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We’re live blogging The Voice 6 premiere right here!

Hey guys! I’m Adam, and I’ll be your guide through the Monday episodes of season 6 of The Voice! So grab some popcorn (I’ll share some of mine), and lets see if we can find our next Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery or Tessanne Chin tonight!

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Tonight is part one of the iconic blind auditions and our coaches/judges will be doing their best to assemble the strongest team possible. Who will take the crown from last season’s winner Adam Levine? The Voice Season 6 starts…. Right now!

Season 6 opens with some music from our coaches! They are all singing each others songs!  It’s great to have Shakira and Usher back they look so comfortable and pumped. Adam in particular was killing Without You. It’s like the bands back together! The Voice is back!

Our first audition of the season is Christina Grimmie. She’s 19 and pretty well known on youtube. She also made videos with the American Idol Season 11 contestants while they were on tour. Her parents seem very excited for her.

Christina Grimmie – 19 – Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

She’s doing some Miley Cyrus! Usher and  Shakira turn around before she even hits the chorus. She hits the high notes easily and works the stage like a pro. Girl can sing! She is feeling it! Blake turns around when she goes for the glory note. The judges praise her and do the usual shtick where they try to get her to pick them. If I were her, I’d go with Adam.

Christina goes to Team Adam

T.J. Wilkins – 23 – Benny and the Jets by Elton John

Props to him for doing one of my favorite songs! Blake, Usher and Adam turn around right away. His voice is soulful and he lets himself soak in the music. His falsetto notes stand out, but his belting chest notes do too. I don’t know how far his voice can take him in the competition, but I think he has a shot of at least making the live rounds. He will probably pick Usher

T.J. goes to Team Usher. #calledit

Side note: whats up with Usher’s fro? I wish I could rock something like that…

Kristen Merlin – 29 – Something More by Sugarland

Kristen’s always loved music and is a country music fan. She got to sing with Sugarland once when she won a competition and that made her decide to focus her career on music. She has a touching backstory (She describes coming out gay to her family) and her mother is very supportive of her. Kristen has this something about her that makes you just root for her. She works the stage and Adam turns around right away. Shakira turns around and gets up and starts clapping along to the beat! She’s a strong singer, and I really want to hear her do a ballad, but I worry that she might come off as polarizing to America. I think she deserves a shot at least. Shakira and Adam beg her to join them. Shakira uses her twitter to try and convince her…. what?  Blake, who didn’t turn around, thinks she’d be a great fit for Shakira…because of her vibrato. I think she will go with Adam.

Kristen goes to Team Shakira

Tanner Linford – 16 – Stay by Rihanna

Young kid who looks much younger then 16. Tanner discovered his love for music in a talent show. He stumbles through the song with copious amounts of flat notes. Tanner needs a few years and a vocal coach, he has potential, but the voice just isn’t there yet.

Biff Gore –  45 – A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

Biff is a worship leader and a father. He works with organ transplants. Aw he’s got an adorable family that made him a cute supportive video. I hope he does well. Adam and Blake turn around right away, then so does Shakira and eventually Usher. Biff is a belter with a big voice! He sang pretty well, but next time I want to see if he can pull it back and reign it in. He is a little over the top, but in a good way! He probably will pick Usher. His banter with the judges was hysterical, especially with Usher.

Biff goes to Team……. we’ll find out after the break!

Biff goes to Team Usher. Poor Blake still has no one on his team.

Dawn and Hawkes – I’ve Just Seen a Face – by The Beatles

The first duo of the season! They met at a bar and eventually moved in together. Their story is similar to Alex and Sierra. Lets see if their talent is as good. Dawww, they play to each other and keep their eyes connected. Their voices are quiet and subtle but very pretty. The way they feed off each other’s energy adds to how they perform and it makes them much more interesting to watch. I really like them! Shakira and Adam end up turning around for them and try their best to sway their decision. I think they will go with Shakira. The crowd is chanting for Adam.

Dawn and Hawkes to Team Adam

Leo Gallo – 27 – Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

Leo is full of energy and loves to move around. He was a member of a boy band named Youth Asylum, but they never really broke out. He is doing Blurred Lines (ugh). Oh, no one turns around for him. He had some major pitch issues in the movement parts. I think he needs a little work.

Jeremy Briggs – 28 – Bad Company by Bad Company

He is a rocker that used to love playing baseball. He used to coach, but when he realized it wasn’t very lucrative, he ended up taking a desk job, but really he wants to just be a singer. Blake turns around pretty quickly then so does Shakira. I’m on the fence on this audition. While he got a chair turned, I wasn’t that impressed. He really needs to step it up if he wants to make the live rounds. He is giving off battle/knockout round fodder vibes.

Jeremy to Team Shakira

Jake Worthington – 17 – Don’t Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley

Jake is a returnee. He is determined that someone will turn around for him this time. The song is played simply with just him and his guitar. His voice is low and deep, but it has some pretty parts to it. I don’t think he will make the live rounds, but i’m interested to see more.  Adam turns around for him right away and so does Blake and then Shakira. He is totally gonna pick Blake.

Jake to Team Blake. Obviously

Karina Mia – 22 – Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth feat Emeli Sande

Karina is a violin player who after graduating college, has been going around performing her songs. She is taking on a big song. Can she deliver? This performance is filled with pitch issues. There is a voice there, but it needs work. Sadly, no one turns around for her.

Bria Kelly – 17 – Steamroller Blues by James Taylor

She was on Americas Got Talent! I remember watching her on it during the Youtube show and she was one of my favorites then! She was completely robbed during the top 24 week and I’m so glad to see her on The Voice where she will be competing against other singer rather then dancers or talking dogs!  Armed with her guitar she storms through and SLAYS her solo. I remember on AGT her vibrato sometimes got a little goaty, but yeah, none of that here. She definitely improved  in the past year and a half since AGT. She is going to be a nightmare for the other contestants in this competition. Best of the night right here! All judges turn around for her and are on their feet! I think she should go with Adam or Blake. Bria’s backstory: Her mom nearly died of sepsis, a bacterial ailment that shuts down all of your organs. Mom is better, and was backstage supporting her daughter.

Bria to Team Usher

The credits roll and we are out!

Great start to the season! Standouts for me include Bria Kelly, Dawn and Hawkes and Christina Grimme. Who are your favorites so far? Sound off in the comments!

This was my first time blogging here so just thank you if you took the effort to read what I wrote!


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