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The Voice - Season 7

The Voice 7 Finale Winner Revealed – Live Blog and Results

We are less then 7 minutes away until The Voice Finale starts! The Itunes charts were INSANELY close last night, and every single artist in the Top 4 charted in the Top 20. I can honestly say that I am fine with whoever wins. I genuinely liked each and every contest this year. This is my favorite part of the competition outside of battles, because as a viewer I’m able to just sit back and enjoy the show. Who will the winner of Season 7 be? Who is YOUR prediction?

Andddddd we’re off! Hello Carson. Love your stubble. Gwen is looking beautiful as always. Adam and Blake look classy and Pharrell…well he’s showing his own unique style tonight lol.

Aww they showed Adam and Pharrell backstage from last night rocking out to Damien’s “Soldier” LOL that was actually quite adorable.

First off it’s the Top 20 singing Pompeii. The feels. <3 The stage is flipping gorgeous. The Top 4 CANNOT harmonize though wow, that was pretty hilarious.

Ahhhh Luke! Taylor John Williams! Bae’s! Hi Ryan Sill, you can join too what the heck. And there’s the rest, DaNica, Sugar, Anita, Jessie (more but it’s too much to type at the moment lol)

Thank god that group song is over.

Now Carson is checking in with the coaches. Adam said that all his contestants and him got along very well, and that he had the time of his life last night. Carson’s thanking Gwen for being a part of The Voice family. Gwen said it went so fast, and that it was incredible. Pharrell said that they need to figure out what the next step is and use this as a platform. Blake feels like Craig did everything he could possibly do to win and he’s nervous as crap.

For Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd’s Bring Back song, he’s bringing back DaNica, Sugar Joans and Taylor Brashears. They’ll be singing Keep your hands to yourself. LOL this song is so corny but I’ve always loved it. The cougars in the audience and at home are going nuts over this, I’m SURE. Sugar and DaNica sound really good on this! This is much, much more enjoyable than the first group performance lol. Craig is OWNING that stage too, he’s so confident.

Now for the favorite moments of this year….
Best Shevine Moment: Shevine on the road
Craziest Artist Reaction: Elijah’s freakout over meeting Alicia Keys (lmaoooo)

And next we have Hozier singing “Take Me to Church.” Yes please! Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I can listen and look at this beatiful man all day. This song is incredible.

Team Adam’s Chris Jamison’s Bring Back song is next. He’ll be bringing back Luke Wade (yeahhh buddy!), Ricky Manning, Taylor Phelan and Ryan Sill. They’ll be singing “Dedication to My Ex” LOL wtf at this song choice but I’m going with it. Nice intro Luke! Oh Ricky, I’ve missed you. Taylor P! I’ve missed you too. You were eliminated way too early. Is Chris even singing any solo lines in this song? I mean, I’m not mad lol, I’m throughly enjoying this.

Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew is now joined on stage with Fall Out Boy! Heyyyy Patrick Stump, you sly devil you. This song is such a bop. Matt’s harmonies with Patrick sound good but I think Pat will end up drowning him out. Pete Wentz has bleach blond hair now lol? Oh boy. I liked that too!

Now here goes a little video montage of Pharrell Williams LOL. Blake says he’s like Yoda. Adam say he’s a sphere of floating positivity.

LOL Pharrell is laughing so hard he won’t look at the camera.

Here is Bryana, DaNica, Sugar, Jean, and Mia singing “Bang Bang.” YES this is my song! The ladies are looking absolutely beautiful up there all dressed in red. Dammmmmn DaNica just KILLED it! That was the best girls performance I think this show has ever had lol!

It’s now 9:49 pm and now Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson are performing “Uptown Funk.” Slay Bruno, slay!! Ahhhh he has curlers in his hair lol, this is awesome! Let’s just crown Bruno the winner, that man is amazing.

Now the finalists were able to hold an intimate concert earlier in the week for some of their fans. Oh Matt, please don’t sing Oh Christmas Tree ever again. Craig sang Silent Night. Chris is singing Joy to the world. Damien sang Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (lol not surprised).

Annnnndddddd they all get a BRAND NEW CAR!! Nissan, you so classy.

Next is Craig Wayne Boyd singing “Sweet Home Alabama” with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Just got chills! Blake is on his feet! You can tell Craig is in all his glory right now and rightfully so.

And one of the most overexposed artists of 2014, Meghan Trainor, will be singing her new single “Lips Are Movin.” I hate songs when the artist SINGS the name of one of their previous songs. Blech. Bathroom break time? I’m thinking yes. I like her songwriting for other artists, but I don’t really like her sound.

Heeee and now it’s a video montage poking fun at Adam Levine and his weirdness lol. Apparently he really loves show tunes ahaha.

Ooooh Team Adam’s Damien’s duet is up now with Jennifer Hudson. I think this is what I’ve been looking forward to the most. YES! They’re singing her new song “It’s your world” and it’s an UP TEMPO number. Alright Damien, let’s do this! She is literally like a foot taller than him it seems lol. Damien is holding his own against her buttttt I mean it’s JHud. Her voice is SICK!

Moving it along, here’s their video montage of Gwen Stefani. The other coaches say she’s so normal and down to earth. I will definitely miss Gwen, she was a great addition to the show. <3

And now here’s Ed Sheeran singing “Thinking outloud.” D’awww. I love this song. You go Ed. I could listen to that voice allllll night long LOL.

Now for Matt’s bring back song he’s bringing Taylor Phelan, Mia Pfirrman, Taylor John Williams and Sugar Joans. They’ll be singing “Go your own way” by Fleetwood Mac. Aw he said he’d form a group with TJW out of anyone on this show.

TJW! Oh what might have been. Taylor P, same for you my dear. :(

That was fun! :)

We are 30 minutes away from finding who the winner is!

For Damien’s bring back he’s bringing Anita, Elijah and DaNica to sing Ain’t no mountain high enough. Yes Elijah!! I’m so glad he’s performing. Aw Damien. Damien seems like such a sweetheart. I can’t wait to hear this group song.

Yesssss this is sounding fantastic!

Next up we have Chris Jamison singing “Masterpiece” with Jessie J. Alright Chris, you better werk! Jessie’s going to push you!

I’m liking this duet! Good song too! Chris has some cute swagger going on in this song.

Yep that sealed it. My favorite duet of the night right here!

And now it’s time for Blake’s little video montage and his “dance” moves lmao. And rhymes. Oh my god this is hysterical, I’m dying!

It’s time for the coaches to sing! Yay! Here they are singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Blake sounds so good, he’s got such an underrated voice. Aw Pharrell looks adorable. Still angry at him though for messing up his whole team! lol

It’s 10:52 and we’re at a commercial break. Winner will be announced soon!

Ok guys moment of truth right here!!

4th place: Damien!
3rd place: Chris Jamison!

It’s between Craig and Matt!

And the winner of Season 7 of The Voice IS:


Craig just took out ALL of Team Adam lol, that is CRAZY!

Congratulations Craig and well deserved!

And of course Matt McAndrew, we love you. Congrats on second place!

Thank you so much guys for joining me tonight. That was one AMAZING finale!

The Voice 7 Finale Results

Craig Wayne Boyd – Winner of The Voice
2nd place – Matt McAndrew
3rd place – Chris Jamison
4th place –  Damien

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