X Factor UK 2018 Six Chair Challenge Pt 2 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

Take a seat and get ready for the next part of the Six Chair Challenge! I was at a conference yesterday and was unable to liveblog, but I pretty much agree with MJ that it was not a strong night. The pressure on the contestants leads to some really iffy performances. The best of the night for me was Shan. Can tonight’s batch of contestants turn things around (oops, wrong show metaphor)? Let’s find out together, shall we? The show starts at 3 PM EST (8 PM London time), so join me then!

I missed the opening due to proxy/connection issues, but I saw that we kicked off the show with a sing off. Georgia won the sing-off.

We officially have our final 6 girls:

Georgia Burgess
Maria Laroco
Bella Penfold – GOLDEN X
Scarlett Lee
Molly Scott

We’re now back to the overs, and Giovanni Spano is up. He’s going to sing Whole Lotta Love. He’s got a great voice but he’s more than a bit cocky. And it gets on my nerves. Ayda says it would have to be an overhaul if she were to work with him. Robbie gives him his jacket and then Ayda gives him a seat.

Janice Robinson is next. She wrote Ada Vox’s current single and she’s been in the industry for a long time. She sings Natural Woman backed by just the piano. I like this so much better than her audition. I didn’t get the hype around her until right now. She’s actually got a shot at winning this show if she keeps improving. All four judges stand for her. Robbie says he’s had two moments with her. Ayda “absolutely” is going to give her a chair.

After a break, Danny Tetley is the last over to perform. He starts by singing The Show Must Go On and it’s a mess. Ayda stops him and tells him that song won’t do it. She has him sing his audition song again. He’s got potential but this is not him showing it. This is a mess. And yet all four judges stand. Ok then. Ayda says that’s exactly what needed to happen, says it was amazing. No it wasn’t. Danny takes Burgandy’s seat. 

Burgandy carries the chair offstage but before she gets outside, Robbie’s got an idea. Panda is brought on stage. And we officially have our power duo. This is going to be amazing. They sing Never Enough together to prove they have chemistry. And sure enough, they do. This is the best Panda has sounded this season. Burgandy sounds absolutely amazing. I’m so excited for this group you all have no idea. All four judges stand for them.

Ayda has her final six overs and they are:

Ricky John – GOLDEN X
Olatunji Yearwood
Janice Robinson
Louise Setara
Giovanni Spano
Danny Tetley

The boys and Louis Tomlinson are up now and we open with a montage of future doom.

Joshie Cotton is mediocre, gets a seat.

Nathan Grisdale is pretty great and gets Simon and Ayda to stand for him. He gets a seat.

Tommy Ludford sings an original song called Dip and Biscuits. He’s an Ed Sheeran knockoff. He ends the performance by falling off the stage. Didn’t expect danger acts on X Factor, they belong on BGT and AGT. He’s ok, but he “scared the sh*t” out of Ayda. He gets a seat.

Corey Sean brought dancers. Dermot tells him not to fall. He’s not good enough and he seems cocky. But he gets a seat.

Armstrong Martins sings Flying Without Wings. His voice is ok, not horrible but not good.

We’re flying through these guys. Anthony Russell is up next and he sings With A Little Help From My Friends. I wish we got to hear more of it because, from the 15 seconds I heard, I loved it. Louis loves his story and gives him a seat.

Felix Shepherd is up after the break. He sings a bit of I Can’t Make You Love Me and he’s way off key. This is painful. He doesn’t get a seat but Louis wants him to come back.

Aeo is up next from South London and he’s “going to give us a show.” He’s ok but not the type of voice I like at all – very breathy. He gets a seat, but it wasn’t easy for Louis. He takes Joshie Cotton’s seat.

Ollie Swain he sings No Scrubs on guitar. He’s not good enough but the audience loves him. So he gets a seat, and he takes it from Aeo, who literally just got one.

Brendan Murray is up now. He forgot the words at the arena audition, and he knows that if he screws up once he’s gone. He sings Everybody Hurts. He’s got a really unique voice. I’m still not sure I love it, but at least it’s different. So I’m happy he’s here. All the judges stand for him. Simon says he’s in a different league to everyone else they’ve seen so far. Louis gives him the Golden X so he’s through to judges houses. We’ve got a cliffhanger – next weekend we will find out whose seat he takes. And apparently judges houses starts on Sunday night as well?

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