Top 24 Results

Here are a few details from tonight’s results  show.   I’ll post a full recap in the morning.

Tonight’s bootees:

  • Amy Krebs
  • Nicole Tranquillo
  • Paul Kim
  • Rudy Cardenas

No big surprises there.

Chris Daughtry’s song “Home” was played over the bootee’s exit packages.   So, it’s official. “Home” is the boot song.

At the top of the show, Ryan announced this season’s lineup of Idol guest stars:

  • Diana Ross
  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Tony Bennett
  • Martina McBride
  • Lulu and Peter Noone – Ryan added there will be a British Invasion night.
  • Barry Gibb

Fantasia was the guest performer.   She announced that she would play Miss Celie in the Broadway production of “Color Purple”.   Fantasia’s opening night is April 11.   Quincy Jones, one of “Purple’s” producers was in the audience to promote the show.

Rumor has it that Kellie Pickler will appear next Wednesday to sing her new single “I Wonder”


The show starts with a re-cap of this week’s performances.

And then Ryan introduces the gang for a group number, and I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED! OMG ELEVENTYONE!!!111!!!   Regular readers know I am a huge fan of what some witty  poster over at Television With Out Pity dubbed the Pointy!Pose!  Season 4 saw a demise of the cheesy, badly choreographed group number which was a regular staple of Seasons 1-3.   Pointy Pose refers to how the number would end (best if it was a medley)–the  contestants frozen in a pose,  raised finger pointing heaven-ward.

By popular demand, I’m sure, the Pointy Pose made a comeback in Season 5, and it looks like they are continuing the tradition Season 6. Hooray!  Tonight, the  kids sing  Tears For Fear’s “Sowing the Seeds of Love.”    Could that pick have been anymore random (??!!!). I don’t think so. The production  is 100% cheesy goodness.   I  am not disappointed.

At the end of the number, the belter gals  are featured doing their stuff.   A foreshadowing of the season to come, I’m sure.

After the break, Ryan chats up the guys.  Nicholas Pedro says he’s petrified.   He prolly doesn’t want to disappoint the folks back in Tau-en.   Chris Sligh sets America straight:   He loves Simon and meant no disrespect dissing the Teletubbies.  Simon is laughing.  As if he cares–it’s all just meant to be good TV.   No biggie.   Simon says, “I like this guy.”

Ryan asks the back row of guys to take the stage. Friends and family are sitting in the red room, ready for their reaction shot.   He calls them out one by one…

Brandon Rogers…America voted, you are safe…take a seat.  Yes, Brandon.  Really. You can take a seat!  Sundance Head…after the votes…America…they like you!  America must be stoned.    Sundance lives to torture America  another week.  Chris Richardson….after the votes…America disagreed with Simon…you are safe.  Helium sales go up.  Nick Pedro…After the  vote..Nick buddy…we’ll see you again next  week…you’re safe.  Nick looks completely shocked that he survived. Blake Lewis…you’re safe, have a seat. Yay.

Paul Kim is left standing.   Ryan quickly says, “…I’m sorry…you’re going home tonight.”   A quick death.   I like that.  Ryan asks Paul how he’s feeling now.  Whaddaya think Ryan?  “It hurts man, it hurts, ” says Paul.  He’s clearly crushed.

Next–in what has to be the worst moment for an idol  contestant–Paul performs the  elimination  singout.  He tries valiantly to bring  some life to his reprise of “Careless Whisper.”  But, he sings like a dead man walking. Bye Paul. Don’t forget your shoes on the way out. So much for those lucky underpants.

After the break, it’s time to eliminate a girl.  Ryan asks the back row to take the stage

Jordin Sparks…the votes are in and you are safe. Stephanie Edwards…after the  votes America  thinks you’re  terrific, have a seat.  Sabrina Sloan…America  voted, they think you’ve got the desire to win…the votes are in and you are safe.  Leslie Hunt…after the vote, America disagreed with Simon, you are safe.   Melinda Doolittle…America voted…take a seat you are safe.

Yay for America!

Antonella Barba is the last girl standing.   She’s young,   she’s not Idol savvy. She thinks she’s going home.  Veteran Idol watchers, however, know a fake-out when they see it. No way is Antonella going.   She’s got peeps.  And her peeps  have  her back.   Ryan goes through his big spiel and then tells Antonella she is safe.   She freaks.   The other girls cheer for her.  Antonella lives to make our ears bleed for at least  another week.

Ryan asks Amy Krebs  to join him center stage.  “Yeah, ”  says Amy,  as she knowingly takes the short walk to her execution.   Ryan tells Amy,  “You are going home.”

Poor cannon fodder.   To say Amy didn’t  make an impression would be an understatement.   Amy, close to tears, listlessly performs her singout, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

After the break, Ryan explains the latest Cingular Wireless money-making scheme, err…I mean contest:

Hey kids!   YOU can win the “All new American Idol challenge”!   Just  text the answer to the dumbest question ever (of these three American Idol  winners, which multi-platinum album is named “Breakaway”) and YOU can win cash and prizes!!!!

Fantasia is introduced. Quincy Jones is in the audience.    Fantasia talks about her new album, and announces that she’ll be starring in the Broadway play “Color Purple”.   Ryan introduces  Jones, one of the play’s producers,  from the stage–but then  abruptly cuts him off when  Jones tries to pimp his play. Hey, we’ve got to keep the show  moving!   We’ve got  two more contestants whose dreams are waiting to be crushed!

Fantasia  sings “I’m Here” from “Color Purple.”   A much more Idol friendly song than  her super-urban single “Hood Boy.”   “I got my Shister…, ” she sings.   Despite the  sibilance,  Fantasia simply shows us all how it’s done.   Awww, the judges are so happy to see her.

After the break, the rest of the girls are assembled on the stage.

Haley Scarnato…America voted and you are safe.  Lakisha Jones…the votes are in, and you may have a seat. No  kidding. Gina Glocksen…America voted…and they think you’re on…you are safe…have a seat.

Nicole Tranquillo  and Alaina Alexander  are left on stage. Ryan continues.   Again, the death is quick.   He says,   “After the votes…Alaina, you are safe.” Alaina is soooo relieved. She had to know her head  was on the chopping block.

“Nicole, ” says  Ryan,  “you are leaving us tonight.”   Nicole begins to giggle nervously and doesn’t stop.   Paula tells Nicole she is a brilliant vocalist.   Nicole sings out.  Her performance is still really weird and screechy. The rest of the gals join her on stage.   All thinking, I’m sure, “Better ye than me…”

The rest of the guys  join Ryan on stage.

Just to change things up, Ryan picks the guys at either end of the line. Starting with Chris Sligh…you are safe. Yay!   Phil Stacey…America voted…you are safe. “Whoo Hoo!”  cries  Phil. Jared Cotter…bro…you are safe. AJ Tabaldo…after the vote…America is going to give you another shot.

Sanjaya Malakar  and Rudy Cardenas  are left standing on the stage. Ryan informs the audience, “One of you guys is in the top 4 boys, the other is out of the competition, BUT WHO GOES WHERE.”   Uhh, bye Rudy. Ryan says, “Rudy, you are going home.”

Sidenote to America:  Please, I beg of you.  Send Sanjaya home soon.  He’s such a nice, sweet boy, but he’s way too young for this competition.  Not to mention  the fact that  he’s a dull, mediocre singer.  Thanks for listening, America.

Back to the action.   Ryan asks the judges if they have any advice for Rudy.  And  Simon says, “I can’t turn an  OK singer into a great singer it’s as simple as that.” Ohh, BURN.

Before Rudy sings out, we get to watch the smell-ya-later packages for all 4 contestants.   Check it out.   Daughtry’s HOME is the kiss-off song.  I look forward to thoroughly despising this  tune by the time the season ends.  

Rudy sings.  “I’m going to go out with a bang if that’s alright, ” says Rudy.  He knows it’s his last shot, and he gives it everything he’s got.   Thankfully,  he spares us the disturbing hip wiggle.   Credits roll, and it’s over.

There were no big surprises tonight.   I thought Alaina deserved to go more than Nicole.   Possibly, Nicole could have changed her performance next week and had a rebound.   However, Alaina is hopelessly out of her league.   Amy would have had a hard time making an impression even if she had squeaked by this week.

The boys:   Funny, the perceived cannon fodder, AJ and Jared are both pretty good.  Rudy had a couple of problems–he went first with a lame song and a lounge-lizard like performing style.   Paul, while his voice records really well, also has terrible performing skills.   So, although they both got screen time and seemed set to go far, it was not to be.

The boys are back for more Tuesday night.  Did the girls challenge them?  Let’s see if they step it up.

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