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It’s Fright Night! Halloween might have been on Wednesday, but the producers on The X Factor can’t resist going all out with the production for this theme, so we’re celebrating again tonight. I listened to three of the iTunes performances and I can say that Shan, Dalton and Misunderstood are going to do good-to-great. How will the rest do? Will there be any surprises? The best way to find out is to join me and watch the show starting at 4:35 PM eastern!

After the introduction, Dermot in a Dracula cape introduces the judges. Simon Cowell is dressed as a mummy, Louis and Ayda are barely dressed up at all, and Robbie is dressed as Simon. LOL. Robbie says that he’s dressed as Simon because  he gives people around the world nightmares. Robbie says he won’t be here for the next few weeks.

Molly Scott – Molly Scott is in the death spot. Hey, that rhymes! The girls go to a haunted house. She sings Toxic by Britney Spears. She starts singing it pretty slowly in a glass cage and breaks it halfway through when she takes it up tempo. Surprisingly I like the second half a lot better than the first half. I still don’t like it overall though. Simon stands. Louis says it was a good way to open the show, says vocally she was good, creative was too old for her. Ayda says it was more guilty pleasures. Robbie says she wants her eyes to project – he’s right. Simon says she’s had a rough time so far, but this was one of her best performances so far.

Dalton Harris – He speaks with his sister via Skype. He sings Creep by Radiohead. Simply put, he kills it. He hasn’t had a bad vocal yet. For Halloween week, this is the subtlest staging we will see all night. Before the performance I worried a bussing was coming, but thankfully, all four judges stand for Dalton. He deserves to win. Robbie says that was incredible, he could sing anything and Robbie would buy it. The audience goes nuts. Ayda says he’s like a vocal matrix, his vocals are on another planet, a real artist emerges. Simon says he’s killing it every week, this was the best he’s sounded so far, says we needed him on the show as much as he needed the platform. Louis says he’s in his own league.

United Vibe – They survived last week despite delivering one of the worst non-joke act performances in X Factor history. This week they’re going to strip it back and do Bleeding Love. One of their voices cracks and he coughs. This is still awful. Robbie stands for them. Ayda politely claps. Simon and Louis are confused as hell. Ayda says it was much better than last week. Louis says it was better than last week, but he’s struggling that they look like 5 individual singers up there, no glances to each other. Simon says it was the best so far of the three weeks, but says there were some terrible vocals, wants them to rally around Elliot (guy who is always wearing a hat of some kind). Robbie is excited. They’re not changing their name. If they survive this week there’s no justice in the world.

Shan Ako – She’s going to sing The Sound of Silence. The VT is everyone talking about how nice she is. This performance would have been amazing even if it wasn’t preceded by the worst one of the night. I’m seeing a final 2 of Shan and Dalton. All four judges stand. Louis says she is one of the best singers in the competition, wasn’t sure it was the right song. Ayda says she’s a titan, loves her spirit, wants her to step outside her comfort zone next week. Robbie disagrees, thought it was incredible, thinks she could do the same thing every week and he wouldn’t care, loves her sincerity. Simon says it’s turning into a battle, says everyone’s getting better, name-checks Dalton as well.

Danny Tetley – Danny gets hit by technical difficulties again. He sings Who Wants To Live Forever. At first I thought it was Dermot’s microphone screwed up on purpose for the theme. But it continues throughout Danny’s entire performance. From what I could hear, it was good. But Danny’s vocals are always good. Ayda and Simon stand up for Danny. Simon is always rooting for him, says the vocal wasn’t perfect but he’ll do better this week than last week. Louis says his emotional connection made it good. Robbie makes two Queen puns, says we’re watching someone live out their dreams in front of us. Ayda liked it. Danny’s performance is fine on YouTube thankfully.

Anthony Russell – Tech issues continue through Anthony’s performance. He sings Demons. From what I can tell, he’s singing it really well. I wish I could hear it clearly. All four judges stand for Anthony. I’m going to watch this on YouTube later. Robbie says he loved it but wants to see him. Ayda says the vocal was a little messy, but thinks he brings likability and personality. Simon says he’s getting his personality through the camera, says parts were out of tune. Louis says there’s nobody who is having as much fun as he is.

Misunderstood – They’re singing Thriller. I still want them to do a ballad. But at least they start it out quiet so we can hear their vocals. This was a great performance but I know they have a moment in them, this wasn’t it. Louis sits, the other three stand. Ayda says they nailed it, doesn’t get the suitcases on stage because they’re not going anywhere. Louis thought the vocals were a bit shaky but thought overall it was good. Simon says they embraced the theme, embraced the madness. Robbie says the only thing missing was a mic drop.

Scarlett Lee – Her brother’s home caught on fire and she was running in and out, hurt her eye. Jesy from Little Mix calls her and apparently they’ve been talking since her audition. She sings I Put A Spell On You. She’s going to be the second person to have a moment with this song with this theme, after Matt Terry. Until the end, I think Matt was better at it. But by the end, I’m blown away. Scarlett deserves to be in the top 2 with Dalton. Louis says everything about it was brilliant. Ayda says it was her best performance so far, after a horrible week for her. Robbie thinks she’ll be in our lives for a long time. Simon is amazed she turned up this week, says it was the best performance she’s done throughout the competition so far. Agreed 100%.

Acacia & Aaliyah – They sing Jump. This isn’t really a Halloween song, but whatever. This is not my thing at all. It’s decent enough, I guess. Robbie and Simon stand up. Ayda says she relived her youth through that performance, enjoyed watching them, thinks they’ll be here next week. Louis worries we’ve lost them in this performance, thought last week was better. Simon disagrees, thinks they are the best group on the show this year. Robbie says they represent 14-15 year olds, he’d sign them tomorrow.

Bella Penfold – She’s singing In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. She should only rap in the bridge of songs. Her vocals are so much better lately. She’s still not even close to Scarlett or Shan though. Simon stands, the other three sit. Louis says she smashed the big vocal. Ayda says it was better than last week. Robbie says it was her best performance so far, loved the vulnerability, she felt those lyrics. Simon thinks everyone else should have stood, thought it was unbelievably great, thought it was a moment. I have to say, Bella is really likable. Not my thing, but at least I like her.

Brendan Murray – He Skypes with his family at home in Ireland. He sings Youngblood by 5SOS. This isn’t the type of song that fits his vocal at all. It’s not bad, per se, but it’s not good either. Nobody stands, the bussing continues. Robbie says it was really good, says it’s baby steps to him finding his place as a performer. Ayda loves the haircut, thinks it was an improvement, felt more pulse and hunger from him, thinks he can keep improving. Simon thinks it was a bit lightweight, thinks it wasn’t the right song. Louis is proud of him, says he took a risk.

Giovanni Spano – He apparently lacked confidence. Doubt that, but who cares. James Arthur loved the scream at the end last week. I love James. A lot. But I disagree with him on that one. Gio sings Live and Let Die in front of a circus themed backdrop. The production goes all out for him. I thought it was a great vocal but the screams are not my thing. All judges except Louis stand. Simon feels like he had 25 bottles of beer, found it wacky, hopes he stays. Louis says every time he sees him he likes him a little bit more. Robbie says he’s one of the best liars he’s ever seen re: the lack of self belief. Ayda says he’s like her long haired James Bond. Ayda says he’s like an event performer, pure entertainment. Gio is clearly a lovely guy. I hope he makes it to the semi-final.

Same results format as last weekend. I think United Vibe, Molly, Danny, and Brendan should be worried.

Wow. Due to technical issues, tonight’s vote has been cancelled. It’ll open in tomorrow night’s show. That’s fair.

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  1. The girls are easily the best category; I really enjoyed all four of them tonight. I actually liked Molly a lot, but that might be because I’m a huge Britney fan. She did the song justice, and I’m glad to see someone actually succeed with choreography this season. Scarlett was another favorite – she delivered such a classy version of that song that wasn’t over sung in the slightest. Shan is always good, and Bella was shockingly strong vocally on what’s a pretty difficult song to sing.

    I didn’t love the arrangement of Creep because it kind of stripped away the… well, creepiness of the song. But Dalton’s obviously an incredible singer, so that was another highlight of the night. Other than those, though… can’t say I liked any of the others that much.

    1. Scarlett Lee (Like her more each week… this was excellent. Loved the restraint and then at the end she let the power come out.)
    2. Dalton Harris (Consistently amazing)
    3. Giovanni (I was super entertained by this… he’s getting smart with his song choices and staging. I think he could go far as Saara who he’s not as good as but still good wasn’t liked at first but people ended up loving her)
    4. Brendan Murray (I may be crazy to go out on a limb and say I enjoyed this… his voice is a guilty pleasure, you love it or hate and I loved it here and his stage presence was excellent even though a bit odd of a song choice)
    5. Shan (This bored me… wrong song but still solid)
    6. Molly Scott (She was pretty good in the uptempo part but the slowed down part was so so… I also can’t connect to her)
    7. Bella Penfold (This would’ve been excellent and perfectly raw had she not inserted the little talking rap parts which were beyond bad… the singing especially the chorus was good)
    8. Misunderstood (Vocally this was almost powerless once the song got into it… I mean it was not a good performance… I was disappointed)
    9. Acacia & Aaliyah (I thought this was better than what some are saying… Acacia was good here but Aaliyah shouldn’t have to rap just because it’s a rap song… they should’ve mashed a singing song into there)
    10. Anthony Russell (This was like two separate performances… he was bad in the verses with weird phrasing that sounded as if he was talking but the chorus was excellent)
    11. Danny Tetley (This was Vocal was just alright and I don’t like his tone… also the song choice)
    12. United Vibe (One note… the guy in the hat sounded really good… the rest was a complete mess)
    Scarlett and Dalton are so much better than the rest.
    Bottom contestant I think will be United Vibe and the bottom 2 will be Danny Tetley and Molly Scott with Danny going home.

  3. Anthony has a really nice tone…and at times, ‘is in the best of the league..’ But.. he always lacks consistency in his delivery. he seems to lack confidence. IMO Scarlett and Dalton are brilliant.. happy if either one of them wins

  4. Thank you for not loving Shan. SOS is one of my top 3 favorite songs. I despise what she did to it. Some of the notes were a bit wonky. She struggled to finish some of the notes too. It was aimless. Good for Louis, “not sure it was the right song”

  5. Is Louis the only one that is watching. He also seems to be there for his singers. What he said to Brendan was spot on, “stop worrying about the perfect vocal. That was not a perfect vocal but I believed it, that is what matters” Brendan is my favorite in the competition but not my fave tonight. I appreciate what they did, trying to get him more current. He moved professionally, did not seem to think about it, but after having heard him sing several times, I think if I had not seen him before, I would have believed it a bit better.
    I did not make it through several as they were so so bad. Again Louie with the best comments of the night. Girls who did jump, “I feel like we lost you” that butchering of SOS, “not the right song” etc. He continues to be the hilight of a show that needs to be retired.
    Not sure how JUmp or Live And Let It Die are Halloween Songs. The production people are fantastic on this show. Unfortunately the people performing are not. Dlaton and Scarlett had the 2 best vocals. Bella was better and I still think Brendan has a fantastic voice, although tonight was a good attempt at changing his image (he was in bottom 2, so may as well), but I did not go for it.

  6. I got the same top 2 as you. Thought this was Giovannis worst performance. Loved the arrangement but the vocal was a bit wonky. Brendan is my fave in the competition, but their attempt to change his image, felt a bit fake. As I wrote, I think if I had not seen him before, I could believe he is a current singer, as he moved effortlessly and his voice is excellent. He also has a very good energy. There were parts of Bellas that were excellent. The rest of them can pack up and leave, especially bad were obviously United Vibe and Misunderstood, 2 of the many vocals, that never made the end of my watch.

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