X Factor Australia 5 – Results Week 1

Last night I had Adira-Bella as my number 12 pick and Barry Southgate as my number 10 pick. So definitely no shock them being the bottom 2 tonight. If I had to pick another person who needs a wake up call to improve and fast to be in the bottom 2 it would be Ellie Lovegrove. She did not shine the way she really could have or should have on “Songbird.” That being said this was going to be a free week for everyone not named Adira-Belle, but before we get to serious let’s have an ‘exciting’ group performance.


Kelebek and Dami were definitely the starts of this group performance. Jai, JTR, I would also rank as close third and fourth place fighters as well.

The Bottom 2 performances:



Barry being in the bottom 2 is an important fact for me, because I suspected he couldn’t hide behind his good looks and the audience agrees. He is just not as strong as he needs to be to be carrying around the swag  attitude that he does. Adira-Belle was setup for failure. “Run the World (Girls)” is just not the type of song for this venue, for singing into your hairbrush after you just got out of the shower, sure. But not on this stage. Also their save me song, “Chain of Fools” did them no favors. It just highlighted how weak some of them are as vocalists. They had some nice harmonies. Why did they drop the rapping, it was the one thing that I felt made them stand out.


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