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THE X FACTOR: Top 10 to 9 Elimination: Judge Paula Abdul (C) and Lakoda Rayne on THE X FACTOR airing Thursday, Nov. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX.

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Stacy Francis is eliminated

So that was completely INSANE wasn’t it?  I was not expecting Astro to be in the bottom 2. At all. That was completely shocking to me.  I wondered in an earlier post if a rapper could win a contest like this, and the answer is clearly no.  Swagger works spectacularly for Urban artists in the real world. But in these televised contests, it doesn’t fly.   I think the combo of performing in a genre not everyone appreciates and his punky attitude did him in.  I’m still convinced that it’s mostly adults who bother to vote in these shows (Kids have better things to do. Really) and that demo is probably enamored with the traditional vocalists like Josh, Drew and Melanie.

I’ve given Astro a lot of grief about his attitude throughout this competition, while–grudgingly at times–acknowledging his talent.  But all I could see tonight was a kid in over his head.  He’s had people blowing smoke up his butt all season. He’s also been a punk ass bitch from day one. And now the judges decide to finally call him out on it?   It made for good TV, but it felt wrong.  They should have had a word with him in private rather than humiliating him on live TV.

They saved the children–Astro, Drew and Rachel–for last, which seemed particularly cruel.  The sight of 13 year old Rachel, sobbing as she waited to hear her fate just broke my heart.  Let these kids grow up a little before they are thrown to the wolves.  Yuck.

At any rate, Astro is definitely not winning now. And after tonight, I declare him a middle packer. He could go within the next couple of weeks.  But it won’t matter. He’s going to be signed anyway and probably sell a gazillion records.

Both singouts were terrible tonight.  Stacy seemed to have a complete meltdown on stage the way she bleated through “Amazing Grace”. I don’t think she sang a single note in tune.  Astro was better, but his stank attitude permeated his performance. He was phoning it in on purpose.

Having said that–the right person went home.  Astro’s performances have been solid.  The kid was rude, but he spoke the truth. He DID NOT deserve to be in the bottom 2.  His performances throughout the show have been solid. Stacy, on the other hand, has been mediocre at best. And last night, she was simply terrible.  Good luck to her.  She was complaining after the show last night about how the judges critiqued her, like a crybaby. And she’s a grown up.  She needs a little attitude adjustment herself.

Group song: “We Will Rock You”. LOL. LeRoy MISSED HIS CUE AGAIN. LULZERS. Astro is rapping some shizz to Paula. The lead vocals are live this week.

Rihanna will be singing live tonight (ETA: Actually, it was taped on Wednesday).

Simon liked Josh and Astro. Blah blah blah…useless recap.

Oh results! Instead of waiting until the end, it looks like they will be dribbled throughout the broadcast. That seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it?  LeRoy and OMG Lakoda Rayne (???) are through.

Now for some filler! A video package about the kids at a photo shoot. Well, it’s actually a promo for Sony cameras.

Rihanna takes the stage to perform her single “We Found Love”. Ri Ri sounds like she’s singing underwater. But I love this song. Rihanna tells the contestants–if you love it, it never feels like work.

MORE RESULTS.  Chris, Melanie, Josh and Marcus are declared safe.  Drew, Stacy, Rachel and Astro are left!  Uh. Stacy is TOAST.

More results! Drew is safe. She cries into Simon’s shoulder. Aw, Rachel is sobbing. She’s so young. Rachel is safe.

Astro and Stacy are in the bottom 2!  Why even bother with a “showdown” we know who is going home.

Hm. I’ve got to wonder if Simon “no rules” Cowell is playing fast and loose with the bottom 2...

Stacy Francis takes the stage first:  Is that a goat bleating? Did I accidentally turn on Animal planet?  Stacy is warbling and screeching her way through “Amazing Grace”. This is pretty awful.

Astro is next. He could fart his way through his performance, and he’d still be going nowhere. Astro says he doesn’t want to perform. “I don’t think I have to perform” he says. Stank attitude dead ahead! Astro asks LA if HE thinks he should have to perform. LA looks visibly irritated. Astro asks the audience if THEY think he should perform. They cheer before he launches into “Never Can Say Goodbye”.  Astro is doing his own version of a “Swan Song”.  I guess in case he leaves tonight. But he shouldn’t worry.

The judges vote!

LA Reid is sending home: Ohhhh. LA is calling out Astro! Didn’t like his phoned in performance!  But he still sticks with his guy. He sends home Stacy.
Nicole Scherzinger is sending home Astro
Paula Abdul is sending home  (She gives them a lecture about attitude) Stacy
Simon Cowell:  Gives Astro a lecture about his attitude.  Astro begins to cry. THESE KIDS ARE TOO YOUNG! You can’t expect a kid to act like a grownup. It’s not fair. Ultimately, Simon sends home Stacy.

In no particular order:


  • LeRoy Bell
  • Lakoda Rayne
  • Chris Rene
  • Melanie Amaro
  • Josh Krajcik
  • Marcus Canty
  • Drew
  • Rachel
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