X Factor Australia Season 8 Recap – Episode 5 (VIDEOS)

Episode 5 of X Factor Australia has aired and is now up on the official site! Here is the link. It is region locked to Australia, but thanks to the Chrome Extension Hola, you can watch it anywhere. Many of you may have used this extension to watch X Factor UK a day early via ITV’s website, but it’s even easier for X Factor Australia. No zip code or account is required.

But if you want to just watch performances, you don’t even need to use Hola. You can just watch the videos embedded below. Read on for my thoughts on episode 5 of X Factor AU featuring judges Adam Lambert, Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian.

After our usual opening montage with what’s coming this episode, and what seems like the 50th teaser for the underdog judge (come on, just say it’s Mel B already and let’s move on), the episode begins with what contestants supposedly go through before walking onto the stage.

Guy’s advice is that the industry landscape right now is great for artists who are understated and low key. Naturally, we get the opposite for our first audition. Fendi is 26 from Adelaide She says she’s a diva at times. She works in real estate normally, went through a breakup after a 13 year relationship. She sings Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna. She is about as good as Rihanna. Which is to say, mediocre at best. Guy stops her about a minute in. Iggy assumes she picked the song because she doesn’t have a big range. Adam tells her to sing something acapella. And she tries At Last, and its a lot better. Guy feels like she’s in a corporate cover band, wants to strip away everything, calls it dated. Iggy doesn’t agree at all, says what you wear doesn’t make you less of a serious artist. Three yeses, despite Guy’s hesitations.


Montage of great singers making it through. The fact that they are in this montage means they are likely to be fodder. Or, as the announcer says, they could get picked up by the underdog judge.


Predz is 29 years old and describes himself as a vocal poet. He’s a hip hop artist, but also wants to work on singing better. He’s originally from the Bahamas, and his influences are Labyrinth and Kanye West. He tries Jealous by Labyrinth and it’s ok, but not stellar. Guy comments that he has bad technique. After he’s stopped by Guy for being “average”, he raps an original song called Roses. I’m not a rap fan so I can’t tell if this is good or just ok. There is a lyric about Chuck Norris which almost makes me laugh. Predz cries after he finishes the performance. Iggy says he had great timing and great rhythm. Adam buys his emotion, delivery, swag…he’s very excited. Guy says he’s a performer. Three yeses.


Next up is Chelsea Green, she’s 22 from the Gall Coast. Her dad was a radio announcer. She started singing when she was three or four years old. She started doing small professional gigs at 16. After a commercial break, we find out that her dad has Parkinson’s disease. She cries and the producer offscreen asks if she’s ok. His dad is really appreciative of her help and is very proud of her. She sings Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor and she’s pretty good, but not nearly as strong as other girls I’ve seen this year. Iggy enjoyed it, likes her as a person, assumes she has a lot of friends. Guy piggybacks off Iggy’s comment that she’s like a light. Guy isn’t finding it that unique. Adam says it was nice, but he’s seen some incredible singers, and he isn’t sure if she meets the bar. Adam says no, Iggy says yes, Guy is really torn but eventually sides with Iggy. She’s through to the next round.


We see the three best girls they’ve shown so far before our next act is introduced. Maddison Milewski is 16 years old, and was on the show last year. She was cut at home visits by Danni Minogue. Guy recognizes her. She lost her confidence after getting cut last year but music is her life so she didn’t stay down for long. She sings Sam Smith’s Writings On The Wall. I love this song, and she’s pretty great. Very haunting vocal, perfect song choice. Guy stands up for her, calls her a freak, says she’s better than last year. Iggy loves her too, is excited for what’s to come. Adam loved the drama of the performance, loved how she was committed to the story, wants more. Three yeses.


Naisa Lasalosi is 22 years old from Sydney. He has never heard of Iggy Azalea, breaking with a montage of people who are obsessed with her. He is a mormon who just served a 2 year mission. He put his dreams on hold for two years and so he really wants to make it through. He sings I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Rae. He has a smooth, buttery voice and pulls off some nice runs, hits some nice high notes. Adam loves that song, felt the emotion behind it, felt the nerves but liked it. Guy thinks he’s amazing, thought it sounded current, loved the falsetto. Iggy says there was no need for showiness, that they can all see his talent. Three yeses.


Our last act is named Miss Powers. She’s 33 years old from Sydney, and loves that in Australia she can be who she is. She teaches yoga and ballroom dance. She says she’s not a man or a woman, outside of the box. If my pronouns are wrong, I’m sorry. She says Adam is her idol, and thinks she has a chance. She sings “It’s A Man’s World”. This is either going to suck or its going to be great. And luckily for Miss Powers, it’s great. Right off the bat, she jumps and drops into the splits. Her voice is more manly than womanly, but who cares? She can sing. Adam was surprised, loved the drop split at the first note, was entertained. Iggy said that this was the most entertained she’s been all day, and not in a gimmicky way. Guy said it was the best opening to any audition he’s ever seen. Three yeses.


My Thoughts: Overall, best of the night was Maddison. But Miss Powers was also great in my view.

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