Top 6 Song Spoilers

ETA:   Kirsten just posted this blog from Access Hollywood  in comments.   It contains a very detailed account of tonight’s show.   A couple of interesting tidbits not mentioned anywhere yet:

  • News Corp which owns the Fox Network will donate 10 cents per call up to 50 million votes tonight for a total of $5 million.
  • Carrie Underwood will perform “I’ll Stand By You”  from Africa on tomorrow night’s special.  A group of celebrities will sing “Stayin Alive” including Teri Hatcher, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hugh Grant.

Tonight’s performance show was taped yesterday, and there are accounts from Fans of Reality TV  from the dress rehearsal and Idol Forums  (check out the spoiler section, but you need to sign up first)    from the show taping.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Spoilers mention that Ryan said that Bono  mentored the kids  this week, but there were no clips during the show.   We’ll probably see that stuff during the special on Wednesday.   The show does feature clips from Africa and America interspersed with the kid’s performances.

Here are the song choices and performance order:

  1. Chris Richardson “If I Could Change The World” by Eric Clapton – He wore a tie and jacket.
  2. Melinda Doolittle “There Will Come A Day” by Faith Hill – She wore a gray dress.
  3. Blake Lewis “Imagine” by John Lennon – He wore a purple shirt and jacket.
  4. LaKisha Jones “I Believe” Season 3 coronation song – She wore a black strapless dress.
  5. Phil Stacey “The Change” by Garth Brooks – He wore a blue shirt and jacket.
  6. Jordin Sparks “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical “Carousel” – She wore a beige dress.

Judges comments, from an Idol Forums poster who attended the taping: thanks to milajoy for posting these in comments

Chris – All three judges liked his performance. Randy said Chris started off the show great. Paula thought it was  one of his best. Simon said it wasn’t nasally, it was a great song choice and he’s finally living up to the potential they saw in his first audition.
Melinda – All the judges loved her.   Randy said Melinda showed everyone how it’s done.   Simon said she made it completely her own–a masterclass performance.
Blake – Randy thought it was a little boring–blah blah cakes about being compared to the original.  Paula felt his performance was quiet, sincere.   Simon liked the vocal and thought it was more about the sincerity than the vocal.
Lakisha – The judges “slammed” her. Simon thinks she shout-sings.   The judges preferred Fantasia’s version from Season 3. (two separate accounts say that the audience loved her and that she sounded great).
Phil – Randy and Paula thought he was great. Simon liked it but told him to continue going for the country-style songs
Jordin – Randy told her tonite it was the best vocal by any Idol on any season. Simon joked that “unlike Randy. I liked you tonight Jordin.” Paula liked her too.

There are two phone numbers for each contestant:

  1. 1 and 7 – Chris Richardson
  2. 2 and 8 – Melinda Doolittle
  3. 3 and 9 – Blake Lewis
  4. 4 and 10 – LaKisha Jones
  5. 5 and 11 – Phil Stacey
  6. 6 and 12 – Jordin Sparks

The phone lines will be opened for 4 hours tonight  instead of 2.

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  1. Thanks mj! I am sure going to vote a helluva of lot for Blake. That lukewarm review from Randy has got me nervous.
    Although at least Simon was impressed with his emotion and said it was a great vocal.

    Blake always has the coolest choices… Love that song. No matter what happens tomorrow Blake I will always root for you

    Anyways I hope Blake is not in danger once again. I cant’ wait to watch his performance. And I hope he doesn’t end in the bottom three once again. Sigh.

  2. Is that the same “I Believe” by Fantasia, and if so, wonder if doing another song by a former idol is wise. I think Jordin’s song is a classic cabaret song that has been covered by everyone. Good thing Melinda didn’t do that one eh?

  3. jordin’s song is best known as the one sung by jerry lewis at the end of his labour day telethons. it starts out slowly and builds to an incredible finish. it is one of the ultimate inspirational songs and always brings down the house.

  4. Last year, Randy pushed for a Beatles night after Taylor sang “Something”. Now, Blake sings “Imagine” by John Lennon, and he compares it to the original? Imagine if they all sang Beatles songs. It would be one long night of Randy telling them they didn’t compare to the original.

  5. Before reading what the judges said, when I read that Lakisha would be doing Fantasia’s “I Believe”, I thought to myself, “I’ll bet she shouts it”. Still it’s odd that according to the spoilers she actually did quite good and the judges were perhaps scripted, trying to manipulate the order of elimination.

    That said, I would love to see Lakisha sing a “happy”, angst-free song sometime. I’d love to see some joy in her singing!

    Lakisha shouts, Blake is “boring” – make up your minds, judges! I’ll bet Simon was the most accurate on Blake’s performance and I’ll bet Blake sounds great. It’ll be a nice break from aaaallll the glory notes.

    LOVE “You’ll Never Walk Alone”! Jordin will have a chance for a chill-inducing performance.

  6. Very, very interesting.

    I can’t believe LaKisha picked that song! That doesn’t sound like a smart choice! The Fantasia comparison’s are quite likely to due her in this week.

    Am not crazy about Blake’s choice. I remember Reuben singing that song in Season 2 with these huge diamond studs in his ears. I think that “Imagine” is just one of those songs better left alone. John Lennon sang it the way it meant to be sung and every other version will be bad in comparison. I’m sure Blake sounds fine and everything, but IDK, just a song I think should be left alone imho.

    Am REALLY looking forward to Jordin’s choice. What an excellent song for her. Gosh, I want her and Blake in the finale so badly. :)

  7. St Lucia:

    Well, if you want Blake & Jordin in the finale, you better vote a bit for Blake. They did not pimp him as much.
    I want a Jordin Blake finally so badly too. Sigh. I am preparing my phone lines for Blake already.

  8. I would think that Lakisha would have learned a lesson about singing another Idol’s song, but no. I agree that “Imagine” is best left to Lennon. The song has too much emotional connection for too many people. Lennon is my #1 guy. I love that others love the song, but I don’t want them to sing it.

  9. St. Lucia and Calimari.

    What is that girl thinking? She should have learned her lesson last week with that horrible rendition of “Jesus Take the Wheel” but noooo. Now we have to listen to her sing a Fantasia song as well? My early prediction: LaKisha’s going down!

  10. It will be interesting to watch this show with all this fore-knowledge, so-to-speak.

    Sounds like they are looking for Lakisha to go home between last week and this week. That said, what a dumb choice of song! When are they going to learn not to do something any Idol, much less the winner, has done already? Lakisha may hold the record now, having done it twice in a row.

    I really love the song Phil has chosen. Garth did the definitive, powerful version of it, so it will be interesting to see how well Phil does. The lyrics are just fantastic.

    I sure hope SOMEone makes tonight worth watching!

  11. Jordin is one singer who isn’t afraid to be DIVERSE. She has done everything from Tracy Chapman to Celine Dione, to Disney to Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar to Tom Jones to Martina Mcbride to Broadway.

    She is my favorite to win this season making her the YOUNGEST winner in American Idol ( if I’m right ).

    BTW, Jordin reminds me of a teen version of Kimberly Locke. They have the same build, look and vocal ability.

  12. I was way nervous after reading these spoilers. But all I can do is vote. I can’t change how dumb Randy is or how well-liked Chris is.

  13. if we’ve learned anything about lakisha during all of this is that she doesn’t take advice well (ignoring tony bennett, lulu, and now singing another idol’s song after pretty much stinking on an idol’s song the week before). She is her own worst enemy! I won’t miss her if she goes.

  14. Are they deliberately steering Lakisha to songs which she will ONLY be compared to previous Idol winners?

  15. I think definitely that Lakisha is on her way out the door. Even if she had made a better song choice, I think she would still be out the door TPTB have spoken so bye-bye Lakisha. Sounds to me like they want a Chris/Jordin finish with Jordin taking the prize.

  16. One more thing: I earlier posted the Babyface-Clapton unplugged version of “Change the World,” originally written for Wynonna Judd. (And man, does she do a great job with it.)

    I have to say, I’m sorry it’s Chris singing that wonderful song. At least it is in his range, and he’ll probably use the great original Clapton arrangement. But I would have liked to hear another singer doing it.

    And “I Believe,” which I just listened to (in Fantasia’s version), to me is more pablum-pop. If this is Kiki’s choice, it’s a dumb move. As much as I love her, Kiki’s instincts are pretty bad…….

  17. It sounds like Lakisha WANTS to go home. Why on earth would she pick last yr’s winner’s SONG??? oh my..I won’t miss her if she’s gone..I can’t wait to see Chris/Jordin/Blake/Melinda my favorites… :biggrin_wp:

  18. I’m sure I’ll be slammed for saying this but I am a little frightened of what Blake will do with “Imagine.” He’s a nice, good looking guy and all, but I can’t see him doing that song justice. I remember when Tracy Chapman sang it during a Lennon tribute during the Grammys many, many years ago and it was such a powerful statement — as it was intended to be. Well, this IS American Idol.

    I find it very interesting that Jordin is considered to be such a young and contemporary performer and two of her best songs have been “A Broken Wing” and “I (Who Have Nothing)” two big power ballads that tell a story. She’ll probably do well with “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” I like her a lot but I just haven’t seen her be as good with upbeat contemporary material.

  19. For another perspective on Imagine listen to Jordis Unga (RockStarINXS) at this site

    I hope I did this right because I haven’t done it before. Jordis’ version was beautiful though and I wanted to add another perspective.
    You have to go down the page a little ways until you see the list of performance songs from RockStar INXS

  20. Sounds like they are looking for Lakisha to go home between last week and this week.

    If they do want her to go home this week, it’s an odd choice. She’s the contestant with the “working poor” backstory. She’s talked about being evicted in the past for the inability to pay rent and wants to make sure that never happens to her young child again.

    So, on the night they want to help the poor people of America, they target the person with “poor” backstory to send home? These guys are losing their PR touch.

  21. Good Point Kirsten, but who knows, AI has been kinda off this year anyways, but, with that said, if Kiki goes home this week, she will have no one to blame but herself….I feel bad for the gal, but like the judges always say….it’s all about song choice….

  22. Well if she really is awesome tonight, then the judges’ comments will just stir up the angry and the pity votes. I’d be much more wary of the middling comments given to Phil and Blake – those seem more damaging.

  23. ealbino
    Apr 24th, 2007 at 10:26 am
    It sounds like Lakisha WANTS to go home. Why on earth would she pick last yrà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s winnerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s SONG??? oh my..I wonà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t miss her if sheà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s gone..à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦

    Isn’t the real question why on earth would she choose a song written by Tamyra Gray? BWAHHHHHH!!!

  24. If the show is taped, was the order of the contestants predetermined or are they saving the best and most inspirational performance for the end?
    If so, its now down to Melinda and Jordin in the final.

  25. SHannon, thanks for posting that link to Jordis’ performance of Imagine on Rockstar. OF all the people I have heard sing Imagine other than John himself, Jordis really did the song the justice it deserves.

    LaKisha needs to start using her brain more.

  26. Isnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t the real question why on earth would she choose a song written by Tamyra Gray? BWAHHHHHH!!!

    Aint that the truth!! and really..if you guys have seen Idol rewind, Tamyra was a front runner and has a great voice..I wonder why her CD didn’t sell???

    Anyway…can’t wait for tonite and will vote for Chris & Blake, Jordin & Melinda no matter how they sound! lol Love them!!!!!!

  27. /small, lonely voice/ Go Phil!!

    And, ummm, Simon– The Change IS a Country song (jeesssh)….

    It will be interesting to see how the voting goes tonight because I expect some people will be voting that would not normally vote PLUS maybe some casual viewers who are there for the Charity event may throw in a few votes if they base donations on a per vote basis.

    It should mess up the voting in a big way…heh

  28. Why is Lakisha always selecting songs from previous Idols. It’s a little weird, I think. I am sure she was amazing as always, but the judges clearly do not want her near the Top 2 or 3 – or even 4.

    I just don’t “get” her song selection process at all.

  29. Thanks Mary R — for some Dolly.

    Without Elton, and in a studio where she could hear herself, that Dooly version of “Imagine” is lovely.

    It’s so interesting, when you think about it, how these kids are thrown into a situation they are sometimes so ill-prepared for musically. Taylor and Kelly (though I didn’t see her year) and Jennifer Hudson et al had a broad enough knowledge of showmanship and songs to pick very wisely. And though young’uns may disagree, I think that usually means picking very melodic, familiar tunes, with memorable hooks.

    It doesn’t always work, but if you’ve got a singer with the equipment of LaKisha, the odds are with great Motown tunes, some hidden gems from Aretha’s extensive discography, a little Otis here and a little Chaka or Stevie there, she could have done so much better.

    This business of pushing these kids in a more “contemporary” direction, only makes sense if the new songs offer as good of an all-round showcase for them in two-minute slices than the older ones do. Though, sorry, I’m not impressed with his artistry, Chris is smart in choosing two great newish sounds that have the staying power of oldies: “Smooth” and “Change the World.” Connie Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On,” performed by a strong singer, would accomplish the same feat.

    I could put together a set list for Kiki in nothing flat — mainly because the quality of her voice inspires me. Kiki on “Tears in Heaven,” on “Change is Gonna Come,” on “Bring It on Home to Me,” on “Do Right Woman” — ah, what I meant have been……

  30. I read from a couple of people who were at the show, Lakisha’s performance was AMAZING and the audience didn’t understand the negative comments from the judges. I don’t know how her performance will come across on television but I am very curious to see and hear it.

    I’m also looking forward to Melinda, Phil and Jordin. I love their song choices!

  31. One more reason tonight’s show is going to be interesting…it’s pre-taped so they can call the magical change reality machine….I mean the editing machine.

  32. I am worried about that editing machine..

    I just hate TPTB. They are so manioulative it’s disgusting.

  33. LaKisha is a gonner. No way she can be saved. Sanjaya’s fans are going to give their votes to Phil and Chris Richardson and Blake. Vote for the Worst should change their pick to LaKisha because she will sell the least records out of anybody and that will screw idol the most.

    Next week if she stays LaKisha should sing “A Moment Like This” by Kelly Clarkson and then in the Top 5 she should sing “Flying without Wings” and then in the Top 4 she should sing “Do I make you proud” and then in the Top 3 she can dedicate a song to her daughter- Fantasia’s “Baby Mama” and since they sing two songs in the top 3 the other one can be Chris Daughtery’s “Home”.

  34. Mary R, thanks for the Dolly link. Colette, thanks for those Dionne links.

    I admit I am a sap, but I am starting to feel badly for LaKisha. Choosing an Idol coronation song for tonight is so wrong it’s sad. Has any other Idol contestant – especially one with as much potential as LaKisha – ever done so much to sabotage her chances with consistently poor song selections?

  35. ^ I agree, SODF.

    I hope she gets some good management when all this is over. She could be something really special given the right look/attitude/materual.

  36. t2, small but not lonely voice… (GO PHIL!)

    I’m excited to see how he performs, although mediocre comments could be his undoing.

    it time for Chris or Lakisha to go.

  37. I am waiting for LaKisha to sing “Cheesburger in Paradise” by Jimmy Buffet since Simon compared her to a cheeseburger. And given her akward choice of songs in recent weeks, it wouldn’t be a shock.

  38. How do we know that the producers didn’t “strongly” suggest to Lakisha to do “I Believe”????
    I read somewhere that they pushed her to sing Diamond’s are forver instead of her fisrt choice because they wanted someone to wear the diamonds.

    I hope I won’t puke at the Chris pimping tonite.

    Go Phil!

  39. recordktten,

    How do we know that the prodicers didn’t “strongly” suggest to Lakisha to do “I Believe”????

    Good question, the more we are allowed to “look behind the curtain” the uglier the view gets.

    I hadn’t heard that the TPTB pusher her towards the Diamonds are Forever song over Lulu’s advice. If that is true, then Lakisha is really getting a bum deal with lots of people saying she doesn’t listen to the pros.

    But surely, surely I say, TPTB wouldn’t be so petty to not right the record avout that to we the voters.All is fair in love,war,politics and now I guess AI is added to that list.

  40. I’ve heard that they avoid helping them pick songs and that Lakisha was the one that wanted to sing it in the first place. My feeling is that the song suggested by the coach was never one they wanted to do plus at that point they couldn’t change it because it was Sunday already.

    We all hear different things from the same singer so no surprise that the judges are no different. They do have their own agendas so never seem to hear the bad of some singers but are quick to point it out in others.

  41. I’m hoping for a Blake/Jordin finale too.

    I’m not thrilled with Blake’s song choice — Imagine is so overdone that it has almost become cliche. (Must be very tough to choose an obscure inspirational song, especially under a time limit. I’m trying to think of a good song for him and I can’t think of one off the top of my head!) Thought he did a decent job with it. Strongly disagree with Randy — no way he should have done “more” with the song. Imagine should be kept as simple as possible.

    I think it is time for Lakisha to go home. Nothing new to see there.

    My rankings

    1. Jordin
    2. Chris
    3. Blake
    4. Melinda (only because she bores me to tears)
    5. Phil
    6. Lakisha

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