The X-Factor 3 – Final Audition Episode – Live Blog and Discussion

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1) Neal Macomber- Everybody Talks
Neil’s family and friends shouldn’t let him do this kind of stuff. They should know better. Neal: “Everyone in the audience, you could be here, you could do this.” Simon: “They are here.” So incredibly bizarre. His family looks ashamed backstage. Had they never heard him sing before? He starts singing to Demi, and Paulina pulls a terrified Demi closer to her to protect her. Neal then goes and harasses some people in the audience. Neal touches Demi’s hair. She’s scared. Simon says it was like something out of a lunatic asylum. He compares it to Nightmare on Elm Street. He gets four No’s.

2) Glamour- Star Spangled Banner
A young Destiny’s Child. Really tight harmonies. Kelly gives them a standing O. Four yes’s.

3) Girls United- Price Tag
Sounds like they don’t really know the lyrics, but they’re pretty good. I don’t think they’re good enough to make the voting rounds.

4) Zach Beeken
Male country boy. Not very good. He gets four yes’s. I would have said No.

5) Wild Thingz
Two boys. Hip Hop/Rap duo. Not terrible, but not Lyric 145 either. They’re a Yes. I would have given them a small Yes.

6) Denny Smith- Stormy Monday Blues
This dude can SANG. I don’t think he’s right for the show, but he’s mad talented. He should do the Voice. He’s through.

7) Victoria Carriger- Because Of You
She looks like she’s in her 20’s, but she actually has 8 kids. SINGLE MOM OF EIGHT KIDS. Wow. She’s 41. Interesting voice, but her diction is all over the place. She basically just sings on syllables. She falls behind the beat in parts. I wish she was better, I want to root for her. There are better people in her category. She has a unique tone though. If she could just throw some consonants into her singing… Four Yes’s for her.

8) Keith Beukelaer- Baby Got Back
THE LIKE A VIRGIN GUY IS AUDITIONING FOR X-FACTOR! Simon says he’s the worst singer in the world. He’s a rapper now. He says he’s done a lot of hard work to get to this point. He looks ridiculous. Kelly physically pulls Simon from his seat so he can dance with her, Demi, and Paulina. You know what… this is better than his American Idol audition. Demi actually says Yes. Paulina says Yes. Kelly says Yes. Simon actually says Yes. This dude made it through. Wow. Anything can happen on X-Factor.

Auditions are over. There is no boot camp. They are picking a Top 40. The judges debate people, but it could all be editing. Most of your favorites are flashed across the screen at some point.

Top 10 Girls:
Khaya Cohen
Bree Randall
Jamie Pineda
Simone Torres
Rion Paige
Danie Geimer
Rylie Brown
Primrose Martin
Ellona Santiago
Ashly Williams
(Our spoiler had a Hannah Johnson in the Top 10, but neither Primrose or Simone. Hmmm…)

Top 10 Boys:
Carlito Olivero
Chase Goehring
Timmy Thames
Isaiah Alston
Tim Olstad
Al Calderon
Josh Levi
Issac Tauaefa
Carlos Guevera
Stone Martin
(our spoiler had a Devin Guisande instead of Isaiah Alston)

Good News
Yellow House Canyon
Alex and Sierra
Roxxy Montana
Wild Thingz
Girls United

Over 25s:
Lillie McCloud
Jeff Brinkman
Rachel Potter
Kristine Mirelle
Victoria Carriger
James Kenney
Allison Davis
Denny Smith
Lorie Moore
Jeff Gutt

Manufactured Groups:
Three Boys- Emery Kelly and two others.
Three Country Boys- Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack, Zach Beeken
Three Girls- Celine Polenghi, Millie Thrasher, Summer Reign

The judges get their categories:
Kelly is mentoring the Over 25s.
Demi is mentoring the girls.
Paulina is mentoring the boys.
Simon is mentoring the groups.

Join me next week for the Four Chair rounds.

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