TV Week Interview with Nigel Lythgoe: He thinks Jordin Sparks should be the next American Idol

This week’s TV Week interview with Nigel Lythgoe. Download here.

  • Nigel says he thinks it was the best Top 3 that they’ve ever had, and, “The most talent they’ve had on that stage in a long time.”
  • While Nigel was careful to spread the praise around evenly he said that the two females could split the vote to leave a male in the race.
  • He thinks Jordin Sparks should be the next American Idol and was a little disturbed at Simon’s critical attitude toward her last night.
  • Initially, the Maroon 5 song did not get cleared. Nigel claims they relented when Blake called them up personally to ask permission to sing the song.

Read a transcript of the interview after the jump.

About Round One–Judges Pick, “”Maroon 5, ” we didn’t think we’d get it cleared, to be honest with you, and we suggested it, but then, we couldn’t get it cleared, and Blake actually called them up and said, ‘hey, can I sing your song?’ And they very kindly said, ‘Absolutely, Blake.’ We were delighted. I thought he acquitted himself very well, I wasn’t a fan of Roxanne as a song, I think he did it OK. For me it’s like 3 words at most–‘Roxanne’ then ‘You don’t have to turn the light on’ insert Chuck’s sycophantic laugh here That’s it. He did that OK. I agree in the first round, I think that Jordin did her song pretty well, I thought Melinda as Simon rightly said, won the first round. I thought she was tremendous in that first round of judging.”

About the second round, “I think the second round was a tie. I wasn’t knocked out with Jordin. We chose the song…and it was OK. I think “Nutbush City Limits” by Melinda was fabulous, and I think Blake’s Maroon 5 was probably the best of that round for me. me: yes, it’s not a typo–Nigel contradicts himself in the same sentence.”

About the Third Round, “I totally disagreed with Simon. For me, I thought Jordin was absolutely superb in that round. I’m not interested if the song is 60 years old or not, It’s about her singing, and I thought she was just the best she’s been in a long time. I think it’s the second time she’s sung the song, it’s the best she’s ever sung it. Blake, I thought, acquitted himself brilliantly. Beethoven would probably be turning in his grave, but using that sort of Robin Thicke arrangement of Beethoven’s 5th was tremendous. And I didn’t really like Melinda’s song, “I’m a Woman.” To me, that’s an old-fashioned song. me: wait, I thought that didn’t matter? I just think she’s better than that. It’s a bit sort of, cabaret for me. All in all, I think Blake was probably the best across the board for his level of talent. But, for me, Melinda and Jordin are both vocally more talented than Blake. However, I think that it’s possible because there are two girls, it may split the female vote, and you’re always going to have a vote for the male. me: Maybe? You know the results by now, Nigel, you tell us. It’s going to be an interesting result.”

Chuck asks if age makes a difference, “I don’t know, you know at the end of the day, you say you are searching for an American Idol and then I think you’ve got to put your own point of view forward as to what an American Idol is, or could be.”

Has there ever been a 17 year old on the show who is as talented as Jordin? me: What? Jordin is only 17?!? OMG !!1!11! “I look at Paris and Lisa Tucker, and then I look at Jordin, and I say Jordin takes the biscuit for me. She’s the one who’s got everything. It’s a sad thing that we keep talking about age in this. me: No, it’s an annoying thing. It’s vocal ability and she’s got everything, still young and learning. For me, Jordin is the ideal person to become the next American Idol, if I were voting.” Nigel adds, “I was a little sad in the first round when Simon said ‘You sang that brilliantly, I didn’t like the arrangement, so it wasn’t one of your best performances.’ me: wow, could there be a little dissension amongst the ranks here? We shouldn’t be judging her on the arrangement of the song, we should be judging on how she sings. So, he seemed to have a little downer on Jordin tonight. I don’t know why, I thought she was great.”

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