X Factor UK S11 – TOP 12 – Spoilers

We have the TOP 12.

Formula 1 2018 - Season Highlights
Formula 1 2018 - Season Highlights

The heavily guarded secret leaked. It looks like The Daily Star accidentally posted the TOP 12 or something, because the cached version of the article is still around. The article states that the 12 acts are the TOP 12 and the article includes the pictures from the glam photo shoot.

TOP 12:
– GIRLS: Lauren Platt, Stephanie Nala, Chloe Jasmine
– BOYS: Andrea Faustini, Paul Akister, Jake Quickenden
– OVERS: Jay James, Ben Heanow, Fleur East
– GROUPS: THE NEW BOYBAND, Only The Young, Blonde Electric

Also, the first live show next Saturday will last nearly 3 hours, because there will be 16 acts performing. Each judge will get to pick a wildcard, but for another category: Cheryl will pick a boy, Mel B a group, Louis an over and Simon a girl. All rumors so far point to boyband OVERLOAD being the wildcard from the groups category and they didn’t even make it to the judges’ houses. The boy wildcard is likely Jack Walton. No news about wildcards for the other two categories, but considering St. Louis, the patron of all joke acts, is picking an over, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Stevi Ritchie. Also, Kerrianne Covell and Emily Middlemas apparently booked some gigs for later this month, so maybe Lola Saunders is the girl wildcard? Kerianne Covell is doing an interactive concert with Bre Musiq (who was also on XF and failed to secure one of Mel B’s chairs) next week on October 8th. I think she is definitely out.

Judges’ houses episodes air this weekend: groups tonight (9pm London time), boys and overs on Saturday and girls on Sunday. Also, producer Mark Sidaway promised a surprise for Sunday (wildcards, I bet).

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  1. I think from what I’ve seen, the groups and the boys are the strongest categories.

  2. Wow. Lola didn’t make it? Hopefully she’s the wildcard. The rest of my favorites made it with the exception of Kerrianne Covell, but she wasn’t one of the important ones to me.

  3. Disappointed about Lola but relieved that Paul made it through, was worry for him for a second.

  4. Emily Middlemas won’t be watching the show tonight, because she has a gig in Birmingham.

    Also, she tweeted that she is performing at this gig on October 26. I see lot’s of familiar names on the line-up. Acts from this season of XF, including The Brooks (twins), Charlie Brown, Pop Pow Girls. I think this is the same event Kerrianne will be performing at Oct. 26 is a Sunday, the day of the results shows.


  5. Honestly I’m not sad Lola didn’t make it, she had a good room audition but has been disappointing since then. Happy for Steph though, I see so much potencial in her.

  6. I’m not mad about these but Chloe and Stephanie at judges homes better show me something special.

    Wildcards need to be:
    Kerianne Covell or at least Lola
    Jack Walton
    Helen Fulthorpe
    The Brooks or Overload

  7. Whaattt….the wildcard for the girls BETTER be Emily and not Lola. At least Emily could hold her own nerves…Emily had good auditions all the way. Why didn’t she get picked? Wildcard for boys better be Jack Walton, that dude is major talented.
    For overs, it looks right but would have preferred Helen over Fleur.
    Groups – can’t be bothered.

  8. So is Lola this years Gamu… or this years Christopher Malone / Amelia Lily??

  9. Gamu was never brought back on the show, so if Lola gets wildcarded, she can not be this year’s Gamu. There is not a peep from her while Emily and Kerrianne are doing gigs and scheduling them for later this month. There is still a possibility that another girl that didn’t make it to the judges’ houses gets wildcarded. But who? Chloe O’Gorman? Would they like two girls with the same first name? Monica Michael? Hopefully not.

  10. I hope it is Monica. She at least brought something different to the table.

  11. Why picking Jake Quickblabla? Yes, he is pretty, No, he does not have a personality. Average voice.

    I said before: Andrea and Paul are pretty much the same. BORING alert!
    Big mistake to let Jack go, he could win the show. He has got a James
    Arthur vibe, he is original, creative, does know what he is doing, great
    voice. Plus, he is a good looker. He could use more personality though.

    wrong choice to pick blonde electra, they belong on a comedy show. I
    think they are sometimes hilarious, but I dont like their performances.
    have picked the Brooks instead. They have feeling (they are musical!),
    they are insanely cute and good looking. Plus a nice new twin-concept.
    The new boyband is also exciting. Only the Young is boring.

  12. I’m not all that sad about losing Jack yet because I can’t see any other boy getting the wildcard

  13. well ware they didn’t bring Gamu back…
    hence why I asked… is Lola this years Gamu (i.e. the early favourite booted at judges houses to create some drama/controversy… but to also make sure she didn’t steal votes from TPTBs alpha girl that year)…
    or, is Lola this years Amelia/Maloney (i.e. someone they do bring back… and due to this has some momentum… and then gets to top 3)…
    based on how the show works… it could be either…
    though my money is on the fact that she is in fact this years alpha girl… and they want to make sure she doesn’t go too early like Ella Henderson… so booting her at Judges Houses… only to bring her back as a wild card (so Simon can say ‘told you she should be in your top 3)… to ensure she has momentum to get to top 3 or 4… :)

  14. it’s simple… they are stacking the boys/overs with contestants who have a lot of overlap… so they don’t get another Matt Cardle winner… and so they can ensure all the tween/teen girls vote goes to the new boyband they have created…
    Jake/Jay/Ben/Jack are all essentially a variation on the same theme… and will all be competing for the older female votes… so will potentially steal votes off of each other… but won’t steal votes off the boyband… likewise Andrea& Paul are similar enough to do the same… and in no way will appeal to teen/tween girls…
    at least that’s how it looks to me…

  15. Am I getting your point right that the judges’ choice is all a matter of the producers power?

    You defenitely can be right.. I don’t know.
    What hits me is that singers like Andrea work on the emotion of people but more specific the judges. Like oh my god he needs a seat anyway oh my,.. without reasonably thinking if they are marketable, if they are original and so on.

    I dont think you can put Jack in the same category as Jay/Ben/Jake, I think he will be able to adress young women, not so much the older female votes. But from your point of view, they can’t use Jack because he will steal votes from the new boy band.

  16. Valid point, Jack has serious chance on winning the wildcard, but I also think the younger girls will be voting (like crazy) on The Brooks.

  17. Cleo, you are absolutely getting my point :)

    the producers (aka TPTB… which includes Cowell) definitely hold all the power and heavily influence the judges choices…

    They want a cast that will have broad appeal to draw in ratings as a television show… but also want to make sure they don’t draw votes away from the acts (most likely no more than 2 or 3 per season) that Cowell wants on his label and who he sees as marketable post the show…

    they want someone like Andrea to do well… but not too well…

    btw… while Jack is young enough and good looking enough to in theory compete with the boyband… but as he is a WGWG… then I imagine he would appeal more to the same people who will like Jay/Ben etc… but maybe they think it is too risky to have him in the live shows in case he does steal votes from the boyband?

  18. I don’t get why put through both Andrea AND Paul. They are one and the same.

  19. Emily has a gig in Manchester tomorrow.

    MANCHESTER TOMORROW- I'll be at The Royal Northern Collage Of Music performing as a guest act at @OPENMICUK See some of you outside there?— Emily Middlemas UK (@emilymiddlemas_) October 4, 2014

  20. The Wildcards obviously must be:
    Jack Walton
    Helen Fulthorpe

    no arguing with that, they are just way much better than the others!

  21. I assume that neither of them is the chosen one by TPTB… so by having 2 technically strong singers, who are very similar… they will split the votes from viewers who like them… and reduce their chance at becoming a runaway contender from week 1 or 2 (like Matt Cardle was in 2010)…
    it therefore suggest the boyband is the chosen act… as TPTB clearly want to make sure they don’t have any acts too similar to the boyband… so the boys category has acts like Paul and Andrea… who are clearly never going to appeal to the tween/teen girl voters who will also like the boyband…

  22. I don’t think having two similar acts is that bad. I think TPTB want a back up plan in case one of them falters. Also, if the rumors are correct, wildcard in the groups category is Overload, a boyband. I think problems start when there are more than two similar acts. However, this year it looks like they are casting several doubles (Jay-Ben, Paul-Andrea, etc).

  23. ordinarily I’d tend to agree… we know they like a good plan B… I always suspected Alexandra in S5 was a back-up to Laura… and that worked out…

    and let’s face it Jay/Ben and Paul/Andrea aren’t exactly clones of one another…

    but there seems to be a much much greater amount of similarity between acts this year… and they all seem to look more alike and have more similar names than in previous years…

    Ben and Jake look very much alike… Jack looks like their younger brother… even Paul looks like a chubbier version of them… having 2 Chloe’s… names like Jay, Jake and Jack all sound so much alike…

    as we know TPTB like to manipulate… all of this similarity (physically, vocally, stylistically, even names) seems like this are trying really hard to differentiate any act who isn’t Paul/Andrea/Ben/Jay/Jack/Jake etc… I think it will be hard for casual viewers to immediately identify who out of that is their fave… so therefore it will all come down to individual performances for the 1st few weeks…

    perhaps it’s to level the playing field for the 8 piece boyband… it’s going to be very hard for people to identify who is who with that many of them, especially with the 2-3 mins of screentime they’ll get each week… so maybe they are trying to do the same with all the other male acts??

    or maybe it’s just me… I do like a good conspiracy theory?!

  24. they will def bring that Stevi guy back as this years comedy/controversy act… he is absolutely going to be this years Wagner/Jedward/Chico/Johnny…

  25. Andrea and Paul are not boring. They both have great voices. If you feel that they are boring, then they just don’t sing the kind of music you prefer and their voices just don’t connect with you. That does not mean that they can’t sing and don’t have great voices. There are top musicians out there that I’m not a fan of because I just can’t connect with their voices, that does not mean that they can’t sing. There just not your type of singers

  26. guys its official the wildcards are: lola, jack, overload and stevi…

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