X Factor Australia 4 – Week 8

In a challenge that I believe is unique to X Factor Australia, the other judge’s got to select songs for acts other than their own.  I definitely enjoyed the freedom of this theme that allowed contestants to showcase things that their mentor wouldn’t have necessarily chosen.


This selection by Guy Sebastian for Shiane Hawke was very smart.  I think Shiane sounded pretty good on it, despite Shiane’s inability to connect with a song with her facial reactions, if you just listened to it, you would believe she was feeling that song.  The background vocals were in the right places, the staging was beautiful and simple.  Shiane was as comfortable as ever, and as Mel said since Shiane enjoyed it, so did I.   Arguably one of her top two or three performances of the season.


Mel B chose Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat” for The Collective and this song is definitely fresh out of the oven.  But I think the performance was a little over baked.  What made Domino so fantastic was it’s simple staging.  So much freaking stuff was happening on the stage it was hard to tell whether Trent was body-rolling or popping/locking most of the time.  In terms of their performance it isn’t particularly bad, but truthfully nothing special, even Will’s rap didn’t seem to take me anywhere regardless of his commitment.


Natalie decided to set Samantha Jade up for failure by handing her a Kelly Clarkson song that Samantha would never be ever to fill the vocal shoes of.  Guy and Sammi did the best the could with it, bending the song into a bit of a bit of a dance/pop song and less of a rock/pop song.  I think Titanium would have been a better choice, with a similar message, but in a style that lends itself more readily to Samantha’s strengths.  But don’t let me fool you for a second, I believe Natalie may have had some ulterior motives when picking Samantha’s song.


Ronan chose one of his own songs for Jason Owen, and I must say that seeing this facet of Jason is perfect at this time.  Jason has been doing a lot of uptempos overall, so this ballad was a nice change of pace.  Jason is the only person in my mind guaranteed a spot in the final 3.  I am not sure if he will win, but he will be in the final 3.  He sounds so good, he is so freaking likable, and he tries so hard.  I don’t ever see myself buying a Jason Owen album, but I’ve been wrong before.


Mel B chose “Dreams” for the lovely miss Bella Ferraro and to paraphrase the former scariest spice, this is the kind of stuff she should’ve been doing all along.  Bella would never win out in a vocal battle throw down of divas, but I would buy her album.  Guy Sebastian gave her awesome advice.  What differentiates Bella from Missy Higgins and Lisa Mitchell?  I think they are different, although I would give them all similar songs if I was producing their albums.  Bella could make a niche for herself.  I want to see her in the final 3, but in my mind I feel like it might be either her or Samantha Jade.  This final 4 is shockingly strong, next week is going to be stressful.

Bottom Two




Is it possible that The Collective actually had the lowest votes of the week?  Quite and very.  Fact is The Collective killed Shiane Hawke in the sing off.  Shiane is a very nice sweet adorable girl.  I hope she finds success after she finishes some more years of school.  The final 3 is probably going to Jason Owen, The Collective and either Bella Ferraro or Samantha Jade.  As much as I was an advocate for The Collective to be in the final 3 before, I kind of don’t know if I necessarily want them there now.  I feel like Samantha has shown so much that she deserves to be there, and Bella could really find her stride, but I cannot shake the feeling like this is an either or situation.  Next week is going to be exciting either way.  I cannot wait to read your comments below and as always thanks for reading!