The Voice 6 Top 10 Elimination Live Blog (UPDATED POLLS)

Live blogging The Voice results right here! Two more contestants will leave the competition. Who will be insta saved? We live blog here.

Tess Boyer of Team Shakira and Bria Kelly of Team Usher are eliminated from The Voice

Bye Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer!  It was time for Bria to leave the competition. She was not going to improve. At this point, she needs lessons to tame that shrill voice of hers!  Tess, I have mixed feelings about. She has potential, but didn’t manage to stand out. I would have rather she stayed than the boring Jake Worthington, but that’s my personal preference.

I was surprised to see Kat Perkins in the bottom 3. When she took the stage, she completely out sang the nervous nellies in the bottom with her. Just for her fearless performance in the face of elimination, she deserves to stay longer. But nearly always, a contestant in the bottom is sent home the following week. I hope Kat is preparing a fantastic song for her last week on The Voice.

Team Shakira and Team Usher only have one contestant left each, Kristen Merlin and Josh Kaufman, respectively.  Their numbers may have dwindled, but both teams are left with strong contestants. Either singer COULD possibly make the final four.  Team Blake retains all 3 team members, which is not unusual for the master game player. Heh. We could have a finale with a member from each team–Kristen Merlin from Team Shakria, Josh Kaufman from Team Usher, Christina Grimmie from Team Adam and Sisaundra Lewis or Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake.

Carson Daley makes an announcement.  Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani WILL join Season 7 of The Voice! It’s confirmed. They will perform next week!

Usher and his team, Josh Kaufman, Bria Kelly and Devlin Choice,  take the stage to perform “Always on the Run” by Lenny Kravitz. It’s getting pretty damn hot in The Voice studio!

Results begin!  The first two artists who are safe are:  From Team Adam…Christina Grimmie! America also saved…from Team Blake…Sisaundra Lewis

Carson sends thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the tornadoes in the south/midwest.

The remaining eight artists take the stage. America saved…from Team Shakira…Kristen Merlin! America also saved…from Team Usher…Josh Kaufman! (Now , sing a better song next week!)

Kristen Merlin and Tess Boyer join their coach Shakira to perform her single, “The One Thing.” Nice job, chicas!

Time for some filler! It’s the return of The Voice confessional. Usher cooks in his underwear. Blake wants Lucky Charms that are marshmallows only. Shakira wants to win The Voice. Blake used to have a mullet.

The six remaining artists take center stage. America saved…from Team Blake…Audra McLaughlin! America also saved…from Team Adam…Delvin Choice!

More filler. The contestants talk about how their lives have changed on The Voice.

The remaining four artists wait on stage to hear who is the remaining artist saved by America. And it is…Jake Worthington from Team Blake!

Bria Kelly, Kat Perkins and Tess Boyer are in the bottom 3 and will sing for YOUR insta-vote!

Bria Kelly – Team Usher –  “Crazy On Me” by Heart – This is not good.  She sounds wobbly, nervous, and her pitch is all over the place.  I know she has fans, but I don’t think she can survive this screamy pitch fest. Blake thinks Bria is amazing! He saw her as a front runner. He thinks the performance could get her back in the competition. Usher hopes it’s enough.

Tess Boyer – Team Shakira – Who Knew by Pink – She sounds really nervous too. She’s not at her best.  Pitch problems galore. Her voice is disappearing on the low notes. She sounds desperate. Poor thing. Adam says she’s an amazing singer. He wants to change the rules! Usher loved the performance, but he talks like her leaving is a foregone conclusion. Shakira is devastated. She believes her voice is truly unique. And she’s a fighter.  Shakira begs America to vote for her one more time.

Kat Perkins – Team Adam – Paris by Grace Potter –  Kat has the most confidence of the three and is singing the hell out of the song. Literally fighting for her life. Based on this performance, she deserves to stay.  Blake says it will definitely buy her next week. Electrifying, Usher calls it. Adam is shocked that Kat is in the bottom 3. He says Kat deserves to go all the way, and if she’s saved, he promises that she’ll beat the odds and stay longer than 1 week.

Time to begin voting  Bria  #VoiceSave  Kat #VoiceSave # Tess #VoiceSave.

The stats run during the commercial. Kat is killing this thing. Averaging 60% of the vote!

4-29-2014 8-57-16 PM

Kat Perkins was saved by the insta-vote

Tess Boyer of Team Shakira and Bria Kelly of Team Usher are eliminated from The Voice


  • Christina Grimmie – Team Adam
  • Sisaundra Lewis – Team Blake
  • Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira
  • Josh Kaufman – Team Usher
  • Audra McLaughlin – Team Blake
  • Delvin Choice – Team Blake
  • Jake Worthington – Team Blake
  • Kat Perkins – Team Adam – Saved by Insta-Vote
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