X Factor UK 2015 Week 5 – Ranking the Top 5

X Factor UK 2015 Week 5 – Ranking the Top 5

This week, despite Che being in the bottom two, all of my remaining favorites were safe. So I have no complaints. Ok, I have one complaint. Why do the judges love Reggie ’n’ Bollie so much? But we will get there soon. Anton was bussed so hard, I was thinking it might backfire. It didn’t. Bye Anton! At least you made the tour. Anton seems like a nice guy, but he isn’t current enough to be successful today and that’s why he is gone. Mason should have gone weeks ago-specifically back at judges houses, when Josh Daniel could have made it instead.

Next week, I honestly don’t know who will go. I know that Louisa is safe, but other than her, anyone could go home. So here is my crapshoot power list for this week. Keep in mind this is ranked on who I think will be safe, not who I want to be safe. At the end of the post are my favorite performances from this week. I enjoy reading what you all think, so please comment with your own predictions and let us all be dead wrong together!

  1. Louisa Johnson – Louisa got everything this week. Interesting staging? Check. Fog machines? Check. A choir? Check. Comparisons to Fleur and Leona? Check and check. Normally, this would bug someone like me. But Louisa is in such a different league to everyone else on the show this year (and also most previous years), that I can’t complain that she’s being pushed. She gave a masterful vocal this week, and as the ghost of Louis Walsh would say, “seventeen seventeen seventeen.” She deserves to win, and now I’m positive that she will win. She has no competition left. If Louisa loses, it is the biggest upset in X Factor history. Yes, bigger than Ella in 6th place.
  2. Lauren Murray – Lauren struggled this week, and it wasn’t her fault. The song choice was wrong. Dead wrong. The first half was sleepy, and the second half was too shouty. She never really hit her stride. It sucks, because I love Lauren’s personality and she has a great voice. The good news is, the song choices given to the public for Lauren don’t seem dated to me. It looks like they are giving her something contemporary. That’s a good sign. And she made it to the top 10 on iTunes, which means people like her. I think she will get second place as it stands today.
  3. Reggie ’n’ Bollie – This one is painful for me. They can’t sing. They aren’t entertaining enough to make up for that in my view. And the judges absolutely love them. Simon said they will make the final, and Simon loves his predictions to come true. Accordingly, I now have to put them in the third place spot. I know that if they are in the bottom two, they will be saved over anyone but Louisa. My question: why? If the producers wanted entertainment, they should have kept Seann around. He’s just as entertaining to watch and he could actually sing! Side note – I’m happy they at least gave Seann a spot on the tour. Let me cross my fingers that Reggie ’n’ Bollie make it no further than third place.
  4. 4th Impact – I think 4th Impact, if given the right songs, could make the finale and possibly get second place. They need a ballad next week to showcase their vocals and to make people feel something. If they aren’t given the right songs, they might go home next week. The first two live shows didn’t work out for these girls. The past two weeks were miles better-they returned to form, and delivered great performances. But I don’t know anything about them except that they are sisters from the Philippines, they love god, and they eat unique food. That’s not enough for me to get invested in them. Hopefully they can connect, because they are super talented.
  5. Che Chesterman – Che deserves to make the finale. Vocally, he’s second only to Louisa. His runs are effortless, and I love his tone. If given the right songs, he could be like Sam Smith-retro soul but contemporary enough to be played on the radio. But, I seem to be the only one who sees any personality in him. On top of that, he was in the bottom 2 this week, and I sadly don’t see him bouncing back. I’d love to be wrong. Please let me be wrong on this one!

My favorite performances

  1. Louisa Johnson

Big gap

  1. 4th Impact
  2. Che Chesterman
  3. Lauren Murray

HUGE gap

  1. Anton Stephans
  2. Mason Noise
  3. Reggie ’n’ Bollie

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