Tuesday Daily Number’s Thread – 07/28/15

This is your Tuesday Number’s Thread. Please post them as you find them.

I like pictures. They sum things up nicely. Digital Music nicely sums up with “Why Why the Music Industry Is Starting to Hate YouTube…” with two pie charts showing the ratio of YouTube on Demand plays to Streams and the ratio of how much revenue they generate. I kind of see their point. YouTube has 52% of all song streams and only pays 13.5% of the streaming revenue. If they don’t think Spotify is paying nearly enough, they must be livid about YouTube.

I wonder, though, how many of those counted streams are the songs being background for some fan-made videos (maybe over clips of their favourite show, maybe them lip synching, maybe its clips of them skateboarding with a go-pro on their heads). YouTube pays reasonably well for their Vevo streams which require you to watch a 30 second commercial, but most of those fan-made videos pay minimal revenue. They also serve as a form of advertising for the artist and people are mostly watching for the clip content. IDK.

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