience to join in and Mel absolutely hates her. She still advances with 3 YESes.

Michael Marouli – Ten Feet Tall (Afrojack)
Nightclub performer, 30. Mel B destroys him.

Janet Grogan – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2)

26, from Dublin, Ireland. She gets great response from the crowd. Mel B is finally pleased with somebody! 4 YESes.

Charlie Jones – Wannabe (Spice Girls)

He is only 14. He certainly makes “Wannabe” his own. 3 YESes (I think Cheryl was not present.)

Helen Fulthorpe – Try A Little Tenderness (Otis Redding)

Her son signed her up for the show. Helen sounds like she really knows what she is doing. Great audition. Standing ovation from the crowd and Simon is smiling. 4 YESes

Tom Mann – I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)

He was sent home in Boot Camp last year. He sings an original song and sounds terrible. The crowd goes wild for him anyway. The judges decide to give him a second chance and he sings “I Want It That Way”. The crowd still loves him. He passes with 3 YESes (Mel B is missing.).

Jake Sims – When The Sun Goes Down (Arctic Monkeys)

The three judges think he is the perfect package. Simon says he has “lead guy charisma”.

Jordan Morris – All of Me (John Legend)

Another pretty boy. This one is a ballader. 4 YESes.

Jake Quickenden – Who You Are (Jessie J)

25 years old. He is nervous. His goal is to emotionally connect to the song, but he hates being vulnerable. His performance is nothing special, but the crowd is responding. The judges also eat it up. Simon says he doesn’t like repeat auditioners. In the end, Jake advances with 4 YESes.

Leah Kennedy – It Will Rain (Bruno Mars)

22 years old. She starts singing, but the song goes nowhere. Louis and Cheryl say YES, Mel B and Simon NO.

Lola Saunders – Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin)

20 years old, fish monger. She brought her grandparents for support. She is very emotional and Mel B comes on stage to give her a hug. Then she starts singing and the crowd comes alive. The performance is nervous, but her pipes are good and should only improve with X Factor’s vocal coaching. Lola advances with 4 YESes. Simon says as she leaves: “That’s the sort of person you want to win the show.”


The End


Dean ‘Deano’ Bailey sings Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’

Snappy Spice! A feisty Mel B proves the hardest judge to impress… but is FINALLY blown away by Janet Grogan’s ‘poised and confident’ performance on The X Factor
She was one fifth of the most popular girl band in history, so you can hardly blame Mel B for having high standards on The X Factor.

The former Spice Girls had little patience for nothing but the best on the final batch of auditions before boot camp at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday night’s episode.

Much to the entertainment of her fellow judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Louis Walsh but to the horror of the contestants, Mel B didn’t hold back to calling it like she saw it.
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‘I can’t imagine going from gutting fish to standing in Wembley. I’m so proud you’re from Newcastle’: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini praises X Factor hopeful Lola Saunders
Her nine to five might be the very modest job of being a fishmonger.

But on Sunday night’s episode of The X Factor and after a few false starts, 20-year-old Lola Saunders transformed into a true superstar.

Despite the positive feedback she received from the judges during her last audition, Lola almost let stage fright get the better of her.
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  1. Lola is officially my favorite. The performance was not perfect, but I see so much potential with her.

  2. Does anyone know why Monica Michael (the woman who sang her own song about her little sister) wasn’t shown on the arena auditions?

  3. Sometimes they leave a few contestants out and even send them through

  4. I have NO idea why they left her out … but she did tweet they sent her through! she might be my fav

  5. Charlie Martinez-Good not great. I dont think his voice is good enough to go far but he is extremely marketable and that can take you places. I am proud of Mel B for her honest appraisal.
    Ten-Just a terrible audition. Of course she is through. Embarrassing.
    Janet-out of tune in spots, she got better as the song went on, but she lacks charisma, misses too many notes and dont think her tone is anything special either. Absolutely would let her go, but they all loved her. I really dont get it.
    Charlie Jones-hard to guage with what they showed Sounded like his voice is lacking, could never sing a big ballad or songs that require a little oomph. He is very likable and he did at least do something original, Neutral with him.
    Helen-I liked her audition but I wish she just sang the song without all the twists and turns. The song can stand on its own. At least she can sing, which with this years crop is rather unique.
    Tom-Hated original. LIked what he did with, want it that way, with his good looks and voice that has a big upside, he is a threat to go far.
    Jake Sims-Not sure with Jake. Like his unique look and approach but his voice can not match the look, just not good enough.
    Jordan-The clip shown bored me. He has a good voice but has no star quality.
    Jake Quickenden-Good voice nice tone, but there were moments where his voice just disappeared and too often he did not finish the note. I did not feel connected at all. Dont think he will go far but he is good looking and he is getting much air time, so I am sure I shall be wrong again.
    Leah Kennedy-I thought she sang well but Simon is right in that she is very forgettable
    Lola-Best voice of the night but if she is breaking down now, what happens later? Falsetto needs a little work but well sung and not overly tricked up.
    Where is GiIes Potter. I am extremely disappointed that he did not come back and try again this year. I thought his potential was through the roof. I thought his voice had crazy potential. He is incredibly likable.

  6. Also, I’m officially worried now for Paul Akister. In the past, only one returning contestant makes it each year and I think it might just be Jake. Plus, lots of guys have similar voices to Paul, despite his being really great.

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