Update on Site Problems

I know the site has been running like crap lately.

I apologize.

I’ve been working with the peeps who host my site to fix the issue–permanently.

We narrowed it down to a problem with the comments.  

See y’all love to comment.   And I LOVE that you love to comment.   But, there was something going on with the queries to the database.   We knew it was comments based, but couldn’t figure out exactly what.

And short of asking you peeps to shut the hell up (i.e. turn off comments when the site gets busy) we had to figure out what was causing the heavy load.

The first contributing factor, of course, is that this site is busier than ever, and I thank you for that. More comments = heavier load.

So, last night when things began to shut down again, the WordPress database was moved to a more powerful server.

When I continued to have problems, we had to troubleshoot the issues.   And yes, things got a little gnarly this evening. However, we discovered (sorta by accident) that the site calmed down when my sidebar modules were disabled.

I added back the modules one by one, and when I added back the   “Latest Comments” module, the site went haywire again.

Bingo!   The “Latest Comments” module has been hosing up the database server when the site gets busy.

So, although I like seeing who is commenting where and when….we’re going to have to live without that piece of information, at least for now.

So, that’s where we stand.   Thanks for your patience…

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