The Voice 7 Live Blog: The Finals

Good evening all! Thank you for joining me tonight for the Final! Can you believe that we’ve made it here already? It seems like just a few weeks ago we were still amidst the battle rounds. Oh wait. We were. Regardless, tonight’s Top 4 better bring their A game because as of right now, all my ponies (so to speak) got voted out so I’m voting for whoever WOWS me the most. What about you guys? Who are you rooting for to take it home? Will it be Matt? Chris? Damien? Craig? It’s safe to say that it’s anyone’s game at this point.

I do want to point out a change in the rules that I saw last week. Oh The Voice, you are SO sneaky. All of the previous Itunes bonuses from past weeks NO longer matter for tonight. I’ve seen plenty of fangirls freaking out on Twitter about this, however I feel like it makes it more fair for all of the Top 4 to have a clean slate. Thoughts?

We are less than 8 minutes away from tonight’s performances!

Helllllo Carson Daly. I’m liking the scruff. Gwen is looking gorgeous. Pharrell… *grumbles* still mad at him.

Each finalist will sing 3 songs: a song they picked, one with their coach, and one original song.

Ooops of course Team Adam’s Damien is singing first. Now they are showing a video montage of Damien’s journey thus far. Lots of tears. Damien is singing “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway. I adore this song. I hope he doesn’t milk the emotion too much. I want to feel it from home! Like Adam said, the urgency needs to be there.

The swaybots in the crowd are so distracting. Damien is singing this pretty straight so far. Wait? Did he miss some words? Or his mic didn’t work? Aw man. :( He did well. All coaches are on their feet.

Blake loves how Damien floats through a melody with so much power. He thought it was incredible. Pharrell said the song took him to church. Gwen says watching him sing is so pleasurable, and that it feels like a record Damien would make outside the show. Adam said Damien looked comfortable on the stage and was one of this best. I…don’t quite agree and I think Adam is giving him the ever so slight brush off.

To vote for Damien–> 1 855 864 2301A Song For You by Donny HathawayDownload from iTunes

Next is Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd’s singing an original called “My Baby’s Got a Smile on her Face.” Apparently Blake wrote it years ago, and now he’s giving it to Craig. LOL aww we are getting a cute flashback to Blake’s first music video! And mullet hahaha. I won’t lie, just hearing Craig sing this original in the studio makes me want to download it. Damn you Blake Shelton.

Let’s go Craig! That is one pretty guitar may I say. Craig’s also looking like the constant pro that he is. Blake is singing along to his own song lmao, I’m dead. I can’t. I hope the other contestants have an original as good as this…otherwise Craig might take this home!

Pharrell says “Welcome to your future.” He knows everyone is going to go buy that. Gwen says he’s going to go on tour for a lonnnnng time. She knows he’s ready for the big time. Blake hasn’t been than nervous about a performance ever, but that song was meant for Craig. He’s a proud papa.

To vote for Craig Wayne Boyd–> 1 855 864 2302My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her FaceDownload from iTunes

Now we have Team Adam’s Chris Jamison singing Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without U” with coach Adam Levine. Why did he have to pick such a good song?? LOL this used to be my jam. It’s the only Robin Thicke song I can still stomach. Chris sounds great though, this song definitely accentuates his falsetto. Adam…well…he’s Adam. I will say that he’s being a very generous duet partner to Chris for this song. – Lost Without U by Robin Thicke – Download from iTunes

Next up is Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew singing his original called “Wasted Love.” He’s excited not to be doing a cover, he wants to sell this new song. The song sounds nice, I can see a couple different influences in it. Like Hozier meets Coldplay.

Oooh Matt’s got a choir and everything. Staging with flames in the background. Oh wait ACTUAL flames now (on purpose of course). I like this song and it’s something that I can see myself downloading. But it’s tamer than I thought I’d imagine his single to be. Hopefully (and I’m sure we will) he can amp it up. Adam is swaying, clutching his chest, and singing this in his chair. You KNOW who his winner is lol! I got scared for a second there that Matt was going to blow his voice out. His performance was better than Craig and Damien’s so far, I definitely will say that.

Pharrell is sure that all of Philly is standing up for him. Gwen completely got lost in the performance, she thinks the song is really great for him. Adam says Matt and him have been working 24/7 on this song, and he said Matt sang his OWN song and it was an amazing song. He said it’s one of the best songs he’s ever heard in his life LOL. He can’t gush enough about him and he’s on the verge of tears.

To vote for Matt McAndrew–> 1 855 864 2303“Wasted Love” – Original Song –  Download from iTunes

Now we find out that Pharrell has SIX Grammy nominations this year! He’s ever so grateful.

And hey there’s Season 4 winner Danielle Bradberry who is showing off her very first tattoo. She said for the contestants to have fun, and that seeing Blake was “amazing.” She will be opening up for Miranda Lambert.

And next it’s Blake Shelton and Craig Wayne Boyd singing “Boots on” as their duet. Bandzilla strikes again? It was really hard to hear Craig in the beginning of the song, but maybe he was just singing too low. I just love seeing Blake up there on his guitar. The way he looks at Craig is really endearing too lol, he really is a GREAT coach. VERY solid effort by Craig but I am realllllllyyyy hoping that his last performance is going to push him out in the forefront because I am a little bit worried for him at this point. – Boots On by Randy Houser – Download from iTunes

Now we have Team Adam’s Damien who is singing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John with coach Adam. Remember when he did Tiny Dancer with Will Champlin in Season 5? Adam loves his Elton songs. Right off the bat, Damien sounds incredibly strong. Can we just have Damien sing this solo lol? You can tell Adam keeps wanting to butt in to sing during parts he’s not supposed too haha. He’s also singing ALL of the long notes. Oh Damien, you deserve so much better. – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John – Download from iTunes

And it’s now Team Adam’s Chris Jamison’s original song called “Velvet.” Adam said it’s contemporary like Bruno Mars. He also said these songs are songs that Adam himself would have done. I can tell that his music video for this song is going to be watched pretty heavily lol.

Um…what was that beginning? Please don’t try to dance like that Chris. You are not JT, and yes you are adorable but please no. I like the song though! Those are some TIGHT PANTS holy moly.

Pharrell has a lot to say lol. He said a star was born on this tv show with him. He said he’s seen this huge metamorphosis on this show and can’t wait to see what happens. Adam keeps shooting himself in the foot with his mouth. Claims he loves all his contestants equally.

To vote for Chris Jamison–> 1 855 864 2304Velvet – Original Song –  Download from iTunes

Awwww yay it’s DaNica, Sugar, Luke and Taylor in the sprint skybox! I miss those guys like crazy. DaNica too. Sugar not so much. Luke says it’s the beginning of everyone’s career and he’s so proud of them.

Now we have Adam (again) and Matt McAndrew singing “Lost Stars” from Adam’s movie Begin Again. Yeah you can sooooo tell Adam wants Matt to win ever so badly. I’m not familiar with this song so forgive me lol. Their voices actually sound VERY good together, but I’m not too shocked by that. Adam is being a little unbearable as far as letting Matt shine. – Lost Stars by Adam LevineDownload from iTunes

Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd is up next, and they’re showing a nice little video montage of his journey. They are definitely giving Gwen props on Craig’s makeover (and rightfully so). He’ll be singing “In Pictures” by Alabama. Way to tug at the heartstrings of America. Well played Shelton, well played.

Alright let’s go Craig! This is his LAST performance of the night. I predict a lot of tears after this song is through. This song is beautiful. Craig’s crying already. Aw. My heart strings.

Gwen thought it was very emotional, and she always thought he was magic. She’s so happy for him. Blake said it’s a perfect statement for where Craig is in his life right now.

To vote for Craig Wayne Boyd–> 1 855 864 2302In Pictures by Alabama – Download from iTunes

And now we have Team Adam’s Damien with his original single “Soldier.” It was written and produced by Max Martin. The lyrics are already making me LOL. “Fists from heaven??” What?

The stage looks beautiful for this song though. Come on Damien, I know this song probably isn’t your ideal song, but I really hope you sing the crap out of it to shove it in Adam’s face. He is killing the end of this song, good job Damien! I am for sure downloading this song on Itunes!

We are running out of time lol. Adam says this is crazy, that he is bursting with pride for all 3 of his contestants. He said Damien has stayed strong to who he is. He is the happiest coach in the whole entire world, win or lose.

To vote for Damien–> 1 855 864 2301 Soldier – Original Song –  Download from iTunes

Next we have Team Adam’s Chris Jamison singing Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River.” Alright lol, I am excited to hear him sing this. He better WERK for this though! I want to see some JT swagger, I want to see that confidence, I want to see him make the audience beg for it. This is one of Adam’s “favorite” songs by Justin. Chris said that he admires JT and would love to have a career like his.

He’s doing a decent job so far. It sounds very carbon copy to me, but I can understand how hard it might be to differentiate oneself from JT. His falsetto is on point though, he ALWAYS delivers that.

Adam is standing up LOL. He calls Chris his Young Jedi, and says “Welcome and congratulations.” Lmao.

To vote for Chris Jamison–> 1 855 864 2304Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake – Download from iTunes

And LASTLY we have Matt McAndrew singing his last performance, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Matt said Adam has been the best coach. Ahhh flashback to Damien Rice’s “The blower’s daughter.” Matt’s take on that gave me goosebumps for sure. Adam wants Matt to soar on SOTR. Matt really wants to get signed to a major record label.

He started out a little flat, but fixed it pretty quickly. This song is making me have feels for him lol. He really, really wants to win this show. Let’s face it, all 4 of them deserve this. I like his sweet interpretation of this. There’s no yelling, just the sweetness of his voice. Except that last note. *winces* The rest was good though!

Gwen said it was a perfect song, and that he’s very pure and original. She likes how he connects to his songs. Pharrell says it’s magical to see him walk through categories and classifications. Adam felt like there’s so much chaos in the world, but he felt like the whole universe paused for a second to hear something so bittersweet and perfect.

To vote for Matt McAndrew–> 1 855 864 2303Somewhere Over the RainbowDownload from iTunes

Anddddd that’s all folks! I will see you all tomorrow night for the finale and to crown this year’s winner of The Voice!

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