X Factor Australia 6 – Grand Final (Videos) (Updated with WINNER!)

This is it. Time. To. Face. The. Music. One. Last. Time.


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Marlisa’s single was very nice. Wow that doesn’t sound like a very solid compliment. I am very said Ronan is leaving the panel, he was easily the most informed person on it. Sadly I don’t think he gets to leave as a winner. Marlisa did what every other GIRLs category Girl could never do, make the grand final, so she should be very very very happy for herself.

Brothers 3’s single was even more nice than Marlisa. As in Marlisa’s was superior. I don’t know if Brothers 3 deserved a spot in the final 3, but here they are. I don’t really want them to win. So that pretty much leaves me with one person to back.

Dean Ray’s “Coming Back” is a little bit of a “Stolen Dance” rip-off. That being said, it is awesome. And he does deserve to win the title, more so than anyone else this season. He took risks, and most of them paid off for him a big way. Backed by solid vocals, and a strong view of self. Dean took himself in my mind from Nat’s normal bad-boy crush to legitimate contender over the course of the competition. Dean needs to win, if nothing else because this song is a winner, I mean really.

I am very happy with this top 2. I was actually pretty shocked to see the Brothers 3 not make it there, but I guess the tides had shifted and Dean got a bump and Marlisa got a bump from their recent bottom 2 appearances. I think even though I see in the comments that Dean is just another WGWG and Marlisa is just another Jessica Sanchez. I disagree on both counts. I obviously could be wrong, but Dean has taken far more risks than the average WGWG, has far more mystique than the average WGWG, and has solid vocals to back it all up unlike some WGWGs. As for Marlisa, she is a little girl with a big voice, but she is more than that, she is quirky and that is just enough to save her from being generic and I am excited to hear what she does next. Both worthy winners, but ultimately the right person won.