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It’s the last episode of the Blind Auditions! At the end of tonight’s episode Team Adam Levine, Team Shakira, Team Usher and Team Blake Shelton will be built. Join our live blog.

Tonight’s episode presented what was left of the talent. Each of the coaches had only 1 spot left–hard to create tension out of that scenario. Maybe that’s why all 4 turned for Kaleigh Glanton, a solid singer but certainly not worthy of a 4 chair turn! We’ve already been presented with the best talent of the season, so tonight’s episode felt like a bit of an afterthought.

Really, only Adam’s last team member, Caleb Elder, got my attention. He’s got that James Wolpert vibe going on, in terms of his frenetic performance style. I have a feeling it’s going to be a love him or hate him kind of deal.  I’ll be surprised if Kaleigh, Britnee and Lindsey make it to the live shows. Yes, I smell cannon fodder!

Next week, the Battle Rounds begin, with what are sure to be exciting match-ups to come. Stay tuned.

Each of the coaches have only 1 open spot.

Joe Trombino – 33 – Queens – “Love and Happiness” – He studied dance at a performing arts high school. He shot music videos with Ricky Martin and others, but he always wanted to sing. He moved back in with his mom after his grandma had a stroke, to help out. Now in his thirties, it’s now or never, says Joe. He’s got a funky, soulful vibe. But Adam notes that he’s behind the beat.He’s dancing now. As if that’s going to do him any good. Nobody turns as his family screams support. Bummer. He looks deflated. Adam couldn’t deal with his timing issue. Usher liked his higher register and suggests he do more of that. Shakira likes his vibrato, but suggests he work on his timing. That performance was cornier than the coaches could even know.

Kaleigh Glanton –  Witchita, KS – “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – Her dad has been a huge musical inspiration. She’s been playing classical guitar since 12. She’s been singing since 16. She depends on crossfit to keep her disciplined. If her heart wasn’t set on singing, she’d work as a trainer.  Adam turns immediately. Shakira a little later.  And then Blake and Usher. She’s got a unique voice, but it’s not strong. I expect some run-ins with bandzilla.  They’ve got to be creating some drama llama for the last show. She’s good, but not 4-chair turn good. Adam want to “work” with her. Blake loves her style, she just needs a spotlight. That did it. Kaleigh chooses Blake.

Kaleigh choses Team Blake. Blake’s Team is complete!


Brittnee  Camelle   – “Skyscraper” –  Growing up in the south as bi-racial was difficult for Britnee. Music gave her a way to find herself.  If The Voice works out she’ll lose her scholarship, but it’s worth the risk!  Britnee has a sweet tone, and there’s vulnerability in her phrasing. She starts out wobly, but eventually finds her footing. She’s an interesting singer, with a beautiful upper register.   Usher turns and then Shakira at the very last minute. Usher heard something genuine in her tone. He likes that she takes risks. Shakira LOVES her higher register and as a fellow female singer, feels she can help her.  Blake and Adam say pick Shakira!   Britnee says she wants to be an inspiration to woman.  We’ll have to wait until after the break to find out who she chooses.  We’re back. Britnee really wants to feel that woman power….but she picks Usher. Poor Shakira.

Brittnee chooses Team Usher. Usher’s team is complete!


Bo Thomas – 27 – Frisco, CO – “You Are the Best Thing” – He works in a ski town. He met the love of his life, and now has twins and a step daughter. His wife gets choked up describing what a great husband and father Bo is.  Bo has a soulful, gravelly thing going.  He’s very polished. But maybe TOO polished and pat. Nobody turns around for him.  Adam says his vocal got more interesting in the middle when the rasp appeared. It was a little wily at times, but needs work. Usher says he needs to add more grit to his voice. It’s back to ski town for Bo.

Lindsey Bruce – “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” – – She’s wanted to be a country singer for as long as she can remember. In 2001, her uncle died in the 2nd tower of the World Trade Center. They talked to him 15 minutes before the plane hit the south tower. One of the first songs she wrote was for her uncle. She has an interesting, throaty alto. She needs a little more power to compete with the band, though. Adam and Shakira both turn their chairs. Adam compliments her control and calls her voice “pleasant” to listen to. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Shakira notes her quick vibrato. They are meant to be together, she says. Blake mentions that his wife, Miranda Lambert, will be coming on board to give Shakira a hand. He urges her to pick Shakira. And she does. Miranda will only be in the picture during the blinds. But I don’t think this one will last to the live shows.

Lindsey Chooses Team Shakira. Shakira’s Team is complete!


Now, we see a montage of singers Adam turned down. He’s the last coach to fill his team. We’re given the impression that he’s being picky picky picky.

Caleb Elder – Groove Me” – He works at Daylight Donuts as his day job. He was studying to be an audio engineer, but music and performing is his passion. Wow. Caleb looks like the Whitest white guy who ever whited with his short hair and pull over sweater. But he’s got an impressive blue-eyed soul sound and even a few moves.  His easy, humorous stage presence is VERY entertaining. Adam turned his chair immediately. He loves Caleb’s confidence. Adam jokes that they’re going to eat donuts on his team. FREE DONUTS FOR EVERYONE!

Caleb is on Team Adam. Adam’s Team is complete!


Battle rounds next week! Miranda Lambert (Shakira), The Band Perry (Blake Shelton), Aloe Blacc (Adam Levine) and Jill Scott (Usher) will be on hand to advise!

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