Todrick Hall Most Hated Celebrity Big Brother Houseguest Ever?

Pictured: Todrick Hall. Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2022 

Todrick Hall may have thought joining Celebrity Big Brother season 3, airing now on CBS, was a smart career move, he may change his mind once he leaves the Big Brother house after Wednesday’s finale. Todrick, MMA fighter Miesha Tate and reality star Cynthia Bailey are vying for the 250K prize money.

Reality Vet Todrick Hall Joins Celebrity Big Brother 3 Cast

The American Idol 9 semifinalist and Masked Singer 6 runner-up is in for a HUGE surprise when he returns to the real world and logs on to the internet. While he’s constantly patting himself on the back as he manipulates and backstabs his housemates, with the help of his ride or die Miesha, he is not making any friends, to say the least.

Todd Bridges calls Todrick “mean” and a liar

For instance, when his fellow housemates read the internet and watch the show after they are eliminated, any goodwill they had for Todrick vanishes. For instance, 80s TV star, Todd Bridges praised Todrick, to his face, complimenting his game play. But within 24 hours of leaving the house he completely changed his tune. Here is what he told Too Fab:

What I didn’t see in time was how mean Todrick really was. When I got to rewatch everything over, he was mean, man. Things he said about me, about other people and I realized everything he said about Shanna was not true. I watched everything and realized Shanna didn’t do all what he said. He made things out to be a lot worse than it was. He convinced me, he convinced Carson, he convinced Carson to get rid of Shanna. That was an ally for Carson! He convinced him to do that and convinced me to put Carson on the block and get rid of him. I realized at that point that Todrick is playing a different kind of game. He’s playing Big Brother, but he’s playing a very mean and evil Big Brother. I’m not just saying that, everyone on these websites are saying the same thing.

Todrick tried to school Todd, former massive 80s TV star on television ratings ratings. 

I figured it out after, about four days too late. I couldn’t figure it out. I figured it out way too late who he really was, but I kind of knew. At one point when I really started to figure out when he tried to tell me what being on television and Nielsen ratings was about. He’s telling me. I’m like, ‘Really.’ I’m like, ‘Wow, man, wow.’ I realized this guy talks out of his butt, he doesn’t know what he’s saying, he just likes to talk. And make things up.

Lamar Odom says Todrick is going to “suffer a little bit” after he leaves the house

Former NBA player, Lamar Odom, who also left the house in Monday’s double elimination with Todd, called out Todrick in his post-elimination interview with Entertainment Weekly for his constant bragging and name dropping.

…my grandmother always told me to remain humble, and I think my friend Todrick is going to suffer a little bit after coming out of the house ’cause of his inability to remain humble in pressure times.

Nobody likes somebody where you can’t get a word in, that’s always right. I don’t know if he thought he thought he wasn’t bragging about his shows and how he became a star and his climb to success to being a celebrity — you know, no offense, but just kind of going on and on and on.

I think it was the last day or the second to last day, I was sitting next to Todd. I was like, “Man, he keeps talking about himself. I think he’s gonna cause me to stroke.” ‘Cause it was just like, all right enough already, you know? Nobody wants to hear about you the whole day.

Carson Kressley realizes he and Cynthia were “lambs being led to slaughter”

TV personality Carson Kressley who believed Todrick when he lied about Shanna Moakler playing both sides of the house. Carson apologized to Shanna afterward when he learned that she was really his ally. “Cynthia and I were two lambs being led to slaughter,” he told Entertainment Weekly afterward.

I feel awful having done that to Shanna. She was an original ally. Everybody in the house, at that point, was trying to turn us on Shanna, saying, “She’s playing both sides” and “You can’t trust her.” I don’t know why we believed Miesha and Todrick, the ringleaders who have been trying to get rid of me the entire time. But I honestly thought Todrick had my back. They were so convincing. They had Cynthia convinced as well. We were just like, “Better the devil we know, Miesha, versus somebody we think is playing both sides.” I’m so regretful, and I want to send a big apology to Shanna. She did not deserve that. I made a terrible mistake, and I just hate the way that turned out.

Todrick told Chris Kirkpatrick his son would be ashamed of him

Former Backstreet Boy Chris Kirkpatrick, who left early in the game called Todrick a “bully” who “plays the victim all the time” in an interview with US Magazine. Chris sacrificed his own game to shake up the house. But after Carson became HOH as a result, Todrick manipulated him into turning against his ally, Shanna. Meanwhile, BB may be only a game, but Todrick’s manipulations could get very personal.

“I think it hurt when he brought my family [into it]. … We were talking about something when he started talking about my son and how my son is gonna be embarrassed by me, and all these things. And that really hurt. That’s the only time I actually fought back and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, what did you just say?’ Because he just said it walking away. And he goes, ‘Oh you heard me.’ And I was just kinda like, ‘You bring my family into this and we’ve got problems because this is a game.’ In the end, it’s a game.”

Big Brother fans have turned against Todrick

But it’s not only the houseguests who have turned sour on Todrick. Big Brother fans have turned against him completely. They’ve dug up every recept on Todrick there is. And there is plenty. Hamsterwatch, a long-time BB account will usually put houseguests she dislikes on ignore. But when it comes to Todrick, she doesn’t hold back.

Fans throw a #TodrickExposedParty on Twitter digging up racism, cyber bullying, shady business practices

Last week, BB fans held a #TodrickExposedParty on Twitter, where his past misdeeds were posted for all to see. This Daily Mail piece summarizes a bunch of allegations that accuse Todrick of sexual harassment, racism, cyber bullying and shady business practices (he fails to pay A LOT of people)

Also, apparently, he taunted Shanna with words a home invader had said/sung to her, which had terrified her at the time.

Remember when Todrick ripped off those kids and their families?

And who could forget the original gem, the late Vote For The Worst digging up the deets on Todrick charging families to put their kids in his travelling “Oz” musical, starring season 3 American Idol alum, Diana DeGarmo. After cancelling a bunch of shows, families accused him of not reimbursing the fees they paid. If you care to take a trip down memory lane, check it out HERE.

This…is literally the worst. Have fun on the outside, Todrick!

And here’s Todrick mocking a sleeping homeless person.

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