The Voice UK Series 3 – The Quarter Final: Top 12 Perform

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It only took three seasons but finally, The Voice became somewhat of a hit in the UK. All it took, Kylie Minogue. I’m MDS, and I’ll be recapping the show for you this year. Not all of it of course, who really cares about the endless blind auditions and battle rounds? That’s why we’ll skip all that ahead and head into the liveshows. We are already down to 12 and in two weeks, we’ll have a winner. That’s right, the liveshows are only 3 weeks long. So, shall we begin?


Jermain Jackson –  “Treasure” – 5,5/10 – He believes it’s time to bring out the big guns. He’s gonna treat the competition like an election campaign and wants to show people that their votes aren’t gonna be wasted. Jermain’s voice is quite deep and very soulful, yet I’m not convinced this was the right song for it. He sounded kinda flat on it and not entirely natural. He recovered towards the end but I just wasn’t sold on it. will thinks he was fabulous, even when he was so nervous before. He sang a Bruno Mars song the way Luther would have to him. Ricky wishes there were more politicians with moves like that.

Sophie-May Williams –  “Moondance” – 7,5/10 – She can’t believe how her life has changed. A few weeks ago she was just a normal teenager, one that couldn’t cook, clean or boil. Now, she’s a teenager who also looks amazing on a silver dress. It’s a wonderful jazzy little performance yet I’m not fully convinced it’s the right path for her to go if she wants to get those votes. That ending was sublime though. I’d vote on that alone. So maybe she’s in the right path after all. Kylie tells her she doesn’t need to be in the kitchen since she belongs on the stage. She thought it was a beautiful performance. will says that every note was just perfect.

 Iesher Haughton –  “Rather Be” – 4/10 – will was her fan since he heard the very first note. A very nice song but a sub par performance. It started quite nicely and then she hit the chorus with as much power as a feather banging into a wall. Let’s just say the vocals in this performance were nowhere near where they should have and leave it at that. Tom loved how natural she came across. Ricky felt it was an awesome performance. Seriously guys?

 Team Kylie

 Jamie Johnson – “A Thousand Miles” – 8/10 – A couple of months ago he was driving around in his mini, doing gigs here and there. His mom is so proud of him. His sis Jessica is no longer her roadie, now she promotes her brother with her big mouth. But he shouldn’t worry about losing her roadie, Kylie promised she’ll replace her sister if he makes it to the semis. He starts the performance in a nice falsetto, then he switches back to his much superior chest voice for the chorus. There’s also a certain grit to his tone, which is very pleasant. Good overall, not fully convinced about the song choice though.  Kylie used to be a mechanic apparently. She can’t fix Jamie’s car but she’s up for polishing it! She thought he was fantastic and so comfortable up there. Tom liked it and was reminded of himself. He wonders what’s wrong with the car. Apparently it’s just old. Ricky’s got a mini too. He reminds the audience to not forget he has a “demon of a voice”. will drops a Harry Potter comment, Jamie reminded him to one of the homeboys.

Lee Glasson  – “Help Me Make It Through the Night” – 7,5/10 – Lee was scared Kylie was gonna hate his “Can’t Take You Out of My Head” audition, fortunately, she loved it, even if she didn’t recognize it. “Lee is very intense with every performance. There is a guarantee … it always comes with Glasson Face” Kylie tells us. Yeah, a creepy angry face. Before he applied for the voice, he was a sales manager. When he made it into the show, he quit his job. The performance is a bit operatic and way too slow but Lee has such a great control of his instrument that it doesn’t really matter. When Tom heard it in rehearsal he thought the song didn’t do enough for his voice but tonight, he felt it. will thought it was enchanting, ghostly. It really brought out Lee’s sensitive side. Kylie calls it the slowest song so far, not sure if as a compliment

Rachael O’Connor – “Shine a Light” – 6,5/10 – She had to be in Kylie’s final three. “You, it’s just you” she tells her. Her dad has given her a few rules, she’s not allowed to go out but most importantly, no bad boys for her. Kylie completely relates to Rachel, since she’s been there. Rachel’s got a Diana Vickers vibe going on, minus the claw sadly, but vocally, that was nowhere near the quirky singer. She’s got an unique tone but I felt that lacked breath control. I also didn’t really like the song. Emma wonders if Ricky would’ve been able to do that when he was 17. If he could, his family would’ve had something to say. Tom reminds her how he tried to win her during the auditions, making young Rachel feel a bit guilty, then tells her she’s already found her voice and that’s what is really important. Emma asks will to sum up the performance in one word. Obviously, he cannot, so I’ll do it myself. He enjoyed it.

It’s time for Kylie’s fast pass! I’d say Lee. “I love you all, you are amazing and the journey doesn’t end here but the person I’m taking through is Jamie”. Uh, not expecting that. Guess she really wants to be his roadie.

 Team Tom

Bizzi Dixon – “If You Really Love Me” – 6/10 – Tom is pleased he’s here because he thinks both of them come from the same place. His parents are ministers, thus he was born and raised in the church, an extremely energetic church. It was his dream being in the final 12. He auditioned along his brother, who didn’t make it through, so now he’s flying the family flag solo. An expectedly old fashioned performance, extremely suitable for a cruise. A competent soulful delivery but I just can’t see this guy conquering the charts, can you? will believes that’s what it sounds like when you know what you are doing. His eyebrows were even trying to meet his hairline. Kylie thought he was smoking hot. She wanted to turn the stage into a dance floor. Is that actually a compliment?

Sally Barker  –  “To Love Somebody” – 10/10 – Every time Sally performs, tears come into Tom’s eyes. “She hit a nerve and I felt it”. She’s been a musician for the last 30 years. When younger, she was quite successful and toured a lot. Then her husband became ill with cancer and when he died, the kids came first for her. “It was really a no brainier”. The Voice has given her a second chance. Let me say this first, I love Sally. There’s so much heart and passion in the way she performs, it’s no wonder Tom sheds a tear when she sings. It’s like chopping an onion, and I say that in the best way possible, you just can’t help getting teary when her beautiful pure tone comes through. It’s haunting really. will felt complete and safe. Kylie loved hearing her doing something a little stronger. She loved the clarity but also the lightness and girlishness of her voice.

Georgia Harrup – “Money on My Mind” – 5/10 – Since being on the show, her confidence is definitely growing. Ten years ago, she was heavier, depressed and her first marriage broke down, so she knew she had to change. She decided to turn her life around and became fit and fell in love with music. If she has a bad day, all she has to do is go training and it all disappears. A jazzy songstress doing an upbeat pop song. How could that ever go wrong? She simply doesn’t have the vocal power to pull this off, it was a great effort and some things sounded really nice but it was mostly shaky and her nerves were palpable. I guess she’s trying to distance herself as far as she can from distant cousin Adele but there’s no need to do so, she’s already rather different. Kylie felt it was brilliant and while there was a lot going on, only Georgia was on her mind. Apparently, Georgia didn’t like the song at first but according to Tom, she did it and she pumped it. will felt it started a little pitchy but she noticed it and then fixed it. He felt that was the best number of the show, which is a huge overstatement.

Tom now needs to give his fast pass. It’s gotta be Sally, no doubt about that. “The three of you were fantastic and it just makes it a lot more difficult. My fast pass … Sally”. Yep, she’s the best after all. She’s really looking forward to singing with Tom.

 Team Ricky

Chris Royal – “One Day Like This” – 6/10 – He’s quite reserved and laid back and he doesn’t feel comfortable if he’s not on stage. He tries visiting his family in Manchester as often as he can. It’s hard for him being away from them but he had to move to London since there were no opportunities for him back home. Unexciting performance, nice voice but very one-note. I could see my attention drifting away for as long as he was on stage, which is never a good sign. Kylie loves his energy, “you are just a cool guy” she says. Ricky felt it was outstanding. He knows he’s gonna make great albums. Tom really enjoyed the key he played it on, he liked how warm it was.

Emily Adams – “Happy” – 6,5/10 – Whenever Emily sings, Ricky feels there’s more. She was born in Blackpool, the Vegas of the north. Life there was going to school and helping his dad run their B&B. My main issue with Emily is that she doesn’t seem to have a musical identity, she just seems to imitate whatever style she’s signing. That said, her funky performance was enjoyable and fresh, and although it wasn’t perfect vocally, she’s such a bubbly singer, it’s hard not to smile when she’s on stage. Tom felt the whole thing was great. Ricky is so glad they picked that song for her since it was perfect.

Christina Marie – “Everlong” – 10/10 – Christina had to quit her job to be here, so she has to make this happen. She got her job to help support her single mum. Her sister is very important to her, whenever she has a problem she comes to her. “She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to say it. That’s the definition of a superstar” Ricky says. Christina is the favourite coming into the liveshows, so it’s no surprise she’s closing the show. It’s also no wonder she’s completely slaying her performance. Outstanding vocals, magnificent arrangement. The girl is a total diva. I don’t think I can actually fault that, it was just perfect. Ricky felt that was amazing and she’s gonna go a long way. will thinks she sounded amazing. And just like that, Christina breaks down and begins crying. Kylie was in awe of her talent. She thought it was world class.

Last fast pass of the day. We all know how this is going. “Hopefully the great British public will do the right thing. The person that I’m taking through to the semi-finals next week is … I can’t risk it, it’s Christina Marie” More tears from Christina.

The vote is now open. The results will be announced in 10 minutes. Small voting window. You can also download studio versions of all the performances, which could chart.

Back from the break. The Top 12 are performing songs by their mentors. Obviously, Team will is forced to sing one of his crappy songs, one that does no favours to any of them. Kylie’s team sounds a lot better but then again, Kylie’s songbook is well, made out of actual songs. It’s great to watch Team Tom’s Georgia doing something she’s actually at ease with. If only she had done that earlier. But the actual star of it all is Christina, which isn’t hard since the whole thing was kinda terrible.

Before the results, Jason DeRulo is performing. It’s ok, until he turns into a rapper. So not his thing.

Up first, Team will. Hopefully, it’ll be Sophie. The artist with the most votes is, thankfully, Sophie May. So that means Iesher is eliminated and after her performance, no one is shocked.

Team Kylie next. Lee seems to be the one with the bigger following but who knows. Yep, Lee makes it through. Unfortunately, Rachel is going home. Bad song choice if you ask me, she could’ve gone far.

OneRepublic takes the stage to perform their hit “Counting Stars” before we find out who else made it.

Team Tom’s Bizzi and Georgia are next to find the results. Not sure how this will go. Unfortunately, it’s Bizzi who’s making it through. Georgia is eliminated. That awful song choice did her in, sadly. I wish we could have seen more from her.

Lastly, Team Ricky. Again, no idea who’ll make it. The artist making it through is Chris, meaning Emily is eliminated. Vocals matter, you know?

Top 8

Jermain Jackman

Sophie-May Williams

Jamie Johnson

Lee Glasson

Bizzi Dixon

Sally Barker

Chris Royal

Christina Marie


Iesher Haughton

Rachael O’Connor

Georgia Harrup

Emily Adams

That’s all for tonight. Make sure to come back next week as I return with the semi-final. And if you cannot get enough of me, make sure to follow me on my blog. Until next Saturday!

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