X Factor Australia 6 – Live Show 7 (with VIDEOS)(updated with RESULTS)

Let’s talk about the smoking gun in the room, bottom 3 this week instead of 2. Does this mean that two people will be eliminated or just one? Regardless, I think this a good move for the show, I realize it is technically taking the power of control from the viewers and giving it to the judges. Which is true, but I also do believe this gives more power to the contestants. I feel like many times in the past the sing-off performances ultimately have little to no bearing on the results, because with essentially two votes locked in at the start it gives very little wiggle room to the two remaining judges. I’ve always liked the idea of having five judges on the show, because that will make the sing-off more interesting with at least 3 non-partial voting members. The fifth category could be the wildcard contestants from the different categories, making a top 15 instead of top 12, and as far I am concerned the more people you have in the live shows, the better the final 3 will at the end of the day (Beast mode Caleb voice) make for a stronger finale.  I also excited for Judges Challenge, this seems like a weak theme on a paper, but in practice it has turned in some solid performances from most of the competitors. Wishing luck to the final 7 as they take on this challenge! Also results will be on Tuesday instead of Monday because of some sporting event in Australia.

Brothers 3‘s “I’m Going Be (500 Miles)” I never heard this song before in my life, but man was that awesome. It was camp, it was ridiculous, but it was more importantly than all of that interesting and inspired. And even more importantly than all of that the Bros 3 delivered solid vocals. Perhaps this wasn’t ZOMG.SO.VOCALLY.CHALLENGING. But for groups it really isn’t about that, it is about delivering what you are supposed to deliver well. These boys did that today. I loved them coming in from backstage, I loved their playful choreography, I loved it. And after proving they can be serious in earlier performances (“Pompeii”) I find it definitely acceptable to just have fun every now and then, especially when there is a few weeks between them at the finale.

Jason Heerah‘s “Latch” Damn. I mean Damn. I said it last week and now I am saying it again. Jason went from someone I wrote off as a definite bottom 3 finisher, but then with a performance completely changed my mind. Jason had the passion, had the vocals, he is peaking at the right time. This guy was dead as a doornail to me three weeks ago and now here is almost certainly going to be the final 6 and if he plays his cards right, his stock is rising and Reigan’s is falling he COULD be the one to take her spot in the finale. Oh my goodness. Could’ve not seen that coming.

Dean Ray‘s “Stolen Dance” I wish sooooooo much, so so so much that they would’ve shifted the pitch of the falsetto parts a little lower so that Dean’s voice could’ve breathed more. I wanted so bad to make this number one, it was such an inspired, interesting choice, but despite hitting the correct notes that falsetto needed some help to be palatable. Some kind of reverb or something. It was just so hanging there obviously standing out and taking me out of this otherwise amazing performance and song choice. Dean is still the one to beat and despite my thoughts of Natalie just picking him because he was a bad boy (that ended up being Adrien) Dean is solid contender from start to finish. Even looking back at “Dancing Queen” shows me the type of risks he is willing to take that will drive his career in the future.

Marlisa‘s “Try” I have a bone to pick with this song, despite singing along with it in the car whenever it comes on, there is just something a bit disingenuous in the lyrics that gets to me, but I will not let my prejudices get in the way of judging Marlisa, I just wanted them to be known. (Translation: I will hold it against Marlisa, but I want you to think that I am not going to.) Man that reverb is solid, I love the opening she looks so great just standing at the top of the stage. Wow. This is much better than I thought it was going to be. Marlisa nailed it. For real. Her voice sounded strong, I could see the passion in her eyes and I was impressed. Escaping the bottom 3 is going to be difficult, but I think Marlisa just might be able to sneak into the top 4 with such a solid showing.

Caitlyn Shadbolt’s “Still Into You” this is a case of not setting the bar too high and then delivering. Caitlyn was fun and flirty on her highschool rugby bleachers and frankly she nailed the vocal. She looked like she was having fun, the song was fun, it was light and enjoyable. The slight country (bumpkin) twang bled a new edge into this song and it was good. Coming into the episode I was kind of expecting a bottom 3 of Tee, Caitlyn and Jason (the three who have previously survived bottom 2 appearances), but the performances tonight are changing my mind. Good on you Caitlyn.

Reigan Derry‘s “Dog Days Are Over” this may be a case of where me actually loving a song could actually be playing against the performer. Literally today, I was doing this song in karaoke (not as good as Reigan mind you) and I feel like this performance did the one thing that Reigan shouldn’t. Expose her sometimes thin voice. Against the pomp and circumstance of Florence Welch’s vocals Reigan sounds so weak. That being said Reigan had some solid moments especially in the end during the OHs and AHs. But straight off the bat, not super hot. I think Reigan could be safe, but with a bottom 3, she might be closer to it than she would like.

1. Brothers 3
2. Jason Heerah
3. Dean Ray
4. Marlisa
5. Caitlyn Shadbolt
6. Reigan Derry
7. Tee

I guess my bottom 3 speaks for itself. I think the people that I have safe deserve to be safe from tonight’s performances and the people I have at the bottom Caitlyn, Reigan and Tee just didn’t deliver the way the other four did. The elimination was almost definitely going to be Tee no matter what this week, but I think Reigan is going to get a much needed wake up call. At week 1 I thought she could cruise control to the finale, but this just isn’t the case. She needs to play the game just like everyone else.

Remember results on Tuesday this week!

Thanks for reading,
Edward Giordano

We all knew that Tee was going to be the odd man out and joining him were the two other previous survivors of the bottom 2, honestly I thought the bottom 3 worked and should be adopted more regularly. It gives power to the performers and to the judges so they aren’t locked into a decision automatically because one of their acts is in the bottom 2.


  1. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) is one of those songs that had 2 separate lives. It’s by The Proclaimers, who are Scottish twins. It was on one of their albums and did well in the UK. Then several years later it was used in the soundtrack of the movie “Benny & Joon”. It did quite well in the US.

    Here’s the video:

    http:// youtu.be/tbNlMtqrYS0

  2. Reigan is severely underated. Dean and Marlisa should be a little lower IMO. Anyway, I think there’s no chance Tee is not going home on tuesday. His exit is long overdue.

  3. That song has been used on a bunch of commercials here in the US for years (I’ve heard it on at least one ad this year) and it was a pretty big hit…according to wikipedia it went to #1 in Australia in 1989 and to #3 in the US (after it appeared in the movie Benny & Joon). I think it is the only hit song The Proclaimers ever had in the States. The chorus is super catchy.

  4. I love that silly song 500 miles :) and I think the brothers 3 killed it ! It should be interesting to see who goes home . Thanks Edward

  5. I think Tee/Caitlyn are locks for the B3 with Tee going & then if there is a second elimination it’ll probable be Caitlyn no matter who is in the Bottom 3 with Them. Brothers 3 i just cant there Terrible & have been every single week IMO no idea how they topped the vote the week they did reveal it.

  6. I wish Nat chose Spectrum rather than Dog Days Are Over. :l But Reigan is amazing either way.

  7. 500 Miles = LOVE! I loved the original when it hit the radio and this reprise was just fabulous. The boys had fun with it and that song is all about having fun. Super enjoyable.

  8. it’s so easy to love Brothers 3 …they are so full of fun and, seemingly, not full of themselves.
    Their performance was totally entertaining. Good job, boys !

  9. I totally get your point about Dean, but even if they would I think they couldn’t shift the pitches of the falsetto parts lower because then the lower part of the song would have been even lower. That would have been to low. He hit all the notes indeed, but he could actually use some backup in the falsetto.
    I lóved it, anyway, he totally made it his own and he sounded perfect nevertheless.

  10. Brothers 3-I thought this was a ridiculous song choice. These kids sing terrific harmonies, allow that to be the relevant part of the performance. No matter, this was extremely enjoyable. I love these guys and really, I think they did the best they could with what they had. In the future though, they are capable of making songs their own, like with the 1d song at bootcamp. Their Pompeii was crazy good because it played to their strength. Hopefully we get better songs for them to sing, because they sure can do great things.
    Marlisa-Great vocally, but it was a very straight forward rendition. Ultimately I was a bit bored. Then we have to listen to Ronans’ ridiculous exaggerations. Judges should judge, tell the acts what they do well and what they need to improve. All except Nat get too wrapped up in winning, so much so that they forget their are peoples lives on the line. Stop trying to manipulate to get votes for your acts.
    Reigan-I listened to this three times to try and figure out what all the praise was about. It was well sung but I did not feel this song at all. I like the soft loud contrast but it lacked emotion, it lacked the extra bit of pizazz that makes one great and not just very good. I did not enjoy this at all. Oh well. That’s what makes the world go round.
    T-Typical T, screechy, out of tune and ultimately boring. His long belts are now cliche and not even well done anyway. To think we could have been listening to Jessi or James or even Jamie. It is what happens when background stories become more important than the actual talent. I have not liked T, not one bit, right from the start. He has done nothing to change my opinion. He really needs to go, like this week. Goodbye T. You seem like a nice kid, but singing is not your thing.
    Caitlyn-I totally loved her flirty interplay with the bearded dancer, but I was pretty bored by the rest. Maybe I am in a bad mood. I dont know. She is out of tune in spots too. Bottom 3 for sure.
    Dean-Somehow Dean made what I thought a ridiculous song choice (I am biased as I can not stomach Redfoo) into something entertaining. I enjoyed the falsetto, it made his regular voice even more powerful. This kid can sing. He is original. He is interesting. He is crazy talented. He had better have a record deal, like right now. He can make anything sound good. He proved that tonight. Of course the judges are saying, “Great song choice” Right, there was nothing better you could have given Dean.
    Jason-The surprise of the night. Typically Jason has great energy. He hides behind that or some gimmick as his voice is truly very average. That was until tonight. I am shocked at what he pulled off. A beautiful emotional home run. Even the off notes sounded right, adding to the emotional punch. We have a new contender. Good for Jason.

    I always comment in the order they sing on the show.

  11. Agree. I liked the idea of bottom 3. Initially, I did not as I like surprises and bottom 3 defines where acts are at more than 2, but the judging turns from lack of importance to total relevance. Now when you back your act, you still have a decision. It made for a more interesting sing off. It fills the hour better. I hope they stick with it.
    What I did not like, was Ronans ridiculous rant against Dani. I repeat the job of those judges is to praise when appropriate but more importantly criticize. Acts will get better when the take criticism and work with it. Dani was right about Caitlyn. She could have been harsher with all of her comments but she kept them simple and said them in a positive way. X Factor New Zealand had judges that pulled no punches. Their comments were often ruthless, but almost all of the acts got better as the season went on. I wish the judges on all the reality shows would point out the weaknesses, mistakes, pitch or tuning issues, suggest a better way. Instead a couple of very simple appropriate comments from Dani, sent Ronan into a tizzy. What are they there for, if not to point out faults of the acts?
    The sing off was pretty good. The absolute right person went home. He should have gone home after the home visits. No matter, somehow they ended up at deadlock, perhaps to be nice to T, but ultimately we will no longer have to hear him shriek or him sing out of tune every week or basically do karaoke every week. Disappointed that Jason was in bottom 3 as I thought he gave the 2nd best performance of the night. I agree with the blogger, Brothers 3, Jason, Dean were the top 3 and in that order. With jasons ascent, there is a new threat for the finals. With most of the weakest links now gone, this weeks show should be very good. Until next week end, be good.

  12. Although I liked Jason’s voice from the beginning, I don’t think he has got the X factor for a solid performer.

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