The Voice Live Blog: Top 12 Results

The Voice - Season 7

Hello all! Thanks for joining me for tonight’s live blog. I am nervously biting my nails here for my faves. Will yours make it too? We’ll be finding out verrrrrry shortly!

And here comes the group song. Team Gwen and coach take the stage singing The Tide is High. Ryan looks uncomfortable. I really hate this song lol, I’m sorry. I love Gwen’s stage presence but her live singing, not so much. Alright Taylor! Sing it boy! This was a cute team effort. Taylor is the strongest of her team though.

Carson said anyone eliminated tonight will STILL have a chance to come back(?) WTF. Whoever has the most votes will be thrown into a wildcard pick as the FOURTH finalist. I….don’t really like that? If someone who’s not that strong can simply come back and those who are better can go home? Ugh.

Everyone charted on Itunes last night. I knew Matt had a HUGE lead.

The first person safe is…Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew (SHOCKER GUYS I KNOW)!

America also saved Team Gwen’s Anita Antoinette!

Carson is congratulating Adam on his team’s performances from last night. Adam knows there’s no guarantees on this show, but that ALL their performances were equally great. Carson tells Gwen that out of the top 12, half have been on Gwen’s team. She says this whole process is draining but that the eliminations are making her nervous.

Pharrell is apparently on a safari lol. His style is crazy and I love it. Blake hopes that America saw how hard his team has been working.

Carson reveals that the coaches will bring in mentors next week. Pharrell talks about working with Diana Ross. He’s never met her before, but is looking forward to the experience. Colbie Caillat, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump and Meghan Trainor will also appear next week with the coaches.

The next person safe is..Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey!

America also saved…Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd!

Now we have the UK’s Ella Henderson singing her song “Ghost.” Her tone reminds me of Christina Aguilera on some of those “growley” notes. I like it. I hope she moves around the stage a little bit. Maybe it’s just me but when I tend to get bored when people don’t walk around lol.

Andddd the next artist safe is…Team Adam’s Damien!

Followed by Team Blake’s Reagan James!

Next is Team Blake’s singing Sad Songs Say So Much with their coach. I love this song! *head bobs* I like Jessie. Hope she’s not a goner but don’t know if she has the fan base yet. Craig’s hair looks like it came out of an Herbal Essences commercial. I’m jealous. Reagan’s voice doesn’t seem as strong as I remember. Her and Jessie’s voices are starting to sound really similar.

6 people left. He’s going to call THREE names.

From Team Gwen, Taylor John Williams!

Team Adam’s Chris Jamison is also through! ALL of Team Adam is SAFE!

Come onnnn say Luke Wade!!!

Ahhhh Luke Wade from Team Pharrell is safe!!!

Here we go, Sugar, Jessie and Ryan will all sing for the Twitter Save.

First up is Jessie Pitts singing “Gravity.” She’s nervous but I can’t blame her. Her voice is so pretty though. She just needs to connect more in her songs.

Blake wants people to know that he’s never worked with someone as sweet as Jessie. He says we should vote for her because she’s important to this competition. She occupies a space on the show that no one else occupies.

Team Pharrell’s Sugar Joans is singing I want to dance with somebody. WHAT? Whitney? Oh girl no. No. She’s shrieking all over the place already 20 seconds in. Is this the sort of artist she wants to be? Such a random choice. Gah. Okay I’ll stop hating for a second and take a time out.

Pharrell said it was amazing and that she knows how he feels about her (trust me Pharrell, we KNOW how you feel about her). He wants to work with her in the studio.

Lastly, we have Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill singing More than words. Never noticed that Ryan looks like Niall from One Direction. Hmmm lol. This is a cute song choice. He’s pitchy and forgot some of the words.

Gwen says she adores him and that he deserves to be here.

Ugh. Alright my vote is going for Jessie. What about you guys?

Alrightyyyyy and the winner of the Twitter Save and will live to sing another week on the show is…Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill!

That’s all for this week, thanks for joining me! =)

The Voice 7 Top 10:

Matt McAndrew
Anita Antoinette
Danica Shirey
Craig Wayne Boyd
Reagan James
Taylor John Williams
Chris Jamison
Luke Wade

Ryan Sill – B3 – Saved by America
Jessie Pitts – B3 – Eliminated
Sugar Joans B3 – Eliminated

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