X Factor Australia Season 8 Recap – Episode 3 (VIDEOS)

Episode 3 of X Factor Australia has aired and is now up on the official site! https://au.tv.yahoo.com/x-factor/episodes/32806150/the-x-factor-wed-5-oct-season-7-episode-3/ is the URL. It is region locked to Australia, but thanks to the Chrome Extension Hola, you can watch it anywhere. Many of you may have used this extension to watch X Factor UK a day early via ITV’s website, but it’s even easier for X Factor Australia. No zip code or account is required.

But if you want to just watch performances, you don’t even need to use Hola. You can just watch the videos embedded below. Read on for my thoughts on episode 3 of X Factor AU.

After our judges talk about the confidence required to step out on stage and audition, we see our first audition of the episode. Janae Rosa is a 19 year old sales assistant at Target. She is really nervous for her audition. She says she wants to shake off the bad nerves while Taylor Swift’s song plays in the background. Synergy? She has had lessons since she was 14. She sings “Feeling Good” with her acoustic guitar. She has a great tone, a great range, and she plays the guitar really well. I like her a lot. Iggy thought it was so special, she rocked it, loves how quietly confident she is. Guy says he’s definitely feeling good now. Adam found it funky, got stank face, and loved her vibe. Three yeses.


Montage of bad auditions with party songs.

Sheldon Hernandez is 17 years old and is a high school student. He likes ballads and wanted to be a dancer when he was young. He didn’t have a lot of friends when he was young. He came out as gay two years ago. He sings “Circle of Life” by Elton John. Adam and Guy look skeptical. He has a very musical-theater vibe, but maybe its just the song. They want him to sing a different song that is more current. He does “Ordinary People” acapella. He is great and very likable but I do wish he had more range to his vocal. Iggy liked the first song, the second one blew her away. Guy says he went from being super cheesy to being sexy, like a young Bruno Mars. Adam liked how it didn’t sound like anyone else. Three yeses.


A contestant brings food for the judges. Guy says “there’s no anthrax in here right?” Three yeses despite being mediocre at best.

Fleur East’s Sax plays in the background while our next act walks out on stage. Guy jokes that the jean commercial photoshoot is next door. Elev8 is the name of the group, as they are an 8 person group. I would call them Octoboyz featuring James Graham (LOL) but there are 4 girls and 4 guys. They say they have blended as a group, and they think they can only go up from here. Iggy says that if one drops out, what happens? They say “we become Elev7”- LOL. They sing No by Megan Trainor and they are interesting. Their dancing and singing is pretty good. But I’ve never liked groups that are this big. Guy thinks vocals are good, but he can’t absorb that many people. Iggy says it’s a lot to digest as there are so many of them, and she calls out one person as the leader. Adam thought the vocals were weak, he’s not blown away but he sees potential. Guy says if you make it through, be prepared to lose some members. Three yeses.


Iggy wants a hot single male vocalist. That’s what leads us into our next audition. Timmy Knowles is 30 from Melbourne. He lived in the UK for 10 years before moving back to Australia. His friend and him were kidnapped and held hostage in 2012. Damn. He decided afterward that he’s doing what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He plays clubs, corporate gigs, weddings. Iggy says “no girlfriend? Finally!” He sings Pillowtalk by Zayn while playing his acoustic guitar. He is good, sort of reminds me of Calum Scott but with a big more grit. I love his growl. Adam asks if he was slightly nervous, picked up that he changed the key, but it didn’t gel for him 100%. Iggy has a ginormous crush on him, loved his voice. Guy liked his voice as well, but found parts of it boring. Adam says no and gets boos, Iggy says yes, Guy says yes as well after asking if he writes songs.


Isaiah Firebrace is a 16 year old student who auditioned for the show last year and was apparently a standout until he forgot his lyrics at the 5 chair challenge. He was devastated, but vowed to work hard and come back. So here he is. He said if he made it to live shows, he’d cry on stage again, but for a different reason. He sings Hello by Adele. I love his voice, he has an amazing range and his runs are amazing. He hits an amazing high note halfway through. But he forgets the lyrics at the end. He is the second person on X factor to forget the lyrics to this song, after Che Chesterman forgot them last year on X Factor. Guy says it’s exactly what happened last time, the crowd went crazy and he got distracted. Iggy says she forgets lyrics to her own songs. Adam says he has dope style and he was really impressed, and that he made the song his own. Three yeses.


Chynna Taylor is a 26 year old Texan living in Australia. How multicultural, says our host. Adam calls her “China with the cool hair”. She met her Australian husband when he was stationed in the military stateside. She had a record deal but got dropped. She feels welcome in Australia, and she works as a barista. She sings Amazing Grace. She has a very clear voice, great range, nice sweet tone. Reminds me a lot of Alisan Porter’s voice actually. Three judge standing ovation, no surprise there. Adam says she’s a fine china, says she was stunning, simple, grounded, her voice is magic, gave him the vapers, whatever that means. Iggy got goosebumps six different times, loved how simple it was. Guy simply says “that was beautiful”, calls her angelic, he starts tearing up. Three yeses.


My thoughts: I am torn between China and Isaiah as my favorite of the night. My gut says I liked Chynna more because she remembered her words. But Isaiah has such a crazy range that if he can focus I think he could win. What a great first week of shows. I must say, I agree with lots of you in the comments-it is a real shame they are rushing this season so much. The talent is extraordinary.

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