The Voice 6 – Top 12 Power Rankings and Song Suggestions

Hey guys, it’s Adam, coming at you with another power ranking. Today, I’m taking this season’s The Voice top 12 and putting them under the microscope.

Please note while perusing the power lists: This is only based on what we have seen so far. Come top 12 night, a good or bad performance can change everything.

The Voice Top 12 is Revealed! – Photos

Overall Rankings-

12th- TJ Wilkins (Usher)- TJ has a really great voice and seems like a nice enough guy, but I can now name 5 contestants who should have had his spot. The issue with TJ is a lack of moments and that he pales in comparison to the other singers. I’m predicting he will be leaving at top 12. Song Suggestion- You Raise Me Up, By Josh Groban. Take it to church and go over the top with it. TJ needs to have a moment or do something that will grab attention if he wants to move forward. Does he play an instrument? If he does, now is the time to bring it out and add a hook.

11th- Kristen Merlin (Shakira)- Kristen is one heck of a singer. She has power in her vocals and managed to overcome a lack of screen time to advance. Unfortunately for her, I think its too little to late. By now most of the public have settled on their favorites like Christina, Bria, Josh or Sisaundra. What she, like TJ needs, is a hook. She seems to prefer country, but Audra and Jake seem likely to be getting all of those votes. I suggest she perform meshes of country songs, like country rock. She needs a solid performance to advance because right now, she looks to be in the danger zone. Song Suggestion- Where the Blacktop Ends, by Keith Urban. Take this song and rock it out. If she plays guitar, I’d strongly advise she bring it out for this performance.

10th- Kat Perkins (Adam) –  (No not me, I’m not famous with a gajillion dollars) – I love this girl! She is a good old rocker chick with a strong enough voice. My only issue with her is I think back to last season’s Kat who was in the same genre of music but had issues getting votes. I worry that this season’s Kat will have the same issue as last season’s. She has potential to move further though, but it will all depend on whether or not America ends up buying her songs or voting for her. Song Suggestion- Still Into You, by Paramore. Kat is best when she has a rock song; she should be able to nail this song, but again I worry for her with the voters.

9th- Dani Moz (Shakira)- Dani is this season’s wildcard for me. I think she still has potential to surprise us, but could also easily crash and burn in the first week of live competition. However, I find myself oddly looking forward to what she pulls out next. The pessimist in me says she will leave before the top 8, the optimist is saying the same but that she will give us some good performances first. Song Suggestion- Titanium, by David Guetta. Play the piano for this ditty and make sure to connect with the camera. It could be a moment.

8th – Audra McLaughlin (Blake)- She is Blake’s only country girl and will be in a struggling fight with Jake over those country votes. I prefer Audra over Jake, but I think Blake prefers the opposite. It could be interesting who the public ends up voting for between the two, but the cynic in me says Jake will come out on top. Song Suggestion- Here Comes Goodbye, by Rascal Flatts. Audra trumps Jake in her ability to connect with a song. For this song, I suggest she dig deep into any painful emotions she ever felt and pour it all into a heartfelt performance that could even push her to the top 6 if she does it correctly.

7th – Delvin Choice (Usher)- I personally love Devlin’s voice. However, do I think he will win? No, but I think he has a shot of cracking the top 6. The road for Delvin looks rocky, so he needs solid performances to continue. I personally think that if Delvin gives one bad performance, he could find himself in serious trouble, but for the moment, he should coast by, but soon he will find himself the weakest link unless he steps things up. Song Suggestion- Winter, by Joshua Radin. This is a very emotional song, but if he can connect with it, the moment could have beautiful results.

6th – Jake Worthington (Blake)- Blake seems to love this kid, and while I think he has a good enough voice and seems a nice enough guy, he is not my favorite. I think however that America will disagree with me and he will go the furthest of the country singers. My suggestion for him is keep doing what he does, because it seems to be working for him. Jake should just sing the country songs exactly as they are and wait for the votes to pour in for him. I don’t see him winning, but he could make the top 4. Song Suggestion- Achy Breaky Heart, by Billy Cyrus. I know he isn’t going to be straying far from his country roots, so at least I want him to do a song I like.

5th- Tess Boyer (Shakira)- Tess is one of my personal favorites in the competition and is Shakira’s best bet of winning, but I’m struggling to think how she will manege to crack the inevitable top 4 of Josh, Bria, Christina and Sisaundra. I’d love to see her maybe pass two of the four I just listed, but I just don’t see it happening, so at 5th she stays. I think of the top 12 though, she has the most potential to give show stopping performances, but we shall see. Song Suggestion- Whose Lovin You, by The Jackson Five. Shakira…, give Tess this song and let her hit those glory notes and work her magic. This could be a huge moment for her if she actually does it.

Here is where things get dicey. I’m predicting this will end up being our top 4, but the winner could be anyone of them. I want to stress that you all please note, this top 4 ranking is not how I want the results to go, but how I THINK it will end up going.

So here we go-

4th – Josh Kaufman (Usher )- He is getting more fans with every performance. His voice has an amazing recognizable tone to it that will never make him sound like he is just singing karaoke. If he keeps on the upward trend, we might see our first male winner since season 2. Song Suggestion- You’re Beautiful, by James Blunt. I love this tender song and I think Josh could have a moment with it. It is not the rangiest song, but it packs a punch with its lyrics and the connection the song evokes in people.

3rd –  Sisaundra Lewis (Blake )- I think hands down, Sisaundra has the best voice in the competition. However, her competition is tight and I think America will gravitate more to Bria and Christina than her. She is going to be in this competition for a while though people. Song Suggestion- I still want her to sing Cannonball, by Lea Michelle. I think it would be a smart move for her to go current and to appeal to the younger crowd.

2nd –  Bria Kelly (Usher )- Bria has officially been dethroned! I think she easily has a shot of making the finale and maybe even winning. Christina, her apparent best friend in the competition has one think that lets her trump Bria: her fanbase. I do think in the end we will have a final 2 of Bria and Christina with Christina likely winning, but Bria is still rock solid. It is still very early to call it, but I think Bria is in no way coming in a place any lower then 2nd. However, anything can change as I said before. Song Suggestion- I wanted her to sing this song since I first heard her on AGT. I want Bria to sing Creep, by Radiohead.

1st- Christina Grimmie (Adam) – Christina is not the best singer in the competition. I think Bria, Sisaundra and Josh are actually all better vocalists than her. However, Christina is a rising star with followers that are crazy for her. America will fall in love with this girl, her voice and infectious smile. I think she is the complete package and at the moment has the best chance of winning. Again, I don’t think she has the best voice, but she is the all American girl that people will want to root for. Should she falter though, a hungry contestant like Bria could easily swoop in and take her first place spot. Song Suggestion- Take a Bow, by Rhianna. Let her show some tender moments with this song.

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