The Voice 6 – Blind Auditions #5 – Live Blog – VIDEOS (UPDATED WITH POLL)

It’s the last week of The Voice 6 Blind Auditions. We’ll be live blogging the rest of the blinds right here.

Hey guys! Adam here, and its time for another episode of The Voice! I’m kinda glad the auditions are almost over, I want to see how the battle rounds go down already! Join me here at 8 and see how it all goes down.

Here we go! The Voice begins……. right now!!!

We open with a quick recap of last weeks episode. The judges go on about discovering new talent. Um, didn’t youtube discover Christina Grimme? Now we have how the teams stand! Team Usher has 9. Team Shakira has 9. Team Adam has 7 Team Blake has 7

The blinds continue right now!

First up-

Kat Perkins– 33- Gold Dust Women, by Fleetwood Mac
She grew up on a farm and has always been singing! She has been in a few shows, and in one she even was yodeling! But she decided to scrap all of that and become a rock singer! She married one of her band mates and even opened for Bon Jovi, then a divorce ended the band. She became a nanny after the band broke up and her kids pushed her to audition. I wasn’t expecting this song, but she delivers it with control. Her vibrato gets a little goaty sometimes (bahhhhhhhh), but nonetheless Adam and Shakira turn around for her. Then so does Usher. Overall, I liked her! I’d go with Adam if I were here.
Kat to Team Adam I think Adam is the best choice.

Gabi Ramirez– 25 – The A Team, by Ed Sheeran
He works in a appliance store doing simple work and his job lets him do his music on the side. Originally, he wanted to be a soccer player, but in college he found he loved to sing. Now here he is at The Voice! The vocals a little wobbly, MK did this much better on idol. Aw, too bad, no one turns around for him and I can understand why. I agree with Shakira, it lacked dynamics that that song kinda needed if you are not gonna keep it subtle and simple.

Paula DeAnda – 24 – The Way, Ariana Grande
She is a starting artist who got lucky when she was 16 and managed to even open for Rihanna. She has recorded 2 albums, but only released one because her record label dropped her. She is excited to perform for Shakira, who she is a big fan of. First off, smart song choice. Ariana is a great direction for Paula. Blake and Shakira turn around when she hits a crazy high note. Girls got some pipes! I’m just worried she might fade into the background during later rounds. We will see. I’d bet a corn dog that she picks Shakira.
Paula to Team Blake ….. well who wants a corn dog?

Jake Barker – 28 – When I Was Your Man, Bruno Mars
Jake was a sports kid in school, but only in the past 5 years has he decided to pursue music. He uploaded a youtube video of him singing that managed to score him a manager. He works at a bar now because he left his manager. He seems super nervous. There are some pitch issues, but Usher turns around for him. Not my favorite of the night. Adam turns around for him at the last few lines then so does Shakira. I’d go with Usher if I was him.
Jake to Team Usher Good pick, Jake.

Now we get a montage of more contestants making it through!

Tess Boyer – Wings, by Little Mix. Tess to Team Usher
Josh Murley – The Freshmen, The Verve Pipe. Josh to Team Adam
Austin Ellis – Drift Away, by Dobie Gray. Austin to Team Adam
Cali Tucker – Black Velvet, by Alannah Miles (She’s Tanya Tucker’s niece! Weird that they montaged her) Cali to Team Blake

Luke Cooper– 27- Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons
He started his music career in a band, but he got involved in the dark side of music and ended up an addict. Now, he doesn’t want to be an addict and father. He left his band to pursue sobriety and has full custody of his son. He is a nurse trying to make ends meet. His tone reminds me of Jena Asciutto, but he is slurring his words a little and his pitch veers off a few to many times. Doesn’t look like anyone will be turning around for him. Poor Guy.

Ria Eaton – 19- Cups, by Anna Kendrick
Her mother was a dancer, and she comes from a family of dancers. She is branching out to pursue music. After her father lost her job, everything went downhill and she works as a piercer to help out the family. I LOVE THIS SONG….. when Anna is singing it and doing it with cups. Ria is over embellishing the song. The reason its such a great song is because of its simplicity and that it can breath. Ria over did it in my opinion. Regardless, Shakira and Blake turn around for her. I have no idea who she will go with.
Ria to Team Blake

Cierra Mickens – 23- Crazy, by Gnarls Barkley
Her parents divorced when she was 3, and her father started her singing in the churches. I love how Carson always asks them the questions that will make them go more in-depth with their stories. At least pretend you don’t already know everything about them Carson! Her intentions were to go to law school, but she really wants to pursue music. She currently works for her father in Alaska (I just shivered thinking about living up there). I don’t love the song choice… at all. And the coaches agree with me, until Blake and Shakira end up turning around and then so does Usher. I feel like I didn’t clean my room and this lady is screaming at me to be honest.  She needed some finesse.
Cierra to Team… we will find out after the break!
Cierra to Team Shakira Have fun with her Shakira!

Tyler Montgomery– 24- I Wish, Stevie Wonder
He started playing when he was young and his mother pushed him to perform. He says he has a raspy high voice. As a kid, his parents split up and soon after his fathers house was on fire. He saw his father burn before his eyes (ouch…. just thinking about how much that therapy bill must have cost hurts). Joking aside, his story actually touched me. To see something like that happen must have really been rough. He is hoping his audition will help him better support himself and his wife to be. His voice is super high! He looks comfortable on stage, but alas, no coach turns around for him.

Alaska & Madi – Barton Hollow, by The Civil Wars
Our first duo of the night. They met in a program as kids and won competitions together. The two of them seem super close and really adorable. I like them just because they don’t have a huge sob story. Blake and Adam turn around for them, but I think they need a little work and maybe a few years. There is raw talent there though! I’d bet they go with Blake.
Alaska & Madi to Team Blake Wow, what a shocker, I never would have guessed they would have gone with him.

Ddendyl – 25- Stand By Me, Ben E. King
Well hello Ms. no last name. Did she put an extra D in her name because that was her grades she got in high school? Snark aside, she grew up on a farm and her father plays the bagpipes. Her father helped push her to do music and now she is working on Blues, Jazz and Folk music. Her voice is bluesy and Shakira goes for it right away by turning around for her. She has some grit in her voice, but its a little over-baked. I’d rather see her reign it in than push it too far.
Ddendyl to Team Shakira

Next, we have a montage of people not making it; AKA the montage of shame.

Josh Kaufman– 38 – One More Try, by George Michaels
He is a father who loves to do his music. He tutors to make money on the side and is trying his best to make ends meet for his family. Adam and Blake turn around right away for him, but I’m not blown away so far. None of these singers are blowing me away. I think he will end up with Adam though.
Josh to Team Adam

These auditions are kinda disappointing for me. The only singer I remember from all the auditions is Clarissa. I don’t even remember the name of the first singer from tonight.

That’s all from me here. Have a good night guys! The auditions conclude tomorrow!

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