Tik Tok Star Jax Responds to Victoria Secret’s Damage Control

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Tik Tok star Jax struck a nerve this summer with her song “Victoria Secret,” which takes the company to task for pushing unrealistic beauty standards to women. Now, the company, which sells lingerie to women, has responded to the singer on their social media. And Jax has a response to the response!

The American Idol season 14 alum wrote the song after the young girl she babysits shared that friends told her she looked too “fat and flat” in a bathing suit as she shopped with them for her first boy/girl swim party. To comfort her, Jax shared how she had struggled with eating disorders since she was 12. She wrote the song to cheer her up.

As of August 5, the song has been streamed more than 2.8 million times an has resulted in the singer’s first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 83.

Victoria Secret Flash Mob in front of a store

Victoria Secret in full-blown damage control

The song has caused such a stir, that the current CEO of  Victoria Secret responded on their social media with a letter thanking Jax for “addressing important issues” in her lyrics. The letter goes on to say that the company makes “no excuses for the past” and that the company is “committed to regaining” customer trust. “We see and hear you,” the CEO wrote. Also, the most recent social media post advertises plus-sized lingerie.

Now, JAX has responded. “To be clear,” she says in the clip, “My intention was never to take down a brand.” While it’s “pretty bada$$” that the song got the attention of Victoria Secret’s CEO, however, the singer doesn’t feel comfortable speaking on behalf of an “entire generation in a manipulative, non-inclusive marketing culture.” What’s more, Jax does NOT “want to be the face of ANY company’s ‘we’ve changed’ ad.”

Jax asks her fans to let Victoria Secret know what the need to feel safe and represented

So, instead of calling major attention to Victoria Secret’s post, Jax is asking “anyone who feels like the NEVER had a voice, or ever had a say in the matter to comment on this video,” she added, “YOU let them know what YOU need to feel safe and represented, and comfortable and beautiful in today’s society.”

@jaxwritessongs My response to Victoria’s Secret. The floor is yours…. #victoriassecret #inclusivity #speakyourmind ? Victoria’s Secret – Jax

“The intention of the song was never to go up against any specific brand,” Jax told Variety in a recent interview. “The whole point was to go up against the whole culture. There are a bunch of young girls my age running marketing over there and hard-working models. This is no knock on the models. Those are powerful, beautiful girls. But at the same time, it’s not exactly my job to keep up with the growth of a corporation.”

She continued: “I just need to write songs about my truth and tell my story. And I feel bad that there has to be some damage control on that front because I did that. The point of the song is he realized he was getting called out by a culture of women standing up for themselves. So then he liquidated all the money and ghosted and went off the grid. Now we’re all sitting here with body problems and he has billions of dollars. That doesn’t sit right with me.”

Anybody interested in the story of Victoria Secret’s sleazy founder, Lee Wexner, should check out the documentary Angels and Demons now streaming on Hulu. It’s just a coincidence that the film came out the same time as Jax’s song.

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