The Voice Live Blog- Battle Rounds #3

The Voice - Season 7

Hi all! Who’s ready for another 2 hour epic showdown?? It’s going down in less than 15 minutes, and there seems to be a good buzz going over tonight’s show!

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WATCH: Our Next on Stage Winners, Jackson and Mia, Chat with Richard Ridge!

The coach’s advisors:
Team Adam – Stevie Nicks
Team Pharrell – Alicia Keys
Team Blake – Little Big Town
Team Gwen – Gavin Rossdale

Pharrell has used both of his steals, Gwen and Blake have each used one and Adam has not used any at all.

Heeeee the coaches are talking about Adam’s competitiveness and how Pharrell has “killed” Adam’s soul.

The first battle of the night is Team Adam’s Damien Lawson versus Kelli Douglas. I remember both of their blind auditions, and enjoyed them both. Damien and Kelli are overwhelmed at seeing Stevie Nicks. Adam decides to give them “Knock on Wood” by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas. Adam likes Damien’s passion and Kelli’s mysteriousness. Of course, he also tells them that people who have FUN on this show do the best.

Kelli is struggling a bit with the song in rehearsals. Stevie wants her to listen to older r&b singers and how they sing. Adam wants Damien to sing it solid but to embellish a bit too.

And here we go! Damien is confident on stage, he’s got swagger. Kelli sounds good but she’s a little shaky. Her styling is beautiful tonight! Damien’s voice is just phenomenal, I have to say. They both are bringing a lot of fun, playful, flirtatious energy to a song that is, and I say this lovingly, a little dated.

Blake says that Damien has an explosive voice, and that Kelli has a such a smooth, warm voice. Pharrell said Damien sings so effortlessly and took him back to the 60s. Gwen is admiring Kelli’s body (lmao!!) and that it wasn’t the perfect song for her. Adam agreed with all the coaches and that both of them stayed in the pocket.

The winner of this battle is… Damien Lawson!! – Download from iTunes

Next up is Team Gwen’s Jessie Pitts versus Ryan Sill. I love her breathy voice. Ryan’s blind audition also went very well. I hope she picks a good song for them lol. *crosses fingers* And yes Jessie, be glad to meet Gavin. He is wonderful. They are singing Ellie Goulding’s “Need your love.” Jessie sounds verryyyyyy similar to Ellie’s. Gwen wants to see how they work with each other on stage. Gavin feels the words that Jessie is singing.

The contestants changed the harmony in rehearsal, but Gwen and Gavin decide against it. Ryan seems stiff (boybandish moves ha!), so Gwen tries to teach him how to move more natural. Gavin wants Jessie to look out into the crowd and find that one person to sing out to.

I might prefer Ryan’s voice. Jessie is sounding too close to Ellie for my taste. I think Jessie has more stage presence and command over her performance. Both are very green and could do well in this competition given the right amount of coaching.

Blake says Ryan is right in the pocket, his pitch is perfect. Blake also thinks Jessie’s voice is unique (eh?). Pharrell said it was the most dramatic battle of the season so far. He would choose Ryan. Adam thought the opposite of Blake, in that the song was better suited FOR Jessie and that it was more of a challenge for Ryan. Adam would also have chosen Ryan.

Gwen loves Ryan’s attitude and Jessie’s spirit.

The winner of this battle is…Ryan Sill!! – Download from iTunes

Awwww Blake pushes his button to steal Jessie! She is breaking down in tears right now. Blake says he swears to learn who Ellie Goulding is lol. He thinks Jessie can win The Voice. Welcome to Team Blake Jessie!

Now the next battle is Team Pharrell’s Blessing Offor versus Katriz Trinidad. Blessing and Katriz are ecstatic to meet Alicia Keys. Pharrell says they both sing from the heart, and the song he gives them is “Do I do” by Stevie Wonder. He wants Katriz to “let go” when she sings, and he wants Blessing to push his vocals. Katriz is not as sure of herself (she’s ONLY 17) but she’s got an amazing voice technically.

In rehearsals, Pharrell wants Blessing to hit the right notes (he went a litttttle off scale) and Alicia wants Katriz to sing without a mic stand.

This song is obviously in Blessing’s wheelhouse. Katriz is doing a lot of runs, but I prefer Blessing’s. I think he definitely won this battle.

Gwen likes how bold Katriz’s voice is, and Blessing’s tone is so natural and effortless. Adam said this song was a challenge for Katriz, but that she still did a great job with it. Blake knew that Pharrell must have had a lot of confidence in them to give them such a song. He was impressed with Katriz.

Pharrell said they both rose to the occasion.

The winner of this battle is… Katriz Trinidad!! – Download from iTunes

I was wayyyyy off base lol!

Alright Adam!!! He pressed his button and has stolen Blessing Offor! Ahahaha and there goes Gwen Stefani for the steal too!

Gwen loves his voice and wants to get to know him. Adam says he’s positive that he knows what Blessing likes.

Blessing chooses Team Adam!!

Next battle pairing is Team Adam’s Ethan Butler versus Matt McAndrew. Aw I like both of these guys! Alright coaches, there had BETTER be a steal coming for one of them! Adam chooses Coldplay’s “Yellow” for them to sing. Stevie loves Ethan’s choir-like voice, and thinks Matt has a compassionate voice. Adam wants Ethan to sing it full voice, and wants Matt to commit to doing the falsetto.

They both sound really good in rehearsals. Their harmonies are on point. Adam wants them to master the harmony to show dynamics and range. Stevie wants them to not just be rockers but to “break hearts.”

Coldplay’s songs are always challenging to sing. Damn Chris Martin and his unique voice. Both Matt and Ethan are sounding pretty good so far! This might turn out to be my favorite battle of the season so far. Both are emotionally invested and sound fabulous together. I think Matt may have won this battle.

Blake says both have done a great job and got lost in the moment. He feels like they could be a duo, that they work that well together. It’s a draw for Pharrell. Gwen felt like it was more suited for Matt, there is something magical about him.

Adam is so happy with both of them. He regrets putting them together (duh Adam).

The winner of this battle is…Matt McAndrew!! – Download from iTunes

For the love of god, someone steal Ethan!

No?? *headdesk*

The next battle pairing is Team Blake’s Bree Fondacaro versus Taylor Brashears. Why are we getting shortchanged on a lot of Team Blake battles this season? Hmmm. Blake has them singing “You’re no good” by Linda Ronstadt. Both girls sound a little off to me? Blake thinks Taylor needs to push on some of the notes and breathe. Taylor is worried about being up against Bree because of her uniqueness in her voice.

In rehearsals, Bree seems to be too breathy and Taylor is sounding loud. I’m a little worried. :/ What do you guys think? Blake wants them to get angry in the song. Bree needs to sing grittier to get her point across. It’s sounding much better than it was previously.

I like when Bree sings OUT more so than the “smokey” affect that she has. Taylor sounds good, she needs to do more to stand out. It will all come down to whether Blake wants a pop singer or a country singer to stay on his team.

Pharrell wanted Bree to lose herself more, and to have that conviction. He likes Taylor’s confidence and how she dove right in. Gwen thought that she loved the song so much, but that they didn’t do the original melody justice. Adam thought Bree was singing the song “alone in her bedroom” and that Taylor was like “dude you’re no good, I hate you.” He also would have went with Taylor.

Blake is proud of both of them. He likes Bree’s lower register, and that Taylor’s strength/upper register will suck you in too.

The winner of this battle is…Taylor Brashears!! – Download from iTunes

The last battle of the night belongs to Team Pharrell’s Toia Jones versus DaNica Shirey. They will be singing “Halo” by Beyonce. They’ve been showing sneak peaks of this battle all day on Facebook & Twitter so it better be a good one! Pharrell paired them together because their voices are similar and that they both would relate to the song. Toia has a habit of doubting herself and Alicia wants her to follow her instincts. Alicia wants them both to connect to the song.

During rehearsals, Pharrell thinks they are standing there like background singers but they are STARS. Toia breaks down crying during rehearsals and is comforted by Alicia and Pharrell. He says this is “THE” moment for her. The next take on their rehearsal sounds really, really good!

I love love love Toia’s voice. DaNica is doing very well on this song too! It’s a diva-off right now you guys, who will win??

Goosebumps at that note Toia hit. Wow.

Gwen thought they both have beautiful and powerful voices. She’s inspired! Adam said doing a Beyonce song is like trying to slay a dragon. He said they slayed it and then slapped it in the face to show it that it was dead (LOL). Blake thought the performance was a 10, said it’s going to be a tough one.

Pharrell said both sang with conviction and sang for themselves.

The winner of this battle is…DaNica Shirey!! – Download from iTunes

Adam wants to steal Toia!! He goes to say hello to her and Gwen hits her button lmaooo! His face was absolutely priceless.

Toia chooses Team Adam!

The Teams are as follows:
Team Adam:
Beth Spangler
Toia Jones
Blessing Offor
Matt McAndrew
Damien Lawson
Mia Pfirrman
Alessandra Castronovo
Chris Jamison
Rebekah Samarin

Team Blake:
Jessie Pitts
Fernanda Bosch
James David Carter
Allison Bray
Taylor Brashears
Reagan James
Kensington Moore
Tanner Linford
Grant Ganzer

Team Gwen:
Craig Wayne Boyd
Mayra Alvarez
Ryan Sill
Bryana Salaz
Taylor John Williams
Sugar Joans
Troy Ritchie
Anita Antoinette
Gianna Salvato

Team Pharrell:
Brittany Butler
Luke Wade
Elyjuh Rene
Danica Shirey
Jean Kelley
Menlik Zergabachew
Taylor Phelan
Ricky Manning
Katriz Trinidad

Oooh tomorrow night looks drama filled, I look forward to it! I’ll see you guys tomorrow night at 8!

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  1. You know, I thought I’d be most excited about Stevie Nicks being a mentor. Rather, I’m really happy about Alicia Keys being a mentor, she’s brilliant.

  2. Being the best singer or having the longest career doesn’t necessarily make you the best mentor in the room. Some people are good at teaching others, some are terrible at it. Heck, I thought Mariah Carey would be an awesome judge.

  3. To be fair, I haven’t found her to be a poor mentor, I just don’t think she’s even remotely as good at it as Alicia.
    Side note: I hate Adam’s song choices…or maybe I just don’t want to hear “Knock On Wood”

  4. Oh yeah, I think Stevie is a great mentor, but Alicia is phenomenal.

  5. Stevie Nicks just tried to compare Damien and Kelly to Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell? That’s ridiculous and insulting to the memories of two of the greatest r&b singers of all-time

  6. Kelli’s voice really doesn’t seem to standout in this performance like Damien’s.

  7. Boring song choice, but I think it’s a no-brainer. I’d go with Damien.

  8. It was a no brainer the moment Damien was paired with Kelli. Adam’s all for #SaveThe4Chair

  9. I think he’s all about picking the best for his team. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, his 4-chairs don’t always win in his battle.

  10. I need to stop sounding so regularly upset with the guy -___-, but I can’t help it.
    To be fair I see nothing wrong with picking the best team, it’s just rather unfortunate how unbalanced the pair-ups on his teams tend to seem.

  11. It’s a rather “runny” performance, it’s uploaded on youtube currently if you’d like to sneak a peak

  12. Totally random fact: both Jessie and Ryan were in the Kohl’s spots

  13. I realllllllyyyyy did not like Jessie’s audition though.
    I have an even opinion of them atm.

  14. well if her vocal’s bad then she shouldn’t win. But I didn’t think he should have gotten this far, TBH. He’s cute and his voice is decent but he’s bland and he has little stage presence

  15. The pairings have to be unbalanced in the beginning or else you get rid of good contestants before their time. (it’s the same reason you don’t pair top-seeded tennis players early in a major tournament) Plus, I’m guessing that if he had paired more equally-matched strong contestants together, then he’d get trashed for wasting a really good contestant. The guy is never going to win.

  16. At the very least there’s no way I see him making it to the playoffs tbh. I can see him being paired against Troy..and Troy is soooo much better than he is. He was just one of those auditions that coaches settled for when they had one slot left…and there wasn’t anything better happening

  17. For someone so obsessed with fashion, it’s funny that her fashion-sense is so questionable, LOL.

  18. Oh yeah, the guy is from Virginia…
    Well, I guess I have to support him now at least for one battle.

  19. I think I like quirky girl, but will stop liking her the more I hear her.

  20. If the boy gets through he has to be “messed up” a little. Longer spiky-ish hair. Ditch the vest. Maybe a little guy-liner. lol!

  21. Unless he’s going into Country, Christian music, or Michael Buble-type stuff and then his look is probably OK.

  22. Adam is making a lot of sense with his remarks about this battle. I agree with him and I’d go with the boy.

  23. I get your point.

    As for him never winning…not upset with this >.>

  24. Her personality just made me like her
    Btw, that girl is destined to battle against Reagan now

  25. Lol, of course she went with the boring cute guy. And Blake just stole Jessie. He thinks she can win the show? um, ok

  26. I didn’t think she was that great to steal but than Blake makes a lot of strange choices!

  27. Can we compile a bible called “Lines never to be uttered on The Voice ever again”?
    Starting with Blake’s “I think you can win this whole thing” and Carson’s “S/He’s only [insert age under 18]!”

  28. I’m willing to give Jessie a chance. I quite like her, just need to rein it in a little bit.

  29. It only ever seems like he picks people to be paired against people who prefers already…and lose.
    Biff vs Sisaundra
    Tess vs Jake

  30. Even now I don’t understand why he ditched her, she was far more likable than Danielle imo

  31. Ha Ha, when I heard the Mockingjay soundtrack during the ads, I mistakenly thought it was a really good battle on the Voice. So disappointed!

  32. Strangely enough..I think this is an appropriate pairing. The girl Katriz could learn a thing or two about actually sounding soulful from Blessing

  33. So many old-fashioned songs. Is it because it’s a lot cheaper to get the rights to those songs?

  34. I thoroughly enjoy the Pharrell and Alicia Keys coach and mentor pairing..
    Why the HELL is she being replaced for Taylor Swift in the knockouts?

  35. Season 1, the mentors came to the battles and got to comment. I want that back.

  36. All the pageant-y singers need to hear that more often. Glad they mentioned it. Soooo glad.

  37. Oh man, that feels so long ago I forgot about that. Yes, let’s get that back too.

  38. Reagan is a young more pop version more polished Sam Behymer and Kensington reminds me of an acoustic songstress like a female Ed Sheeran maybe? She’s original that I can’t compare her

  39. Anything is better than Sam Behymer. I’m sorry, I lost respect for that girl after that whole “more quirk = less actual singing for me” nonsense.

  40. I thought she was signed up to do what Chris Martin did last season, which means coaching all of the teams. Was I wrong?

  41. alicia hands down is the best mentor the voice ever had. followed then by jill scott

  42. She is.
    Why can’t we just keep the current mentors?
    Hell, maybe it’s just because I am not a Taylor Swift fan.

  43. The all-over-the-place nanny? I still call her Nanny Tarzan.

  44. i cant remember anything memorable cher nor pharrell did during their mentoring sessions. or maybe alicia just got a lot of screen time

  45. I’m so concerned as to why she got a chair turn. The most mind-boggling chair turn ever for me.

  46. Agreed. Vast improvement between her battle and audition. I’d say she wins

  47. His scatting is amazing and his Voice is soothing to listen to. She reminds me of Jessica Sanchez in her more refined moments. I hope they both get through.

  48. I believe she handled it muuuuch better than I was expecting. I was expecting some stone faced child slightly trotting around stage, she went beyond that.

  49. I was thinking specifically of Jessica’s performance of “You Are So Beautiful.”

  50. K. I think He should go to Adam…just cause I think Gwen should choose a bit of something different in another steal.

  51. Well..did you see Adam get denied both his originally preferred steals by Pharrell? Seems almost like he’s settling.

  52. Well, and Adam’s a much better musical fit for him too. I’m sure he’ll go up against Damien in the next round, but at least it will make for a good performance.

  53. Adam, What a waste of a steal…he should hold out for one of team Pharell’s rejects. I have to say, I so wish that Gwen and Pharrell would stop waiting for Adam or Blake to push their button before pushing their’s. It’s kind of annoying.

  54. Well…at least he’s in the same genre as Stevie Wonder. If he was a country singer it would be weird.

  55. I haven’t seen Pharrell wait for anyone to press their button…Gwen, yes. Not Pharrell though >.>

  56. Maybe, both had good blind auditions. And well, We’re talking about Blake, who’s looking for fodder

  57. The first half of her blind wasn’t terrible. The second half was unlistenable. Unless you’re really into Diamanda Galas.

  58. That’s my issue actually. The blind R&B guy gets a Stevie Wonder song. No one thought long and hard about that one.

  59. Oh, yeah, right. Her low notes were decent-ish, then she started screaming from nowhere. I remember now.

  60. Oh my God…if Ethan (or Matt…but I expect Matt to win) doesn’t get stolen I’ll be very upset.
    Gwen, this is all you woman.

  61. Alright, I’m going to have a hard time letting any one of these guys go. Steal please.

  62. I’m hoping Toia wins because I won’t be really unhappy if DaNica doesn’t get stolen.
    So…Please steal Ethan/Matt Gwen

  63. Terrible pairing, seriously. Why putting 2 very good contestants together?

  64. At first I thought it was Adam’s way of manipulating Pharell into using up all of his steals early in the competition (since Pharrell and Gwen always seem to push their button after Adam). That way he wouldn’t have to compete with Pharrell for someone he really wanted, but based on this current steal, I think my theory was wrong! Menlik was much better than this guy…..

  65. How’s that a terrible pairing? It isn’t the smartest, but it’s not terrible.
    But clearly Adam only wants one or the other.

  66. They don’t seem to be that challenging in terms of ranginess.

  67. Pharrell did it with both of Adam’s attempted steals last week.

  68. Chris Martin’s style and tone are very unique though. You could hear Matt was having trouble with the falsetto part in the first rehearsal.

  69. Terrible, like Sarah Simmons vs Warren Stone. Both have a good shot at getting far, why dropping one of them so early?

  70. I think the hardest part will be making it sound different from the original recording.

  71. He wants one…or the other lol.
    I see this to be a good battle and thus a good pairing because it was a good battle.

  72. TBH, I think the steals are more commonly used for coaches to pick which ones to eliminate on the following round.

  73. Yeah…I think a lot of the steals that we think of as fodder steals are really just “pity steals”.

  74. Mathematically, the coaches do need to use all the steals.

  75. I understand, but The Voice is about strategy, too. When a contestant is a front-runner you try to keep it as long as you can.
    Right Shakira?

  76. You could almost argue that’s a regular thing we’ve seen with the coaching panel since the show started.
    But when you say “wait for pressing buttons” I thought you meant how Gwen would stare with her hand over the button and literally tap a nano-second after Adam or Blake?

  77. Remember that time in the first season when they didn’t turn for enough people and had to bring a few people back to sing again? I think since then the producers and the coaches have had a silent agreement about steals and chair turns. Not about who will be turned for/stolen, but how many will be used each night.

  78. Well, to be fair these were recorded before public view so he can’t really see how they’re received by the audience unfortunately. Otherwise he’d definitely think twice.

  79. I think it makes more sense to steal someone that you would actually want than someone that you are planning to get rid of (unless it’s a pity steal). Fodder only makes sense in competitions like Idol, where they want to make sure that the audience doesn’t split votes. But since the choice is up to the coach on the Voice, I don’t see why it would be necessary to pick fodder contestants before the live rounds.

  80. This is my second favorite battle so far, just behind Taylor/Jordy Breakeven.

  81. Yeah, Breakeven is the only Battle I’ve bought this year.

  82. Geezuz. That was beautiful. Liked it better than the original. Wonderful.

  83. Ethan started a little shaky but quickly got into it. Matt’s falsetto was not on point, but overall, both guys were good.

  84. OK Adam, you redeemed himself with a Coldplay song choice. I know Yellow is overdone, but it never gets old for me.

  85. Imma lose almost Shakira levels of respect if there’s no steal Gwen. Remember that.

  86. It will be a shame if whoever loses this battle doesn’t get a steal.

  87. But after 6 seasons I guess you should already know what is likely to be “popular”

  88. I’m yelling “STEAL STEAL STEAL” at my tv and I realized this must be what it’s like to be a sports fan.

  89. I got sick of that song because it was played a lot. But since it’s been a while since I heard it, it’s okay now.

  90. I think they had fewer contestants then, since it was the first season. They’ll never run out of contestants now, because there are a lot of people who don’t even get to sing now and have to wait until next season

  91. Crap! This is tough. I love both of them! I don’t want either of them go! Woops, too late. Matt won and I am happy but we should have had a steal for Ethan!

  92. Strangely, I’ve always preferred Gwen’s solo work. Excited to listen to that single later.

  93. They should advertise “A STEAL THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN, BUT SHOULD HAVE!”

  94. I like it but some girl group? is claiming plagiarism already.

    ETA: This should be in reply to Matthew Richards comment. Sorry.

  95. I love that song, but I really did not at all like what Ethan did with it. Too heavy a touch on my Coldplay.

  96. Yeah, but is seems a lot more common this season with both of the new coaches. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m noticing it a lot more this time….

  97. I have a feeling this season is basically going to come down to Taylor, Matt, and some country singers.

  98. I think I’m only referring to this stage of the competition. I just think it makes it easy for the coaches to pick a “clearer” winner for the knockouts to take to the lives.

  99. It might be, I’m just honestly only noticing it with Gwen. Though she seemed to start doing her own thing later on tbh.
    I’m guessing she’s letting her nerves as a new coach get to her.

  100. Due to my poor memory – do any of the judges have a steal left? If so they should have used it! imo

  101. I’m crossing my fingers for Anita, but it would be pretty unlikely for two reggae artists to win.

  102. Really?! His falsetto is damn hard to replicate because of the tone and effortlessness.

  103. Seriously. I’m surprised that only a few people were irritated by this!

  104. Taylor #3…
    I expect her to win along with the other Taylor’s to complete the trifecta

  105. Maybe, maybe not. The reggae artists have been well received.
    Menlik is very well liked.

  106. Same. 4 In the Morning, Early Winter, U started it…actually every song off of Sweet Escape. Lol. Working with Linda Perry certainly helped her.

  107. I stopped by a Linda Ronstandt cd for 6 dollars earlier today and was really tempted to buy it, but I already had 11 cds in my hand. Neither of them have the emotion Linda does right now…coach it out of them Blake!

  108. No way to know…in previous years they showed battles out of order, so a contestant shown early on may have actually been filmed when there were no steals left at all.

  109. This is one of my all time favorite songs, I hope these two don’t butcher it.

  110. Well, from the looks of it. Toia and DaNica’s battle will get a steal.
    It’s the last of the night…when do those NOT get a steal?

  111. Bree’s gonna sound better and Blake’s gonna pick Taylor because he “knows what to do with her”.

  112. And sure enough, both losers of said battles did not get stolen. I’m so confused.

  113. *added to the bible of “Phrases to Never Say On The Voice Again”

  114. I’ve seen two idols and Olivia Henken flop on it already. Hopes aren’t high.

  115. Wow. Olivia Henken won her KO because Destinee was actually worse, like if it was even possible.

  116. Gwen’s got a couple of good people in Anita and Troy, but I can’t quite see either winning. Menlik has little stage presence, so I can’t see him lasting. You can never rule Blake out because he knows what sells to a country audience.

    However, the Voice has never had any really good wgwgs, and this season they have two. If I were going to predict the storyline of the season, I think the focus will be on watching Taylor and Matt push each other to see who wins.

  117. Gee, it’s too bad Linda can’t sing anymore. She would school these two.

  118. Lord….I think I’ll just turn the TV off. Not liking this at all

  119. Taylor isn’t putting much conviction into her vocal in terms of the lyrics while Bree’s vocal started out weird. I thought that would be a good battle, but it fell kinda flat

  120. Strength of her voice?
    Am I the only one who heard no strength, at all?

  121. I guess Blake didn’t choose “You Know That I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse.

  122. Taylor was much better than Bree but not good enough to win the voice!

  123. Oh Taylor, do not be rejoicing just yet. You were just less horrible than Bree was on that song.

  124. I’m not sure what just happened, one sounded weird and the other one didn’t even sound like she was trying.

  125. Welp, whoever loses is going to Adam’s team.
    Not a spoiler. They spoiled it first.

  126. Vocals aside, I knew Blake would ultimately dump Bree. She’s not his type

  127. If she had just sung with as much conviction as her Loretta Lynn song, it would have been awesome.

  128. I heard Edie Brickell on the radio today. Wish Bree could have sung that.

  129. He only likes “different” when it’s quirky/affected. Not smoky and alluring.
    Such a shame.

  130. Eh, in Toia’s defense I just think she has a naturally loud voice…
    I thought DaNica was the one over-baking the goods

  131. I mean, the Swon Brothers ended up being my second favorite from that season, but they never should have been paired up in the first place.

  132. I agree. Not a very inspiring song to sing, and I could tell they weren’t that into it the song.

  133. I am challenging the Voice Glam Squad to make DaNica look her age.

  134. No. On the YT sneak peak, Taylor said she lurves some Linda Ronstadt.

  135. I remember showing the battle sneak peak with Toia and DaNica to my friend, they were glued on how unimpressed they were with Toia’s weave

  136. Question: how many runs do you think DaNica can place into the performance?

  137. From the snippet in the commercial it looked like Toia was doing the excess runs?

  138. Alicia Keys will have to work overtime to improve this battle. Oh crap, Toya is crying….I predict she will be stolen…out of pity.

  139. I saw the battle already, from what I heard..DaNica has the girl beat

  140. I couldn’t get past her still doing runs over Toia’s portions of the song. Sooo annoying

  141. Why do so many people scream their way through this song? Do they not know Beyonce’s version? There is no screaming anywhere in that recording

  142. Toia does have too much hair, I wish Pharrell could talk about that unfortunate hair.

  143. I remember the controversy over those two songs. Ryan Tedder was a cowriter on both songs, and Kelly Clarkson accused him of using the same background melody for both her and Beyonce.

  144. What if Pharrell picks DaNica and someone else picks Toia, I kinda get that feeling.

  145. Anyone who can shut Ryan Tedder down as eloquently as Kelly earns my undying respect.

  146. Again, don’t mean to be rude but how many more of these female singers can we have out there? They all sound alike, there is nothing new whatsoever. Looks like I am not going to get the whole package from anyone this season. Maybe I’m asking too much.

  147. all they are doing is screaming and throwing in runs. This is awful

  148. She looks like she could be Gwen’s mother and Gwen is 45 years old.

  149. If you have to take a breath during those runs, you are definitely overdoing it!

  150. there was absolutely no subtlety about that at all. That was a total screamfest. If Beyonce saw that she’d be cringing

  151. Toia fitting that many unnecessary runs into a two-syllable word was…impressive?

  152. Look, if The Voice can’t make DaNica look her age, nothing is gonna do it.
    Look how hard they tried with Tessanne?

  153. Sorry but DaNica is amazing this isn’t her best but she has a great voice she needs more acoustic setting songs with laid back runs like Big White Room

  154. Dani Moz looked like she was 40 something back to the Battles, and then she started to look like her age.

  155. I don’t know DaNica, but the armchair psychologist says Danica started dressing older when she had a baby pretty young.

  156. Can Gwen just get her slots filled so we can have enough with her slapping that shit after everyone else?

  157. I think they just have a terrible stylist. All they had to do with Tessanne was get rid of the awful 80s style haircut. I think they did it one night and the difference was amazing.

  158. It’s so bad. How many times has she tried to steal? It’s gotta be at least 4 times. And she still has one slot to fill. LOL

  159. So…one battle won’t happen?
    Does that mean there’s a strong possibility we won’t get montages?

  160. I seem to be the consensus of 1 that loved everything about the way Tessanne dressed. She looked younger during her Hide Away era and it did her no favors. She looks so elegant this way.

  161. Yeah…it’s annoying as hell. And you’re right…Gwen does it a lot more than Pharell…

  162. Can someone please tell these contestants who have these big voices that that doesn’t mean they have to throw a million runs into every song and/or power they way through an entire song? Repeat after me: less is more! Moderation! Nuance!

    Please, I beg of you. Go listen to someone like Melinda Doolittle to see how it’s done. Thank you :)

  163. Battles tomorrow predictions
    Beth va Mia Beth Wins
    Fernanda vs Alison Alison wins
    Reagan vs Kensington Kensington wins and Reagan stolen by Gwen
    Bryana vs Gianna Gianna wins
    Mayra vs Anita Anita wins could be a steal
    Brittany vs Rickey Britanny wins

  164. Beth vs Mia, Mia wins, Beth is stolen
    Fernanda vs Allison, Allison wins
    Reagan vs Kensigton, Reagan wins
    Bryana vs Gianna, Bryana wins
    Mayra vs Anita, Anita wins
    Brittany vs Rickey, Britanny wins

  165. Only 1 steal left and it’s Gwen’s. So no one from her team can get stolen

  166. Am I the only one who cared not a bit for Beth? If I had to choose I’d definitely choose Mia over Beth based on audition alone

  167. I’d give Danica a pass only because she wasn’t in her comfort zone. Whereas, Toia really had no excuse for singing so badly. I can’t believe Adam stole her (Gwen doesn’t count, since she just follows Adam)..I’m guessing that the crying and the sob story did it for her.

  168. But she was over-praised as hell. I would steal Fernanda, I like her vibe, but Blake won’t def drop Allison.

  169. In the promo for tomorrow’s show, Carson says one battle may not even happen and Blake announces that an artist missed rehearsal.

  170. Another prediction: who is getting the unfamous montage? Imo…:

    Beth vs Mia : showed, definitely
    Mayra vs Anita : Showed
    Fernanda vs Allison : Montaged
    Brittany vs Rickey : Montaged

    And between those two it’s a toss-up. Reagan vs Kensigton and Bryana vs Gianna.

  171. I think they’ll be showing Brittany vs. Ricky because the youtube site has some sneak peak of Adam comparing Ricky to Joaqin Phoenix. And they never give that much dialogue to a montaged performance.

  172. Also I believe the two montaged with be Reagan v Kensington and Fernanda v Allison.
    I’ve seen snippets of Beth and Mia, Myra and Anita, and the sneak peak with Ricky v Brittany tells me they won’t be montaged.
    That’s just a guess though…but if I’m right then the producers severely hate Blake’s team

  173. I don’t think they’ve shown any clips of Allison and Fernanda’s battle, so maybe theirs is the battle that may not happen?

  174. she looked younger/better in rehearsals…that on-stage ‘do’ made her look like a housewife from the 60’s

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